Chapter ten


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My face still stung slightly from the snowball Cameron had hurled directly at me and my muscles still ached as well. It was a good soreness that came from letting loose and acting like a child again, but it still hurt nonetheless. It actually felt like my entire body was throbbing slightly from suspiciously too-hard snowballs.  After our epic snowball fight we managed to eventually pick ourselves up and pack away the food and drinks before piling back into the cars.

Derrek and I had swapped places and he was nodding off to sleep in the passenger seat while I drove. Any clouds that had been hovering above were completely gone and the sun shone brilliantly down making the snow on the ground brighten to a whole new glow of white. It was like trying to drive on a road with torches shining straight into my face.

In my rear view mirror I saw Sophia and Bree fast asleep and I turned the radio up a little so I wouldn’t end up sleeping like them as well. The little sleep I managed to get while Derrek was driving wasn’t nearly enough after having a bad night. I let my mind wander over to the other car following behind us. What was the deal with Helena and Blake? Ever since last year Helena had been a little anxious around him but had gotten along fine with the other Elementals. She had always mentioned little things like how he stared or that he seemed ‘odd’ as she put it.

I never really noticed either of those. He never seemed to stare at me, not enough for it to be creepy anyway. As far as him being ‘odd’, well he was a little immature, like Derrek, and sometimes had the personality of a spoilt five year old... but not really ‘odd’. Any time where she was walking next to Blake there was an awkwardness that even I managed to feel and even though she offered to drive Derrek’s car, she didn’t seem overly happy for Blake to be in the car with her.

But then I remembered how happy and bright she was when we stopped over for a break. It was like seeing the same Helena I met at the beginning of last year and I was surprised when the reason behind the mood change was because of Blake. He seemed almost humble around her and now that I thought about it, he did seem to send her fleeting glances every now and then.

Hmmm... interesting.

I mouthed the words to the songs that played on the radio and soon the never ending straight road that stretched ahead of me began to make my eyes droop. My eyes fell and immediately I straightened as though I’d been electrocuted. My eyes were wide open and I shook my head a little to wake myself up.

“Wake up Valerie, you can’t be falling asleep like this while you’re driving” I scolded myself.

I wished I’d had another cup of coffee when we had our break but I guess I could just buy one if we came across a gas station or something. I concentrated on the lyrics of the song instead of focusing too much on the road so that at least my brain was being occupied. It worked for another five minutes before I felt my eyes become heavier and heavier.

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