SuperMartian One-Shots

SuperMartian One-Shots

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Lizard By Lizardgurl Updated Jan 02

**open for requests!!!!**

Okay, since none of you lemmings out there want to write SuperMartian fanfics, I guess I'll write another one! MWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, this book will probably end up gathering dust in my list of works, but I mean it, people! Why won't anyone out there write a SuperMartian fanfic? I've met plenty of SuperMartian shippers, but none of them have written any stories about these two. MISS MARTIAN AND SUPERBOY ARE MY OTP, PEOPLE!!!!! I NEEEEEED MORE! NOW. ASAP. IMMEDIATELY.

So....Yeah. summary to come as soon as I think of what exactly the plotline will be....

storyteller0714 storyteller0714 Nov 17, 2016
                              THIS IS MY EXACT LINE OF THOUGHT PUT ON TEXT
ladydove121 ladydove121 Dec 24, 2016
Kiannafep Kiannafep May 02, 2016
One of the first signs if SuperMartian #shipperfromtheverystart
dallas_marie_ dallas_marie_ Mar 04, 2016
I think there should be a chapter where M'gann gets sick and Conner takes care of her (taking place in season one)
Lizardgurl Lizardgurl Oct 16, 2014
@JelsaForever202  what's a good villain for Miss M and Supey to fight together?
Lizardgurl Lizardgurl Oct 16, 2014
@JelsaForever202 You're welcome!!!!! :D I have more comiiiiiinnnnnggggg!