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My Shadow ( Batman x reader) by piratefox97
My Shadow ( Batman x reader)by :3
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I'm Pregnant, Asshole! (BatFam) by Snowblaze172
I'm Pregnant, Asshole! (BatFam)by Kiara Roy
JayDick *** Jason didn't expect for that one night with Dick to turn into something much more than he expected. Not in the way he thought anyway. *** Poor Omega Jason.
  • unexpected
  • hurt-comfort
  • timdrake
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𝙒𝙄𝙇𝘿 𝙎𝙏𝙔𝙇𝙀  |  ☆  | d. wayne by BrucesThiccThighs
𝙒𝙄𝙇𝘿 𝙎𝙏𝙔𝙇𝙀 | ☆ | d. 🌵 Peter Parker's Bae 🌵
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Sparks Fly (Yandere Female/Genderbent Batman Girls X Lighten Reader)  by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Sparks Fly (Yandere Female/ EPICNESSQUEEN21
Name) Wayne is the younger sister or Brucette Wayne. Unlike her sister she is not normal. She has the power of electricity. Struck by lighten at the age five. Brucette...
  • yanderecharacters
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  • madhatter
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Markiplier X child reader by Jamlessangel
Markiplier X child readerby Angel
(Name) was waiting for some one to adopt her. She love watching Markiplier! No one in the orphanage like her not even the owner Mrs.Lee. (Name) got the worst from the wo...
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Batboys Imagines by Xx5sos_QueenxX
Batboys Imaginesby ♛卌5sos Queen卌♛
Hi! I decided to write my own imagines because I really love the Bat Brothers and because i've practically read most of the imagine books about them out there already. S...
  • robin
  • nightwing
  • timdrake
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batboys x reader  by dickmedowngrayson
batboys x reader by dickmedowngrayson
just some oneshots about our favourite boyz;
  • batman
  • jasontodd
  • richardgrayson
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Maniac // Jerome Valeska x Sabrina Carpenter by SadlyimMe
Maniac // Jerome Valeska x sadlyim me
Not finished yet Follows the events from season 2 of Gotham
  • killer
  • insane
  • davidmazouz
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Jason Todd Imagines♡ by angelicjaybird
Jason Todd Imagines♡by ♡ alexa
Jason Todd Imagines and headcannons from tumblr. The person that wrote the imagine will always be at the top of each chapter. DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these imagi...
  • tim
  • drake
  • redhood
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A New Love (Bruce Wayne (Batman) x reader) by LadyAlexa98
A New Love (Bruce Wayne (Batman) Lady Alexa
You're a doctor from one of the small hospitals in Gotham. You have a gift called eidetic memory (means you remember everything from what you see to what you read) and...
  • wattys2018
  • timdrake
  • completed
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The Apprentice by Mira-Image
The Apprenticeby Mira-Image
What if Robin stays Slade's apprentice? What if the Titans don't find the nano-bugs? Robin is alone. No one can save him from the situation he's in. It's up to him to so...
  • brucewayne
  • dickgrayson
  • slade
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The New Kid (BatJokes!) by InvisibleLeaf
The New Kid (BatJokes!)by Leaf
(Cover art not by me, credit to artisit!) It's Bruce Wayne's senior year in highschool and he has it all... Or at least that's what he thinks. But his world gets turned...
  • dc
  • legobatman
  • batman
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Madness (Joker Love Story) by Foxy_Trash
Madness (Joker Love Story)by Foxy_Trash
"When love is not madness, it is not love." Alison Finch has just been given the most difficult patient she has ever encountered; The joker. Now the only ques...
  • boyfriend
  • clown
  • kinky
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The Ghoul by DarkOneTAS
The Ghoulby Dixon_FanZ
Kaneki was fighting Jason till he blacked out appearing somewhere else. Gotham. Batman notices people are going missing what happens when the dark knight meets a white h...
  • kagune
  • batmanfanfiction
  • crossover
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SuperBat OneShots by weirdfangirl_lol
SuperBat OneShotsby weirdfangirl_lol
Just a bunch of SuperBat Oneshots. Mostly Angst and fluff. Please enjoy!
  • batman
  • supermanxbatman
  • brucewayne
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Abandoned Son by Rainne98
Abandoned Sonby Rainne@Rainbat
Seven years, he had been abandoned by both his parents for seven year. And now Bruce want him back home? Home? How dare him!
  • batbrothers
  • fluff
  • dccomics
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Damien Wayne X male! Reader: Love, young and foolish. by bottlecap259
Damien Wayne X male! Reader: bottlecap259
(M/n) has moved into Gotham's urban area recently, and it's hard enough adjusting to ninth grade. But what will happen if he falls in love with a superhero? And consider...
  • batman
  • xmalereader
  • damianwayne
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Project Phantom  by DarkOneTAS
Project Phantom by Dixon_FanZ
Danny escaped the GIW now lives in Gotham. The phantom not the same hero he once was keeping to himself in the dark. Until he runs into the Batman and other hero's. What...
  • oneeyedghoul
  • dannyphantom
  • halfa
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I Don't Wanna Live Forever (BatFam)  by YaoiRules172
I Don't Wanna Live Forever ( YaoiRules172
Dick just wants to give Jason a hug *** Jason limped pathetically away from the explosion that had already blown. His limbs felt weak and he was sure that his sides were...
  • redhood
  • batmanfanfiction
  • superman
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mad hatter; b. wayne by -artemiis
mad hatter; b. wayneby proud freak
⌊mad hatter⌉ are you crazy? ─ just a little bit... english; bruce wayne [justice league] cover by lovely EbbyWhite_Avenger7 © -artemiis | 2019
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