Chapter twelve

“Is someone there?” I shouted out towards the waterfall. 

Immediately everyone else stopped splashing around in the water and looked over at me to see where I was looking. The shadow moved closer to the rock it was hiding behind but otherwise didn’t move so I called out again.

“Hello? Is there anyone behind the waterfall?” I wanted to take my eyes off of the shadow so I could look to see if there was anyone else here but the shadow stayed crouched and didn’t move from its position.

Now that everyone was alert for any bystanders the entire wooded area was silent except for the rushing and splashing of the water, even the soft chirp of the birds didn’t sound. “What’s wrong Tadpole?” Derrek asked as he swam over to me, making sure he kept his eyes rolling over every detail of our surroundings.

“There’s a shadow of someone over by the waterfall” I whispered to him. “Halfway up the waterfall and crouched semi-hidden by that protruding rock”

“I see him...”

“What do you make of it?”  Cameron asked. He was closest to us and whispering as well so as not to alert whatever was watching us, even though we were all looking at it.

“I’m not sure. I can’t see the person of the shadow, just the shadow itself, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a woman” I answered him. I saw Derrek in the corner of my eye looking deep in thought before he straightened his face again.

“Come one everyone. We should probably be getting back to the motel. We should get some rest before we head back tomorrow” Derrek called out to everyone. My eyes widened and I finally tore my gaze away from the figure and grabbed Derrek upper arm.

“What are you doing? We can’t just turn our backs, what if this guy is dangerous”

“Trust me, Tadpole” he winked before swimming past me and slapping Cameron on the back and talking quietly to him. I saw Cameron nod once and saw him swim towards the banks of the pool.

“So that’s it? We’re leaving already?” Sophia asked a little confused.

“Let’s just go!” Derrek snapped before winking at me.

Everyone began to slowly swim back to the banks and Cameron had already disappeared. I wondered what Derrek had up his sleeve but he obviously didn’t want to say it aloud so I just waited for it to play out. Everyone was already out and started to shiver. The water had been bliss to swim in but we never thought as far as getting out and having to trudge through the freezing snow. It was simple enough for me to shift the water off from everyone, but the cold was what I was worried about.

I looked over to Derrek and noticed he was steaming, literally. Thick white steam emanated from him as he evaporated the water from his clothes and body and I raised an eye at him. “Care to do the same for everyone else Sparky? It was your idea to actually swim in the water”

He smirked and rolled his eyes before motioning Bree, “Bree, care to help me out a little. I need a little breeze”

Bree smiled as her teeth chattered and nodded before twirling her finger around in the air. The once completely still air whooshed around all of us but it was freezing. It seemed as though it had collected the coldness from the surrounding snow, but as soon as the thought came to my mind Derrek flicked little bursts of fire into the whirling wind.

I was afraid the fire would end up swirling around us  too but as soon as the wind hit it, it disappeared, and instead the cold air heated up to the point where it felt like a heater. The water from my clothes began to dry quickly and my hair smoothed out as if it was blow dried, and in no time at all everyone was dry and warm.

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