Chapter 15

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Chapter fifteen

[Blake’s POV]

“Helena!” I shouted as panic coursed through my body. At the sound of my shouts the shadow quickly turned to face me. His face was nothing but blackness and yet I could feel the piercing gaze that was shot my way. “Get away from her!”

I brought my clenched fists up to my face before throwing them down and spreading my fingers wide. Icy blue flames lit up my palms and cold icicles spread up my arms. Before he could blink, or I suppose before I could blink, I threw my hand forward like I was throwing a baseball and a swirling mass of fire and ice flew towards the shadow.

My cold flames flew straight through the centre of his torso and continued flying, almost as though my flames did nothing and didn’t affect him at all. Disbelief stunned me momentarily, until he turned back to Helena. I snapped out of my reverie and crouched to the ground splaying my fingers across the ground.

The flames from my hands and arms spread across the ground sending icicles over every blade of grass and rock turning them all to ice and continued under the shadow. Just before it reached Helena I took my hands off the ground and lifted my hands up with my palms facing the blackened sky. The blue flames immediately stopped surging forward and grew upwards. It was like fire growing higher and higher, almost like it was feeding on invisible gasoline and as it grew the flames turned to ice creating an ice wall to protect Helena.

Though, I wasn’t sure if it would protect her at all.

The shadow turned to me again, his entire body facing me, and I heard an airy growl from his direction. How he could make any sort of sound was beyond me but it sent chills up my spine. “I said, GET AWAY FROM HER!” I shouted loudly, my voice echoing through the silence.

The shadow came running, or flying, towards me and I threw ice fire ball after ice fire ball with none of them leaving any damage to the shadow as it completely passed through it. My heel caught on a deep crack on the pathway and I fell backwards landing on my backside with an ‘oomph!’ I was panicking and the closer it flew towards me the more I realised my abilities couldn’t save me or Helena.

“Hey!” I heard another deep familiar voice call out from behind me.

The shadow stopped and an animalistic shriek came from him as a swirling red fireball came hurtling from somewhere behind me and shot right at its faceless face. The force of the fireball threw it back a little and where the flames hit it, it left a gaping hole and the fire seemed to burn at the shadow like acid on skin. The hole grew larger and larger and before I could see any more the shadow turned and flew into the shadows of the forest.

“Frosty, what the hell is going on!?” I swivelled my head and saw that Derrek stood behind me still holding his red flames and facing the forest as though waiting for the shadow to come back.

“I don’t know... I was sitting at the lake when I heard Helena scream and-... Crap! Helena!” I scrambled up and ran to a still unconscious Helena. As I reached the ice wall I placed my hand on it and it instantly melted away.

I held my fingers to her pulse in her throat and sighed in relief when I found a strong pulse and her breathing was fine. “She’s fine... she’s just knocked out”

Derrek jogged over to us, still keeping an eye out though the flames were gone for now. “Well, pick her up. Let’s get out of here before that thing comes back” He ordered. Usually I would’ve made some comment towards him for ordering me around like I was something beneath him but I was already going to pick her up, and for all I knew... I owed him my life.

I slipped one of my arms under her neck and the other under her knees before standing back up and shuffling her a little bit to make sure she was a little more comfortable. I looked up at Derrek to see him staring at me with an eyebrow arched.

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