Chapter four

The faint rays of sunlight shone through the dangling icicles from the window facing the lake and I simply laid in bed as I continued to watch the light envelope the whole dagger of ice. Soon the sun invaded the depths of my and Helena’s bedroom and I knew the first day of university had begun.

I glanced over at Helena’s sleeping form and silently threw the sheets back from my body. Immediately all the trapped warmth from under the blanket escaped and I shivered slightly when the cool air replaced it. I didn’t know why, but my mind constantly strayed over to the Elementals and how they would be seen by the rest of the students. I honestly didn’t want the same thing to happen as last year and I could only hope they looked past their ‘label’ as Elementals.

My mouth stretch into an ‘O’ as I yawned and I wiped my eyes with the heel of my hand to rid myself of my sleepiness. I hopped out of bed and walked out of the bedroom into the rest of the apartment and heard the chirping of the morning birds as they gathered food for their chicks. The meadow in the corner of the lounge was the only source of bright colours with its many multicoloured flowers as opposed to the white snow outside.

I always woke early, and usually on warmer seasons I’d prefer to go for a jog around the lake but with all the snow surrounding me all I had to do was sit on the balcony and inhale the cool water molecules around me to feel at ease and relaxed. I snatched up a raison bun from the counter and sauntered towards the balcony.

I walked through the glass doors and brushed the snow that covered the chairs on the balcony before sitting down. Outside the snow airbrushed the usually green fields with untouched whiteness and I leaned back in the chair allowing the coldness to soak into me. I rolled my finger around as I pointed it at the railing and watched the as the coating of snow rolled up into a ball. I stopped the snowball on the corner of the railing and did the same to the railing on my left, rolling it up towards the other ball. As the two snowballs met I flicked my finger up and the smaller one jumped up to sit on top of the bigger one.

I smiled and picked at the raison bun hollowing it out and scraping around the edges. I stood up and popped two raisons on the surface of the top snowball and a few more underneath then placed the rest of the bun on to the top.

I laughed at the mini snowman I’d made and dusted the crumbs over the side of the balcony. “I think I’ll call you ‘Bob’” I spoke to the smiling snowman. “Yep, Bob the Snowan... it’s got a ring to it”

I chuckled and shook my head before heading back inside the warm apartment and headed towards the shower to start getting ready for my day.

After my very long shower I walked out of the bathroom and saw that Helena was already fixing her bed, throwing the bright yellow sheets to lie over the mattress when she looked up to smile at me. “Good morning, Val. Are you excited about starting classes again?”

I shrugged my shoulders, throwing a leather jacket over my long sleeve grey top. “I’m more interested about how everything will go with the Elementals to be honest”

She quirked her head and raised an eyebrow, “You think something bad will happen?”

“I’m not sure. That’s what I’m interested in. I mean, before the holidays everyone treated them like they didn’t exist except for the odd stare and whisper but now that they’ve had time to think things through I wonder whether they’ll revert back to an angry mob to accept them”

“Who knows... for all we know things might not even change”

I nodded my head and shooed Helena towards the bathroom, “How about this. You go shower and get ready then we’ll walk with the Elementals to their classes. I’m sure our teachers will understand anyway”

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