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To Save A Shadow ( A Young Justice/ Dick Grayson story) *COMPLETED* by A-Grayson
To Save A Shadow ( A Young Aria Grayson
Arianna Hathaway had never expected her life to change in the matter of one night. Now with an unexpected life and challenges she learns she can't face alone she is draw...
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The Dark Fairy (Young Justice)  by Ivy_Widows
The Dark Fairy (Young Justice) by Ivy Widows
Okay before I talk about me being bad ass, you need to know how this happened and why. The answer is pretty simple. An asshole named Lex Luther decided, oh whoopdie doo...
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The Spider and the Bird by Chipsahoy32_57
The Spider and the Birdby Thatnerd🤓🤓🤓
What if Peter wasn't who he said he was? What if Peter was from another dimension and had a brother that he had to leave behind? What if that brother was Dick Grayson? D...
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DC Imagines 2 by SnarkyGinger
DC Imagines 2by SnarkyG
Continuation of one-shots/Imagines/preferences for DC characters primarily from Young Justice and the BatBoys but always open for other requests!
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Father and son by ArianaMarieValdez
Father and sonby Ariana Marie Valdez
One shots of Conner Kent and Clark Kent finally bonding
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Young Justice X Reader (One Shots) by all_things_dean
Young Justice X Reader (One Shots)by 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮
Just some one shots of favorite Young Justice characters (on hold)
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Pretty Boy (A Young Justice Fanfiction) by B03_KidFlash
Pretty Boy (A Young Justice Wally West
"You are useless to this team, Robin, we can't go on any missions without you getting hurt... all you really are is... is a... I don't know" Wally told the you...
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Young Justice Texts and Memes Volume 2 by ItsYaBoiArchiee
Young Justice Texts and Memes Camerooon
So after my first book, I've had a lot of time to think about the series of Young Justice, including why the heck they haven't made a 3rd season with all the fangirls an...
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Young Justice One Shots by 13-juuzou-07
Young Justice One Shotsby Free Hugs
Hey Guys! So this is a Young Justice one shot book. It also features the bat boys and other members of the DC universe. I'm open to requests! It can be a fluff or a lemo...
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A Robin's identity by Lady_Luci_
A Robin's identityby Lady_Luci_
Robin never told them his identity and wasn't allowed to. In season two they know it. So how did they find out? Well maybe this is a oneshot about exactly that!
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Protect The Batboys  by scarlettromanof
Protect The Batboys by Ang
The Young Justice squad is assigned to protect Bruce Wayne's three sons from the horrors of Gotham while he is away on business.
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The Storm: A Young Justice FanFiction by nightwingtmr
The Storm: A Young Justice Maece
When The Day arrives for four young heroes, Stormwind, an unknown 13 year old superhero, wants nothing more than to find out how these heroes operate. When three of the...
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Of Birds, Rich Boys & Superpowered Teens  by wings_of_the_night
Of Birds, Rich Boys & hajimetooru_ittetsu
Dick Grayson, older brother to three insufferable younger brothers (who he loves very much) and Gotham City's most eligible bachelor (or was it second? He didn't really...
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Becoming Blue (Green Lantern's Prótegée) by dark_phoenix789
Becoming Blue (Green Lantern's Pró dark_phoenix789
Ever since she was a baby, Alya Vivani felt neglected. With a deceased father, and an alcoholic mother, all she could do was hope. Hope that things will get better. And...
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The Kitty and the Robin by Jennybear3002
The Kitty and the Robinby Jenna Ufkes
Hi my name is Alexa Kyle a.k.a Kitty, daughter of Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman. I was part of a circus back when I was 9. It was called Circus of Chaos. In the circus ever...
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Batman and His Little Princesses by RovinLover
Batman and His Little Princessesby HarryPotterLover
What if the robins were girls and grew up together underneath Batdad and Legendary Alfred. They are also his biological children but they all have different mothers
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Fighting for your life by explosionsOfFire
Fighting for your lifeby ?What am I doing?
After a tragic run in with The Joker, twelve year old Dick Grayson is left voiceless. Now, at the age of fourteen, Dick Grayson, Renegade, and his resurrected, 15 year o...
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Robin's call. by onlyloveisloyal
Robin's Onlyloveisloyal
The team is fed up of Robin always teasing them about knowing their identity's and them not knowing his. So they all hire the smartest people they could think of for the...
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young justice | preferences and more by to_be_seen_or_not
young justice | preferences and e.d.
who doesn't love young justice am I right? All young justice members current and previous are included in this so don't worry. collaborating with @we-are-moon-born & @...
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Timkon Shorts by Batkid15
Timkon Shortsby Batkid15
short stories about Conner and Tim If you want to make a request please read the introduction the cover sucks, i know, i'll fix it later
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