SuperMartian One-Shots

SuperMartian One-Shots

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Lizard By Lizardgurl Updated 5 days ago

**open for requests!!!!**

Okay, since none of you lemmings out there want to write SuperMartian fanfics, I guess I'll write another one! MWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, this book will probably end up gathering dust in my list of works, but I mean it, people! Why won't anyone out there write a SuperMartian fanfic? I've met plenty of SuperMartian shippers, but none of them have written any stories about these two. MISS MARTIAN AND SUPERBOY ARE MY OTP, PEOPLE!!!!! I NEEEEEED MORE! NOW. ASAP. IMMEDIATELY.

So....Yeah. summary to come as soon as I think of what exactly the plotline will be....

                              THIS IS MY EXACT LINE OF THOUGHT PUT ON TEXT
Kiannafep Kiannafep May 02
One of the first signs if SuperMartian #shipperfromtheverystart
I think there should be a chapter where M'gann gets sick and Conner takes care of her (taking place in season one)
Lizardgurl Lizardgurl Oct 16, 2014
@JelsaForever202  what's a good villain for Miss M and Supey to fight together?
Lizardgurl Lizardgurl Oct 16, 2014
@JelsaForever202 You're welcome!!!!! :D I have more comiiiiiinnnnnggggg!
Lizardgurl Lizardgurl Oct 15, 2014
@JelsaForever202 Thank you for the comment!!!! ;D And thank you for your idea!