Love me or Hate me (LMOHM)

Love me or Hate me (LMOHM)

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MiKayla By blackisthenewpink Completed

THIS story is a FanFiction between Caius and Bella. 

Edward dumps Bella and she is heartbroken.

No where else to go she decides to go to the Volturi and request to be turned  into a vampire.

Once there Aro is more than please to recieve her because of her extraordinary gift.

Marcus really doesn't care.

Yet, Caius is the only on with a problem.

When he first saw Bella during their first encounter he knew.

That's why he always distances himself from her.

Now Bella is pushing him over the edge and driving him crazy.

He has no choice but to-

Can you guys guess what he's going to do

But, if he loves her will they recieve their happily ever after

Only one way to find ouuuuut!!!


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The last chapter was "Chapter 1" so shouldn't this actually be "Chapter 2" not 3???
silverfire0 silverfire0 Jul 31
The fact that the actor who plays him also plays Jace in the moive City of Bones
It kills me that there's no punctuation at the end of this sentence...
hey.. I don't want to be rude, i just want to point out your mistake so you can make it better. I think the word "ever" would be better in this sentence. 
                              And I just want to say that I'm really happy about this fanfiction. I always shipped Bella with one of the Volturi
Thanks dad! 😯😯😯😯😄😄😄😀😀😀😁😁😊
Omg he didn't lose a letter but this time it's misspelled :(