One of the Dudes. (Mike Fuentes fanfic)

One of the Dudes. (Mike Fuentes fanfic)

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Nikki By Mrs_Fuentes Completed

Tick tok. Tick tok. The clock seamed to be going slower. School really sucked days like this. Finally the bell rang. I darted out of the classroom and being in such a hurry, I didn't even notice i was about to run into someone. 

"Oh shit! Ohmygod I'm so sorry." I exclaimed. I bent down to pick up mine and his things. He laughed. "Don't worry aout it, hey are you new?" He asked.

This super attractive, tall guy was actually talking to me. "Uh, yeah I moved here like a week ago." I stutterd. He stared into my eyes. Holy crap.

"You like it here? Where are my manners! I'm Mike Fuentes." He said with a smile, helping me back to my feet. "Nikki Clark, and yeah it's not much different than Florida." I said laughing to myself. 

His eyes lit up. "Uh, if you don't mind me asking, what grade are you in? You look a little older." Again, I laughed a little. Mike laughed too, "i'm a freshman, and I've been super nervous this whole time because you look older than me. What grade are you in?" He as...

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TheFandomObsessed TheFandomObsessed Apr 26, 2016
OMG I'M FROM FLORIDA!! I'm sorry i get very excited for the smallest of reasons sometimes
UnicornFuentes UnicornFuentes Jan 09, 2016
Mike is my favorite. He is just too under appreciated though. Like he's a really good drummer and he seems really cool so I don't see why anybody wouldn't like him
Anderson1202 Anderson1202 Oct 17, 2013
I love the cover of this story! hahaha. Mike is so perfect! <3