Chapter 13

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Chapter thirteen

The room was filled with a mixture of confusion and terror. The Control? It felt a little surreal that Mr Obsidian was just in a meeting with The Control when it seemed like they only existed in my history books. The Elementals were a little confused and once Mr Obsidian explained what The Control was their faces filled with dread.

It seemed that even though it was something new for them to hear, they already didn’t like the sound of it.

“What do you mean the meeting was about the Elementals?” I asked slowly.

Mr Obsidian sighed and suddenly looked ten years older. “They’re a little... concerned, about the unknown aspects of the Elementals and they will be coming to visit within the next two months. However, it’s not something you should concern yourself with at the moment. Head on up to bed... I’m sure you’re all tired as I am”

And just like that, without allowing us to question why the visit was needed or debate that it was, at least, the Elementals concern, the conversation was closed off and we were shooed out of his office. “Well, what in the hell is going to happen then?!” Sophia cried throwing her hands in the air in frustration.

Bree patted her back comfortingly, “There’s nothing that we can really do... if you guys don’t mind, I think the rest of us need to have some time alone” Helena and I nodded while Derrek just threw his arm around my shoulders feigning boredom.


“I’m so unbelievably bored!!!” Derrek groaned as we lazily sprawled across the sofa. It had been a week since we returned from Crane’s Hollow and so far all our classes had been going through some revision and mostly theoretical work. Even combat had become plain as Coach Shulk decided to lecture us of the ins and outs of using our combat skills in the ‘real world’.

“Combat is so boring now. It was the only class I looked forward to and now even that’s been taken away from me!” He moaned again.

In the meadow in the corner of the apartment, I heard Helena chuckle and shake her head as she wriggled her fingers and twisted the long blades of grass into tiny braids before unravelling them again. “Well, then why don’t you make your own version of combat then?” she suggested with a shrug, “Go outside and do... I don’t know, target practice or something”

Within the last week, most of the snow had thinned to almost nothing, and only having the slightest touch of frost in the early mornings before the sun melted it again. The mornings were cold and fog still hovered over the grounds like lost ghosts all moulded together, but then it warmed up as the day went along and the grass would be dry enough to sit on before quickly becoming cold again as the sun set and took all the warmth along with it.

Plenty of students were coming down with colds from the forever changing temperatures but only the worst ones were healed and the rest of the student body were left to fight the virus like normal. Luckily Helena, Derrek and I had managed to bypass catching anything, and I desperately wanted to keep it that way!

“Target practice, you say hmm?” Derrek mumbled to himself. He made a circle by connecting his thumb and index finger then blew through the middle and a circle of fire blew up into the air. He flicked his finger and a small dot of fire landed in the middle of his fire circle creating a target and we stared at it before he snapped his fingers, extinguishing it leaving smoke rings floating. “Sounds good to me! What do you say Tadpole?”

Derrek’s head was resting on my lap and he turned to look at me while he waited for his answer. It was a pretty simple answer and I nodded eagerly as a smile lit up my face. I felt exactly how Derrek felt and really needed to let loose with my abilities. We hopped up and I quickly scanned outside to see how the weather was and grinned when I saw students were lounging in the grass in shorts and tank tops or t-shirts.

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