A Different Ninja Way by clarks23
A Different Ninja Wayby Samara Clark
What if there were two destined ninja instead? What if Zane has a little sister? What if there was one more original ninja? Lets see how much of the story changes. Quick...
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Alice's Adventures in wonderland/ Alice in wonderland by The_Wonderland_Freak
Alice's Adventures in Lost
I Don't own this book all credit goes to lewis carrol
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Lizzie Joys Not So Joyful Life #1 by PlotTwist_102
Lizzie Joys Not So Joyful Life #1by PlotTwist_102
this is just a short story to start the account, a short story like a #1 (book 1) I would like to say thanks to Elizabeth my friend for being my main character go read h...
  • adventure
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One Tuesday Night by Silver_Mystique
One Tuesday Nightby ♡Cassieee♡
Nagseselos ka, di naman pala kayo. Nagpapakamartyr ka kahit di ka naman pala niya alam. Nagkakandarapa ka kahit di naman niya pinapansin yung efforts mo. Umiiyak ka kahi...
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The Colors of a Woman | Book 1 by s3cr3t_angel
The Colors of a Woman | Book 1by 🎀Angel🎀
"'Cause I'll never change all my colors for you.." •••••••••••••••••••••••• This book is about a girl who's in a toxic relationship. Read more to find out. Bo...
  • trilogy
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The Elements~ Water (Book 1) by lunerwolf101
The Elements~ Water (Book 1)by luner101
This is the Element Series, this series
  • elements
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Broken  ( Harry Potter) |1| by Chibi_Club
Broken ( Harry Potter) |1|by Alien
Everyone knows of the "boy who lived" and "the golden trio" but no one knows the story of Carter Belle. She was like Harry Potter in some aspects. Sh...
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Book 1: Atsuko Chi by Iris_Hatake
Book 1: Atsuko Chiby IrisHatake
Atsuko Chi is a 12 year old girl who is just graduating the academy but is put on a team that has already graduated because they're lacking a member and since the uneven...
  • fanfiction
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The Screaming Staircase (L&Co. // Book 1) by Wicked_Regals
The Screaming Staircase (L& Hope Anderson
When the dead come back to haunt the living, Lockwood & Co. step in . . . For more than fifty years, the country has been affected by a horrifying epidemic of ghosts. A...
  • jonathanstroud
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•TRC#1• Fallea by Alolan_Vulpix13
•TRC#1• Falleaby •Rin-Chan•
(this story is Mary sue/overpowered character so if you don't like that, don't read) The Reincarnation Chronicles book 1: _______________________________________________...
  • rinmitsuki
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Come Hang Out! AJR - 1 by AJR_Dragon
Come Hang Out! AJR - 1by Connor Sweet
Jack, Ryan, and Adam Met are these three brothers who make music for the band AJR. Yes, they are busy taking tours. And they are forgetting about something important...
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Echo  ❀ by KairiKay12
Echo ❀by KairiKay12
Anne woke up in a box, trapped. She couldn't remember anything part from her name and a vivid word in her mind. What will she do? Based on the book series by James Dashn...
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HE'S THE ONE by cheyncheynsarah
HE'S THE ONEby Sarah
(On-going) - Slow Update ...
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Unconditional Love  by JuliahBianca
Unconditional Love by TheRealSilentReader
"Claire, I Think I love you... Pero, You hate me. Right?" Sabi ni Christian "My Hate has Meaning... It means... I love you... Too..." Sabi ko, Yakap...
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Hailey Death Darkblood's Dark Magic Adventure Book 1 by cudd1ePunch
Hailey Death Darkblood's Dark Cudd1ePunchJunior (Mika)
Hailey Death Darkblood wasn't an angel, very much the opposite. But what happens when this devil of a girl attends Hogwarts? What does Demonia have in store for her? W...
  • draco
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"My Life Before I Met You" by zoe_charis14
"My Life Before I Met You"by zoe_charis14
Badboy and badgirl story.
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Never Give Up || Book 1 by AngelicLightning
Never Give Up || Book 1by Wake me up
[ Book one of the Royalty book collection ] [ Ranked #157 on Chicklit 17.05.18 ] In a world where the poor gets an injustice killed, a girl is trying to save her own fam...
  • historialfiction
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I'm Just Another One (Part 1 of Undecided Wants) by XxKathlyn_SunsetxX
I'm Just Another One (Part 1 of Kathlyn Sunset
He's a player is what they all said, but me, the stubborn and gullible girl I am, I subsided their beliefs and went off of my own. Bad decision. This story will and alwa...
  • baddecision
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