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Swift's Daughter [COMPLETED] by Lou1xx
Swift's Daughter [COMPLETED]by Lou1xx
Life is tough. We all know that. But when you're the child of superstar Taylor Swift and her former boyfriend Harry Styles, life isn't just tough. It's completely imposs...
  • katy
  • harry
  • taylor
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Finding Out Secrets (The Covenant Fanfic) by MakeAnImpactOnYou
Finding Out Secrets (The MakeAnImpactOnYou
Blair Salvatore thought she was just moving to a new state, new town, and new prestigious school. What she didn't expect was to find a group of boys similar to her. They...
  • reid
  • sonsofipswich
  • powers
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golden days; chris halliwell by irradiated
golden days; chris halliwellby this is stupid
"i found a pile of polaroids in the crates of a record shop they were sexy, sexy looking back from a night that time forgot, hmm boy he was something debonair in 19...
  • future
  • leo
  • halliwell
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Pierce the Veil Imagines//Preferences by xomissjen
Pierce the Veil Imagines// Jen
Request an imagine for Vic, Mike, Jaime, Tony, Danielle, Alysha, Jess or Erin. **Requests are CLOSED**
  • piercetheveil
  • mike
  • fuentes
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Always Been You (Vic Fuentes) ✔️ by LexusRat
Always Been You (Vic Fuentes) ✔️by Mouse
As Vic Fuentes and his band Pierce The Veil climbed the ladder to stardom, a valued friendship was torn to shreds. Feelings that were hidden were now coming through the...
  • mike
  • preciado
  • love
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This Moment (Katy Perry Fan Fiction) by bhugxivy
This Moment (Katy Perry Fan Poison Ivy
Sequel of No Regrets. Just Love. just read the first book. Thank you!!
  • drama
  • katycats
  • family
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tour with me | j.d by brikellerxo
tour with me | j.dby brittney
she's your typical dream following girl, accompanied by her bestfriends in their band Keep Me Ready. josh was a fan of not only her band, but the beautiful girl that wa...
  • fanfic
  • tyler
  • twenty
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Pierce the Veil Preferences by lilmissrocknroll3456
Pierce the Veil Preferencesby
Just some preferences about these adorable dorks
  • perry
  • preciado
  • pierce
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The letter by Sweetblossoms24
The letterby C.C.S.
This was based off the episode "Operation Crumb Cake" only instead, what would happen if phineas wasn't hit with the ray? Phineas and ferb belong to Disney XD...
  • perry
  • phinbella
  • doofenshmirtz
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Whitney, Please Hold My Hand by TheYungQueenC
Whitney, Please Hold My Handby Cookie
  • heartbreak
  • whitney
  • bobbybrown
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Wasteland // Vic Fuentes by eternityinyourarms
Wasteland // Vic Fuentesby eternityinyourarms
Kendall Bostwick. She suffered from her parents rage a lot more than her brother Kellin did- after all he was on tour. After being fed up of being abused and shouted at...
  • wasteland
  • jack
  • sws
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Pinkie Promise? [Katy Perry Fan Fiction] by SadLittleWriter
Pinkie Promise? [Katy Perry Fan Annabel
When Katy Perry has to give up her daughter as a newborn baby, she never thinks she'll ever get her back. But in a twisted turn of terrible events the two are thrown une...
  • fire
  • demi
  • purging
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Alone. [Tony Perry] by ptvtonys
Alone. [Tony Perry]by ptvtonys
He definitely wasn't what I thought he would be. But I don't know what I was expecting exactly. Just a shy guitar player. That's all he was to everyone, but to me he was...
  • perry
  • love
  • ptv
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No Regrets. Just Love. (Katy Perry Fan Fiction) by bhugxivy
No Regrets. Just Love. (Katy Poison Ivy
Never thought of having you back in my life again is the most precious thing and the best feeling that i've ever have and feel. But things gets complicated to the fact t...
  • somerhalder
  • katyperry
  • humor
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Save Me (Hollstein) by ForeverCreampuff
Save Me (Hollstein)by Forever Creampuff
They lock eyes, and can't seem to let go... (AU)
  • hollstein
  • natashanegovanlis
  • kirsch
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The Fanfiction Archives by Raydeetiger
The Fanfiction Archivesby Bob Ross's Ghost
Take a journey through my freaked up mind, and read epic fanfiction about your favorite characters being freaked by other characters.
  • sheep
  • perry
  • blackpanther
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second chance/ Katy Perry and Orlando bloom by LoveLottee
second chance/ Katy Perry and Lotte
Your arms opened for a hug and I disappeared in them. I hold you. Your hot muscled body against my poor soft one. Your strong protecting arms around me. I missed you. ''...
  • katyperry
  • shortstory
  • perry
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Paper Doll// John Mayer  by norskiegirl
Paper Doll// John Mayer by norskiegirl
Love is more than just a guitar riff. For the most part.
  • johnmayer
  • fanfiction
  • john
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Ariana Grande's Tickle by Armpittoes
Ariana Grande's Tickleby Armpittoes
Ariana Grande gets tickled by Katy Perry for being more popular than her! However, Katy is not the only one who wants to tickle her!
  • perry
  • ariana
  • wattys2018
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