Adopted By O2L

Adopted By O2L

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When 14 year old Maya is Adopted, by O2L, she finds Love, Hate, and learns how to live for once. 

Maya. She keeps secrets and her past is a wreck. How will everyone take on the past. 

Maya is carefree Believe me. She doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself, unless it is a lover one or a brother.

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Julianacreates Julianacreates Sep 15, 2017
lol imagining JC calling me baby girl:
                              my hormones will explode and my pussy will probably melt and extinguise cum all over me.
dabbbhowelter dabbbhowelter Sep 22, 2017
My dog is called jake (my lil gorgeous pupp omg he is so adorable aggy)
CaelinSwafford CaelinSwafford Jul 26, 2016
If I was adopted by jc caylen my name would be Caelin caylen
umhibro umhibro Jan 14, 2017
I like how coming out vids are usually so emotional and trevor's was different.
Madilame Madilame Aug 20, 2016
Bish u know that she WILL date some one in that circle and we all know who it is
_LightheNight_ _LightheNight_ Sep 10, 2016
Uhhhh... Dad already? Isn't that a bit quick? I mean, I know she's seen him before on the screen but almost never in real life