Chapter 5

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Chapter five

My eyes roamed over the slightly surprised faces of the Elementals. “Well?” Ms Avia urged, “Who’ll be the first to take on an old lady like myself”

I glanced over at her and behind the kind grandmother face she had sharp, calculating eyes that looked as though they didn’t miss much. Her once slouched posture was now tall and straight and I immediately imagined her as a strong fighter when she was younger.

“I’ll go first” Cameron volunteered as he stepped forward. The corner of Ms Avia’s lip twitched but I could see her holding back a smile. She bowed her head and gestured for him to face the wooden practice statue. He faced the statue, standing with his arms down by his sides and began to clench and unclench his fists while rolling his head to loosen his muscles.

“Ready young man?” Ms Avia asked. Cameron’s gaze hardened keeping his eyes on his target and nodded once. “Go!”

Cameron decided to go for the easy kill apparently. He charged forward with a roar and brought his arms up towards the statue. He lunged forward and tried to rip the arms off but the next thing we all saw was him flying sideways in the air as though he weighed nothing less than a ragdoll.

I turned to look back at the statue and saw Ms Avia standing offside and getting back into position. She shook out her limbs and I noticed the statue mimicking her. A deep cough caught my attention on the other side of the room and I saw Cameron stand back up before he huffed and disappeared. His fall had shattered a few desks, leaving dust floating in the air mixing with the dust motes, and without his knowledge also lying across his shoulders and head.

I could somewhat see his silhouette charging at the statue again and he jumped high to land a superman punch to the face. Ms Avia obviously saw this coming and she ducked down then side to side like a professional boxer causing Cameron to swing across the air.

The dust began to fly off, finally leaving him completely invisible, and I saw Ms Avia’s eyes dart around the still room. A creak to her left forced her to shift positions and she began to swipe at the thin air, hoping to catch him unguarded or just purely by accident.

“Come on deary, not much talent in hiding when you’re obviously such a strong young gentleman” she irked him as she shifted from foot to foot and trying to catch the smallest movement.

Suddenly the arms of the statue were ripped off simultaneously, and were sent flying in opposite directions. Cameron’s roar was ear piercingly loud and even before the wooden arms could land on the ground the head of the statue was being torn off from the rest of the wooden body.

In a blink of an eye Cameron stood before the torso, completely visible once again, and smirked at Ms Avia. Not even a drop of sweat was to be seen. “Well, I highly doubt anyone would survive a ripped off head. Good job young man” she turned to us before speaking again, “You may not realise but the material that the statue is made from is scientifically enhance ‘wood’ so to speak. It is not easily broken or even scratched from the outside, so for...”

“Cameron” Cameron offered.

“Yes, thank you. So for Cameron to be able to even break it apart from the rest of the block is truly something unheard of” My eyebrows quirked up at that little bit of information. So Cameron wasn’t just super strong, he had unheard strength and could possibly be the strongest of all the Ableds. Very interesting.

Ms Avia smiled and repositioned her spectacles before swinging her hand towards the arms and head then I watched as the ‘scientifically enhanced wood’ moulded right back to where it was ripped off. It looked like nothing had ever happened it. “Your invisibility is obviously your defence so that’ll do for now. Now, who’s up next?”

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