[SasuXSaku] Tightrope

[SasuXSaku] Tightrope

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SnowRabbit By SnowRabbit Completed

Two years after the 4th Nin war, all of them struggle to get their lives back to normal. 

Sakura is now a Jounin, and a successful medic, a fine kunoichi among her generation.

Sasuke is still a missing nin. And branded as S-Class criminal. All the 5 nation wants his head. His one goal was served, to kill Itachi. Another two was on his mind: destroy Konoha and re-establish his clan.

They met two years after the war. He was still an avenger. She still can't give up on him. Their fate entwined after that fateful night. Would Sakura tell him of the consequence of that memorable night? Or would it be too late for Sasuke? 

Sasuke and Sakura /almostcanon
Chapters: 36
Words: 194k+
Ratings: M+
Published: June 2012, finished Nov 10, 2014
Status: Complete

Best Author: NarutoWattyAwards Summer 2014!
1st place, Sasuke Uchiha Category: Naruto Wattys 2015!

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NarutoLyfe NarutoLyfe Jul 01, 2017
welcome sasuke I don't recall sakura inviting u in, but still "welcome"   
                              *fake smiles* good to see u 😬
Is obsidian and onyx the same cause I’m too lazy to search on google
I'm alone in my house with all the lights off, while my dad is on a date, and this scared the living shït out of me
_rENz_ _rENz_ Aug 02, 2016
Read it twice and I'm planning on reading it again... Hahahaha
Nichiirawberry Nichiirawberry Aug 02, 2016
This is my third time reading your whole story. I just love it so much. Yay me!
somerandompotatoe somerandompotatoe May 12, 2015
soooo he/she saw her naked .......LOL ok then creepy stuff right there