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The First Champion | BOTW Link x GN!Reader by MintieCakes
The First Champion | BOTW Link x G...by Elailas
Contains spoilers - gender neutral MC One hundred years ago, you took part in a prophecy of old. Having being gifted the ability to hear the voice of the goddess Hylia...
Sadie Sink x Female Reader by Blobthefish
Sadie Sink x Female Readerby Blobthefish
{ONGOING} Requests closed! ◦ Sadie Sink, Max Mayfield and Ziggy Berman Imagines ◦Written in second person (you/your) ◦Y/N = Your Name Y/L/N = Your Last Name This c...
Dreams: Rewritten | Ninjago Reader Insert & x GN!Reader by WriterAgreste
Dreams: Rewritten | Ninjago Reader...by 𝐀𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧 𝐀𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞
In the land of Ninjago, people aren't always good, some are bad, others can fit in between, however, having to be around people who feel like they don't treat you as the...
Amnesia by sweatshirtlaney
Amnesiaby laney
"To show you I'm serious, I'd do it a thousand more times only for you to admit it."
Someone Special(Yang X Male Reader) by woolington
Someone Special(Yang X Male Reader)by woolington
You couldn't imagine how much your life would change after your closest friend, a student at Beacon, sends you a message one morning and says he'll be calling over. A bu...
Memento Mori {A Series of Unfortunate Events} by LianLily
Memento Mori {A Series of Unfortun...by LianLily
"You know, if you have to hide a secret headquarters, it's a beautiful place to do it." You remarked. "It's a lovely view." But you noticed Quigley...
Can It Be? Robin(Dick Grayson) x Reader by Kit-Kat-a-rang
Can It Be? Robin(Dick Grayson) x R...by Kit-Kat-a-rang
You don't usually ride the bus to school, but this month is different and -HOLD UP- is that the Hall of Justice? Are superheroes real now? Is the whole justice league co...
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reader) by smolbeanjenna
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reade...by ♡ Jenna ♡
You've known the Elric brothers for as long as you can remember. When you were only 3, your parents died in the Ishvalan war. You went to live with the Rockbells in Rese...
Equestria Girls harem x Spiderman Male reader  by DJBron3
Equestria Girls harem x Spiderman...by Lightning Burn
You were an ordinary guy in Canterlot High School who lives with his aunt and uncle until you were bit by a spider in school
Ol' Big Ears by Odaocer
Ol' Big Earsby Hadair-Odaocer
You are a freelance technician. The job had its perks, you made your own hours, turned down dangerous jobs and picked your clientele. This was to be a simple job, they s...
Cody x Reader Total Drama Island by fandomjones
Cody x Reader Total Drama Islandby Jonesy
You are a contestant on Total Drama Island. Will you win the cash prize, or true love?
BABYGIRL 2.0: MODEL EDITION [DISCO...by b1ack_ae$łhetic
Model Imagines Dominant/you 2nd person Imagines Don't really know how to do a description for an Imagine fam so just do me a favor read it alright coo
, O N E S H O T S ! by evshrtsmeg
, O N E S H O T S !by evshrtsmeg
just some oneshots of abby anderson , mostly wholesome but some smut cause y not abby , ellie , dina etc are all friends in this !!
Shrinking Ring by JohnDoe118
Shrinking Ringby JohnDoe118
A player of Elden Ring adds some new mods to their game, without realizing that this combination of mods was about to lead to the BIGGEST adventure of their lives. Has...
(Y/N) and the Amulet- a MLP:FiM Fanfiction by CherryCapillary
(Y/N) and the Amulet- a MLP:FiM Fa...by CherryCapillary
(Y/N)! Wake up! You found an amulet in a box of packing peanuts on your desk, and upon wearing this amulet, you were transported to a world of your favorite characters...
Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) by woolington
Strength Within (Velvet X Male Rea...by woolington
Captured, experimented on, and subjected to painful 'tests' on a daily basis. It's a miracle that you've held on to your sanity for so long. But before the final stage o...
I Only Intended To Work With The Dead, Not The Undead by LeonNuggiies
I Only Intended To Work With The D...by Certified Leon Stan
(Originally Posted on AO3 by yours truly, but I decided to post it here too!) It never struck you as a bad idea to work at the morgue within the Raccoon City Police Depa...
The best part of summer (Phineas Flynn x reader) by SupergirlDY2
The best part of summer (Phineas F...by SupergirlDY2
When you move from your familiar home to suburban Danville, you didn't expect your summer to be much different or more exciting than it usually is. But over 104 days of...
the ponder of fish / volturi kings. by ruaboy
the ponder of fish / volturi kings.by or1on
"His fingers scraped like frostbite against your skin, frigid and chilling. You were almost tempted to look and see if the places he touched had gone black and blue...
the view between villages // a stranger things choose-your-own-adventure by liminal_faces
the view between villages // a str...by ☆ Rachel ★
Armed with nothing but a GED and a small sum of inheritance money, you move to Hawkins, Indiana in March 1985 for a fresh start. It is not your first choice in new place...