Adopted By Magcon (under construction) by paigedallas
Adopted By Magcon (under construct...by paige Brooks
Warning; inappropriate language, sex, sex reference, suicidal thoughts and actions, self harm, cussing, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Our second life is featured al...
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Fuck You Too // COMPLETE  by lawleycats
Fuck You Too // COMPLETE by lawleycats
What happens to London when she finds her boyfriend sleeping with someone in the bed that she has to sleep in every night, and has nowhere else to live? Does she leave t...
  • o2lfanfic
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Best Mistake | E. D.  by dreamyxdolans
Best Mistake | E. D. by dolan af
"Now why were you crying?" he asked concerned. I started to wipe away some of the tear stains left on my cheeks, and said, "It was nothing. Something stup...
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  • shawnmendes
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THE BLUES , ANDERSON WEBB by diorplanets
{LOWERCASE INTENDED} "i will try to rid of the blues" | diorplanets 2017 COVER CRED: @-timeless
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  • ellefanning
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Bullied And Abused by Franta_21
Bullied And Abusedby Gabi Vega
Ariel Reed had always loved her life. With great parents and a loving twin brother, her life was simple and normal. Until her mother's murder. After her death, Ariel's...
  • teenfiction
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  • emilyrudd
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please, stay // k.l by fangirl138
please, stay // k.lby :))
"please.. stay"
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The Player {c.d} by 0mq3mily
The Player {c.d}by 0mq3mily
Turns out "I love you" was all just a game. [ the beginning of this story is very cheesy & cliché; a little cringy too, and it needs major editing! If some par...
  • betrayal
  • dallas
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Instagram~ CD&Jc Caylen by MarisaLynae2
Instagram~ CD&Jc Caylenby Marisa Lynae
*Cameron Dallas followed you*
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Gilinskys Sister (Omaha boys and magcon fanfiction) by AjDagger
Gilinskys Sister (Omaha boys and m...by Amy Dagger
Amy gets to meet possibly the best people in her life thanks to her brother Jack. What will happen to the rebellious teen?
  • sammywilkinson
  • nashgrier
  • omahaboys
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Cameron Dallas rebel sister by babygirl716
Cameron Dallas rebel sisterby Daddy's baby girl
Hi my name is Sam Dallas call me trouble I'm in a gang we are the most feared gang in America Cameron Dallas is my older brother he left me when I was 12 I am 17 now. W...
  • camerondallas
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Kian Lawley's Slut. by calumlush
Kian Lawley's Slut.by Don't come for me .
Somer is a runaway And needs money, Badly. The o2l house needed a present for kian How far will she go to provide for herself?
  • runaway
  • lawley
  • sexslave
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Adopted By Shane Dawson by isuperluvshane
Adopted By Shane Dawsonby Some Random Hoe
Lucy was just a teen living in an orphanage when her life dramatically changed. From being all alone with no family to having one of the most sweetest fathers ever, lucy...
  • o2l
  • zoella
  • shanedawson
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Instagram;//K.L by Xx_jessica1Xx
Instagram;//K.Lby -j
@kianlawley stared following you
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kian lawley imagines by fanfixxbylex
kian lawley imaginesby lexi:)
just a book full of imagines of the lovely kian robert lawley. enjoy my loves. kinda slow updates. @ fanfixxbylex 2018
  • o2l
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  • 2017
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Kian Lawley Imagines by sillystilinski
Kian Lawley Imaginesby K E N N A xx
Not hard to explain. I'm taking requests!!!
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Instagram! (Kian Lawley) by Gianna_Lawley
Instagram! (Kian Lawley)by ✰ 𝑔𝒾𝑔𝒾
@KianLawley liked your post @KianLawley liked your post @KianLawley commented on your post
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Interracial imagines  by xxxluna666
Interracial imagines by ⱠɄ₦₳ Ø₦₣ⱤØɎ💔
A bunch of interracial imagines about magcon, o2l, one direction ,Justin beiber ,Logan Paul and many more hope you enjoy ??❤️??
  • viners
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life as a little dolan by dvmbstvff
life as a little dolanby dvmbstvff
16 year old Eva Dolan is your average high school sudent, but will that stay the same when her older brothers Ethan and Grayson leave for LA Start date:13 November✌️
  • twins
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They are Jian by amatorial
They are Jianby daddy
jian (kian and jc) one-shots, short stories, and song based stories. i'll take requests. ©2016 amatorial
  • oneshots
  • boyxboy
  • amatorial
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Fate || Trevor Moran by xtrevorsbeatx
Fate || Trevor Moranby xtrevorsbeatx
16 year old Bree Smith is abused and she cuts. Her mom is dead and her dad hits her. Hurting herself is one of the only ways that makes her feel better. A close second i...
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