Chapter one:


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[Val’s POV]

The whoosh of cool air whirred past my face as I slumped face first onto my bed. My first year of Abled University was finally finished! I groaned as I stretched out into a more comfortable position and snuggled deeper into the sheets only to shriek when another body landed heavily next to me.

“We’re finally finished for the year!” Helena sighed happily. I mumbled an agreement tiredly and sighed heavily. The last few weeks of university had proven more difficult for Blake, Helena and me in particular. I closed my eyes and let the memory of introducing the Elementals to the rest of the campus flow through my mind.

It did not go so well.

Considering their new and strange abilities, they had no relevant classes and had attended the same ones as us until classes of their own were established by Mr Arbit. At first the other students were intrigued of the new faces so late in the year, but as soon as word let out that they were Elementals the silence that followed was thick enough to go trampolining on.

I could still remember the anger and panic that spread like wildfire and felt the deep stab of guilt rush through me when the Elementals were blamed for the death of Max. I was quick to run to defend them, however, not allowing these mentally and physically abused Elementals to take the fall for my monstrosity. Helena, Derrek and I had taken had the blow for the five Elementals against the harsh words from the Abled student body and soon the hate had simmered to a dull glare.

 “I’m so excited to go home for Christmas and then spend New Years with you guys!” I could hear Helena say through a smile. “I bet your house isn’t usually so packed for the holidays”

A very unladylike snort bubbled out of my nose at her statement.

Over Christmas and New Year I was being joined by Derrek and the Elementals seeing as they all didn’t have anywhere to go. Helena was going to celebrate the New Year with us as well after spending Christmas with her family.

“You could say that, usually there’s only the three of us during this time... but now with” I stopped and mentally counted the number of people joining us, “the ten of us plus Butterscotch it’ll probably end up being like sardines in a tin”

To be honest, I don’t know what Serena was thinking when she volunteered having the Elementals stay with us during the holidays and now I wondered if it was such a good idea. While the majority of us were fine with each other there was still a simmering hatred between Derrek and Blake. It was like watching two five year olds constantly bicker over absolutely nothing and I always seemed to be dragged into their arguments and had to act as mother hen.

My ears pricked up at the sound of the door opening and loud voices reached my eardrums. “-was your fault because that was the last bit of coffee and I already called it!”

“You called it when I took it out of the pantry you pathetic excuse for an ice cube!”

“Ice cube! What the hell do you mean by that!”

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