Adopted By O2L

Adopted By O2L

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When 14 year old Maya is Adopted, by O2L, she finds Love, Hate, and learns how to live for once. 

Maya. She keeps secrets and her past is a wreck. How will everyone take on the past. 

Maya is carefree Believe me. She doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself, unless it is a lover one or a brother.

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instead of tumblr as an adjective I would use like grunge/indie maybe idk? like tumblr is an app
Indigo, which is the color of my soul for my Undertale peeps out there
Pickatu108 Pickatu108 Sep 05
French fries,cinnamon rolls, fried chicken and mashed potatoes
If o2l adopted me I would have died right there on the spot like for real tho
Girl I would have fainted right on the spot I would not have stood there shocked no I would have fainted in a damn snap! Lol I'm weird ok I'll stop now
dedicated white girl. she couldnt survive the canadian winter. 
                              maya:nah girl i wear shorts and bandeaus 24/7 365 days a year *snaps finger in z form*