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Bye, Bye Virginity by Just-Krissy
Bye, Bye Virginityby Krissy Snifeld
Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother’s best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attemp...
  • just-krissy
  • virginity
  • problems
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The Elementals: The Rise of the Deviants by vovnix
The Elementals: The Rise of the VovNix
Book Three of The Elementals. Val and Cara have been kidnapped by Malum and the 'other' Elementals. Determined to keep his promise to Val, Derrek has vowed to not stop...
  • elementals
  • val
  • abled
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Two twin boys living next door, and they BOTH want in my pants!? FML! by VampireLover269
Two twin boys living next door, VampireLover269
Jerry is a normal teen, who get's forced to move with her dad and little brother Kane too a whole other town. She thinks this is going to be a very boring summer, until...
  • maggie
  • eric
  • humor
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The Elementals: The Dawn of New Abilities by vovnix
The Elementals: The Dawn of New VovNix
Most Read in 2013. Book Two of The Elementals. It's the end of Val's first year at Abled University and already she feels as though The Elementals have grown to be famil...
  • helena
  • elementals
  • vovnix
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The Mute Wolf (A Teen Wolf FanFic) by CalvinTheAsianOne-_-
The Mute Wolf (A Teen Wolf FanFic)by BANDS BANDS BANDS
Ryder Hale is the younger sister of Derek Hale. The school she attends is Beacon Hills High. She is bullied by 3 guys. She hasn't said a word since the fire which her fa...
  • stiliknski
  • teen
  • lahey
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The Kansas City Chiefs - A comeback of the ages by StevenSixx
The Kansas City Chiefs - A Steven
The Kansas City Chiefs - Going from the worst team in the NFL to one of the best.
  • nfl
  • chiefs
  • football
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A Deal with the Devil by menziboo
A Deal with the Devilby Ikelegbe. G.
1890 Ever heard of making a deal with the devil? Well, my dads the idiot who did that. And for what? Money? Power? Nope. To lift a curse(a well earned one). I wish he'd...
  • cecilia
  • murder
  • 666
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The girl in the lilac dress, I've loved her since I first saw her. by TheEmoAndThePrep
The girl in the lilac dress, I' TheEmoAndThePrep
Leaha Stars has never had a lot of male 'attention and appreciation' but when she goes away for a well needed TLC month she comes back looking different. Derrek her long...
  • derrek
  • dante
  • love
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Smart-ass & Jock - Not a Good Mix (Arranged Marriage Story) by vampireloverx3
Smart-ass & Jock - Not a Good Naomi
Bianca Martinez is not your average girl. Sure, she's fun, cute and has a great sense of humor. But she's also a trouble maker and a smart-ass. And she gets worse when s...
  • carlos
  • anna
  • club
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Mirror, Mirror by tearsoftheweepingsea
Mirror, Mirrorby tearsoftheweepingsea
What would you do if you had the gift to make anyone fall in love with you? Some gift. More like curse. One would think that it would be the greates...
  • aurora
  • ivy
  • spell
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Ask Spencer Reid by -SpencerReid-
Ask Spencer Reidby ✖Spencer Reid✖
Hello there, my name is Spencer Reid. I am a profiler with the BAU in Quantico Virgina. I prefer to go by Dr. Reid, but I guess you can call me Spencer. This book is for...
  • derrek
  • spencer
  • minds
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(your book's title) by siickchiickX187
(your book's title)by jay & renee
(no description)
  • clarrissa
  • high
  • derrek
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So you think since I'm a girl that i wont kick your ass? by studmuffin-rockz
So you think since I'm a girl De'Azya
i'm a girl thats why there's a BEWARE sign on my door.......
  • skinnies
  • revenge
  • swing
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The Boy In The Polka Dotted Bikini. by VampireLover269
The Boy In The Polka Dotted VampireLover269
If you liked Jerry's story, then you will love this one. This is the Sequal to 'Two Twin Boys Living Next Door, and they BOTH want in my pants?! FML!' It's based on Jerr...
  • teddy
  • derrek
  • damien
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Ask/Dare My OCs! by MissyMeralli
Ask/Dare My OCs!by Fandom Trash
I may be adding new characters in as I go, but for now, we have: Violet, Max, Derrek, Marissa, Michelle, Skyler, Chris, Maddy, Scarlet, and Glitch. If you want to see fu...
  • dare
  • maddy
  • shipping
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The (not so) Social Story by VersatileFangirlAbby
The (not so) Social Storyby Gail
So, I've moved from country to country a gazillion times cause my STEP-(not my actual that's important) dad can't keep a single job. I've learned to hate everyone and a...
  • seth
  • derrek
  • calypso
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Insignificant Tales of. by FrizzNotFrills
Insignificant Tales FrizzNotFrills
Derrek is just a normal teen going about his teen life like he always does. It's not really much nor important. It didn't matter. He wants to care, but doesn't find hims...
  • insignificant
  • trauma
  • help
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My cousin's ex boyfriend is a gang banger and he kidnapped us! Oh! He is also a werewolf! Joy Oh Joy by Saja95
My cousin's ex boyfriend is a Sara
Samantha finds herself in an unexpected situation with her cousin Adrianna when Adrianna's ex-boyfriend and his 'Gang' spot them at a festival. Then kidnapped and extrem...
  • taken
  • teen
  • samuel
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DEAR CHILD by Kristina
A book to my child
  • derrek
  • kids
  • boy
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