Chapter 14

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Chapter fourteen

[Val’s POV]

The cold wind picked up and I shivered slightly even though I’d already donned a jacket. I listened silently at the invisible screeching bats that called out like banshees in the night and watched the odd black silhouette of one flutter past the moon.

“Here you go” Helena offered e a blanket as she walked out onto the balcony with me. She took a seat on the other chair with her own blanket and together we sat in silence just enjoying each other’s company.

“It seems kind of... eerie tonight don’t you think?” Helena whispered, almost as though talking too loudly would ruin the serenity.

“You think so?” I answered her question with a question.

She nodded slightly and looked towards the forest. “Usually I can hear the slight swaying of the trees from the forest... but tonight they’re standing still. I don’t know... I guess you could compare it to always hearing cars whirring past while you try to sleep, and then all of a sudden you hear nothing. It’s just odd”

I nodded considering what she meant, “I guess so”

We continued sitting in silence when I noticed two people walking down the path out on the campus grounds. I figured it was just a couple walking together for a romantic walk and casually watched them as they strolled along.

They walked along the path where there was little light so I couldn’t make out who they were. “They must be a fairly new couple” I noted out loud.

“Who are?” Helena asked. I nodded towards the two walking silently and she turned her eyes towards the two and stayed quiet while we both followed them. They stopped walking when they reached a bench and together they sat down side by side. It was obvious to see that they were deep in conversation and I half wondered why I was watching them. I kind of felt like a stalker.

“I think I’ll go for a walk as well” Helena spoke up dragging her eyes away from the couple. I think this couple had the right idea, it seems like such a nice night to go for a walk.

“Want me to come?”

She shook her head and smiled sheepishly at me, “No, I think I’ll go by myself, just soak in the silence if that’s okay” I smiled and nodded watching her stand up and fold her blanket before tossing it on the sofa. She grabbed a thicker jacket and called out her goodbye before closing the door.

[Helena’s POV]

I closed the door to my apartment shut and noticed how the temperature dropped a little out in the corridor. It was dead quiet and even though it was barely past nine o’clock everyone seemed to have gone inside.

I walked along the corridor momentarily glancing at Derrek and Blake’s apartment as I passed it and pressed the down button before waiting for the elevator. The metal doors slid open and just as they were about to close a hand stuck itself in the gap and the doors flung open. My eyes widened when I realised that the person attached to the hand was Blake.

“Oh! Hey Blake” I greeted him surprisingly.

His eyes darted to mine and his face went blank. “Oh, hey Helena” he leaned against the wall on the other side of the elevator and we stood awkwardly in silence while we descended at a snail’s pace.  “So... what are you doing out here so late?”

“Just going for a walk... and you?”

“Same... same... I was going to ask someone if they wanted to join me but I figured they’d be busy or asleep”

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