The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 1 > A:TLA [Avatar: TLAB-LoK Watty Awards 2018] by xdistantwords
The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 1 > A:TLA [ ✩
Ruka (ROO-KAH) is the middle sibling between Sokka and Katara. Unlike her younger sister, she didn't believe the avatar would return and save the world. Ruka isn't afrai...
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  • suki
  • princezuko
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ᴰᶦᵛᶦⁿᵉ.    »    bowers gang preferences [1] by -ATHENA_
ᴰᶦᵛᶦⁿᵉ. » bowers gang ᗩᒪEKᗩ
[¹⁸/¹¹/ ²⁰¹⁷ ⁻ ²⁸/ ¹/ ²⁰¹⁸] FINISHED! ❛ it's you, it's all for you ❜ preferences & imagines about the cast and characters of IT (2017) by © -ATH...
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Pleasing Alpha Junior by chick-101
Pleasing Alpha Juniorby chick-101
"Say it," he growls dangerously close to my face. "Say you don't want this and I'll let you go," he challenges. He knows too well. He knows I want...
  • junior
  • werewolf
  • luna
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Changing For Love Book 1 COMPLETED by SabrinaSpicer7
Changing For Love Book 1 COMPLETEDby Sabrina Spicer
Zoè is being dragged into yet another bar by her friend, and being forced to be the designated driver. Zoè finds it hard watching her friend drink her life away. She usu...
  • book1
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
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Fill with Intoxicating Love; Yoonmin by Jcloli
Fill with Intoxicating Love; Jcloli
When the law of prostitution was abolished, Jimin father must protect Jimin and Jimin baby brother from being captured but instead Jimin and his baby brother was taken a...
  • yoonmin
  • maiko
  • geisha
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Just Undercover ✔️ by 94sMixtape
Just Undercover ✔️by •Lorna•
Highest Ranks: |Mystery/Thriller #1| |Action #3| I was trained my whole life to disarm a grown man using nothing but a credit card, nail files, and a sock if I'm lucky...
  • crime
  • projectwomanup
  • boys
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Thorns of Silver |18+| Completed| by DreamWriter324
Thorns of Silver |18+| Completed|by A. LynnRose
Lady Rosella Baker, Rose for short, wants to choose the man she marries. However, after her mother dies, her father chooses a man she has never met before, Lord Alexzand...
  • 19thcentury
  • fantasy
  • vampireromance
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Dancing In The Rain •Sirius Black• by WeasleyGirl04
Dancing In The Rain •Sirius Black•by WeasleyGirl
•Book 1• "You know what? You're right! I'm not gonna sit here and sob over a stupid boy! In fact, I'm gonna do the complete opposite! I'm gonna dance! I'm gonna dan...
  • remellia
  • prequeltodancinginthestorm
  • harrypotter
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The Longing ⇝ BOOK 1 > LOK [Avatar: TLAB-LoK Watty Awards 2018] by xdistantwords
The Longing ⇝ BOOK 1 > LOK [ ✩
Lyra (LYE-RUH) is the adopted daughter of Tenzin and Pema. No one knows anything about where she came from - at least that's what she thought. Join her as she figures ou...
  • avatar
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • originalcharacter
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Truth or Dare (boyxboy) by Phaniacliontoast
Truth or Dare (boyxboy)by Anonymous
~~~FINISHED~~~ Tristan Tucker was your typical cliché high school football jock. Loved by all, Tristan was at the top of the high school food chain. Colton Preed was yo...
  • book1
  • boyxboy
  • romance
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Healing Touch [1] (Healer Series) by Chell-P
Healing Touch [1] (Healer Series)by Michelle
"He thought he was the last of his kind but not anymore." Nobody truly understood what had happened that day 18 months ago at Donna's Wedding. All that her lit...
  • book1
  • wattys2017
  • tenthdoctor
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CHEATER HUSBAND (Jungkook Fanfict) (Bts FF) by andera23
CHEATER HUSBAND (Jungkook Fanfict) min_luna
on hold due to wattpad technical difficulties He may be my husband and a father to my children but he is also a cheater and has hidden it for 13 years
  • fanfiction
  • married
  • wattys2018
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To Date A Killer by ArtLNightshade
To Date A Killerby Artemis Lykaios Nightshade
"I have come back for you. I told you I would and now that I have you cornered, you are mine and only mine, no one else's. You belong to me." --------- Brett...
  • humiliation
  • sociopath
  • book1
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Unexpected Love (A Muslim LoveStory). Book 1. [Editing] by Proud-To-Be-Muslim
Unexpected Love (A Muslim Maddy.!
[ #738 in Romance - 1/12/15] (Book 1 of The Love Series) "I . Don't. Love. You. Do you understand?" He yell at me, with angry in his eyes. "What? Y...
  • book1
  • theloveseries
Undying Echo {1} by CrystalBleu
Undying Echo {1}by C R Y S T A L
Having moved to a small town for a semester and a half, Camilla Adams finds herself relived about how great she finds her new home and school are and how nice some peopl...
  • book1
  • thegoldenarrows
  • deaf
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The Black Moon Legend [1] by AnnyVirdi
The Black Moon Legend [1]by Anny Virdi
Highest Ranking: #37 in Werewolf (01/07/16) Book 1 From the very first day I started high school my mother always told me, before I left my house. "Stay away from...
  • mate
  • mates
  • highschool
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[1] I Walk The Line // Obi-Wan Kenobi  ✔️ by katebishvp
[1] I Walk The Line // Obi-Wan yaint
[TV AND MOVIE SOCIETY AWARD WINNER 2017] "Emma, why did you do save me like you did?" She looked down for a second, but looked back up, smiling. "Because...
  • series
  • book1
  • obiwankenobi
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Royal Wolves [Book 1: Royal Series] ✔️  by alanascrown
Royal Wolves [Book 1: Royal a l a n a
[COMPLETED] Arianna has been bullied most of her teen life. Her family are the only reason that she still remains strong. She has a heart of pure gold and she sees the...
  • royalseries
  • twins
  • mates
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In Love With My Teacher by JazzyThaCrazyOne
In Love With My Teacherby Jasa'mine
Ever had that one teacher you like? Well Jiraya is a girl who moved from Louisiana to Atlanta, meaning she has to start fresh. New friends, neighbors, and a new school...
  • student
  • teacher
  • drama
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Rejected And Abused by my best friend {Undergoing editing} by MoonMayhem
Rejected And Abused by my best Moonmystery
Under going editing so don't comment about grammar when I'm fixing a bunch of stuff from about two years ago anywho enjoy p.s this book is cringe worthy so sorry about...
  • mate
  • paranormal
  • rejection
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