Best Mistake | E. D.  by dreamyxdolans
Best Mistake | E. D. by dolan af
"Now why were you crying?" he asked concerned. I started to wipe away some of the tear stains left on my cheeks, and said, "It was nothing. Something stup...
  • aaroncarpenter
  • jackgilinsky
  • o2l
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Babysitter  by kenxsticks
Babysitter by Kens
He's pretty hot, for a babysitter.
  • humor
  • lawley
  • kianandjc
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Frenemies | G. D.  by dreamyxdolans
Frenemies | G. D. by dolan af
"Hey...Sparky," he said. What did he just call me? "Sparky?" I asked him confused. "Yeah, that's my new nickname for you," he smirked. &q...
  • hayesgrier
  • oursecondlife
  • kianlawley
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Bullied And Abused by Franta_21
Bullied And Abusedby Gabi Vega
Ariel Reed had always loved her life. With great parents and a loving twin brother, her life was simple and normal. Until her mother's murder. After her death, Ariel's...
  • abusive-relationship
  • teenlove
  • teenfiction
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instagram// omaha  by bitesizedlovers
instagram// omaha by c ♡
it's in the title
  • jackjohnson
  • jack
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magcon/o2l smut  by hesababe_
magcon/o2l smut by Zoe
smut for my o2l girls and my magcon girls [cover by @adoreobrien]
  • o2l
  • magcono2lsmut
  • imagines
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Adopted By Magcon (completed) by paigedallas
Adopted By Magcon (completed)by paige Brooks
Warning; inappropriate language, sex, sex reference, suicidal thoughts and actions, self harm, cussing, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Our second life is featured al...
  • adopted
  • mattespinosa
  • taylorcaniff
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Everlasting// k.r.l by bf_kian
Everlasting// k.r.lby bf_kian
"I love you. I love you so fucking much. It's making me crazy." "How crazy?" "Completely insane babygirl."
  • lawley
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JC's little sister(Kian Lawley fan fic) COMPLETED  by rd123__
JC's little sister(Kian Lawley fan...by R
*COMPLETED*Jc caylens little sister Rilee, aka R to some people, kitten to Kian sometime.... Jc and his best friend Kian, sense 1st grade always picked on Rilee, jc cuz...
  • brother
  • youtubers
  • romantic
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The Switch Up | D. T.  by dreamyxdolans
The Switch Up | D. T. by dolan af
"But did you think that relationship was real? Like it would last like us?" "Kinda," I told him honestly. "I did believe that, but all relations...
  • hayesgrier
  • onedirection
  • jackjohnson
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Inked || Kian Lawley by aestheticlawleys
Inked || Kian Lawleyby ☺️
"He is like a drug and I got addicted." aestheticlawleys 2016©
  • kian
  • fanfiction
  • youtube
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Incipient• Cameron Dallas  by Sammyiams
Incipient• Cameron Dallas by Samantha Webb
Riley is now a high school graduate. Her parents send her off to her brothers in California to be only sent away again. She is sent off to a vacation dream spot, but mon...
  • wattys2017
  • puppy
  • digitour
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Owned By Daddy: Cameron Dallas Dirty Fan Fic by CNAB01
Owned By Daddy: Cameron Dallas Dir...by CNAB01
  • gắng
  • camerondallas
  • justinbieber
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Cameron Dallas rebel sister by babygirl716
Cameron Dallas rebel sisterby Daddy's baby girl
Hi my name is Sam Dallas call me trouble I'm in a gang we are the most feared gang in America Cameron Dallas is my older brother he left me when I was 12 I am 17 now. W...
  • badass
  • sister
  • macgonboys
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please, stay // k.l by fangirl138
please, stay // k.lby :))
"please.. stay"
  • youngadult
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Bullied by the Dolan Twins by Laughing-coffin
Bullied by the Dolan Twinsby Laughing-coffin
A girl named Miley goes to school just like every other girl and boy in the world. But something about her school she hates and never wants to go. She has bully's named...
  • magcon
  • dolantwins
  • kianlawley
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Baby Wilk (A Sammy Wilkinson fan-fiction) by lilmamamaloley5587
Baby Wilk (A Sammy Wilkinson fan-f...by Lilmamamaloley
Sammy and Grace have been together for 4 years now, will finding out big news, bring them together or tear them apart??
  • wilk
  • love
  • natemaloley
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Pregnant. (Kian Lawley.) by IsabellaLawll
Pregnant. (Kian Lawley.)by IsabellaLawll
  • o2l
  • kian
  • pregnantwithkianlawleysbaby
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Bullied by hayesbxtch
Bulliedby hayesbxtch
Hi, I'm Hailey Lauren Grier! Before you ask yes my brothers are Hayes and Nash Grier. Growing up I always had a lot of friends. But then they all slowly started to fade...
  • aaroncarpenter
  • carterreynolds
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Instagram~ CD&Jc Caylen by MarisaLynae2
Instagram~ CD&Jc Caylenby Marisa Lynae
*Cameron Dallas followed you*
  • marriage
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