I GOT7 Boys - (GOT7 and BTS)

I GOT7 Boys - (GOT7 and BTS)

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Aznduckiiex By Aznduckiiex Updated Mar 13

Jennie Madden is not as pretty as the other girls. In fact, she is very fat and chubby that makes everyone wants to bully her or squeeze her cheeks. She's scared of ghosts, she hangs out with a group of friends (not GOT7) who are enough to be called popular and everyone likes to mock her appearance. 

After she met the group of famous kids called GOT7, her life challenged obstacles, she takes on the "Styling Internship," she's left behind by her friends because they got casted into JYP, and until she met her old childhood friend, Jungkook, him and his group was be able to lift her up from the Bottom to the Top. 

So she spent times with BTS and GOT7. You know what that means? Crush. Lovers. Loved. Loving. Heart beat. And some unexpected situations.

lol that almost sounds like " you got no jams"👌❤️😂
Cecejay14 Cecejay14 Jun 13
I'm short and chubby.. god bless me all🤦🏻‍♀️😂 goodness no I hate it
I dont need a steak restaurant to be fat o already Have that covered
BTSJennieBanares BTSJennieBanares Jun 29, 2016
The fact that I can really relate as I have the same name as the character ^-^
NariRoaaa NariRoaaa Feb 13, 2016
AlexxandraJeon AlexxandraJeon May 05, 2016
Everybody says Girls girls girls .
                              Me being different : No ! It's BTS I Need U !!!