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All About Abhira by Fan_Fiction005
All About Abhiraby ~R~
❤️Abhira Fanfiction | Akshara x Abhimanyu ❤️Status: Completed ❤️ Check out All About Abhira | Vol. 2 for more stories ❤ 1 in #aksharabirla (as on 19/11/22) 2 i...
Abhira - Collection Of One Shorts by firewings_diya
Abhira - Collection Of One Shortsby Diya
Hey all this is a ts that I have wrote on current track of yrkkh :)
Abhira : Khushiyan...💞 (Completed) by love_cutie_shay
Abhira : Khushiyan...💞 (Completed)by love_cutie_shay
This will start admist the neirohi wedding track This will have no 1 year separation drama. It will be on Abhira pregnancy track. Here Papa birla will not be negative. I...
Distance  ✧・゚⁀➷ ABHIRA by dearsins
Distance ✧・゚⁀➷ ABHIRAby jasmine
─── oneshots on the current track (3.0) •*⁀➷ some os might be set in past or au
All About Abhira | Vol. 2 by Fan_Fiction005
All About Abhira | Vol. 2by ~R~
❤️Stories inspired by Yrkkh Generation 3. Show-based or independent tracks on Abhira ❤️Abhira Fanfiction | Akshara x Abhimanyu ❤️Status: Ongoing ❤️Check out All Abou...
Time changes everything- a tale on abhigya by buddingsweety
Time changes everything- a tale on...by buddingsweety
She is a professor..she respects elders a lot..hates people with attitude..he is a stubborn and arrogant businessman..his family means everything to him..fate brings the...
Her Companion by essayist_
Her Companionby Stary Diary
A story with slightly different storyline than YRKKH... Akshara Goenka and Abhimanyu Birla both are succesful in their career but, A strom hits and Akshara leaved her p...
Abhira : Short Stories by I_love_cuddly_bear
Abhira : Short Storiesby Naina
Short Story on 1. Manjiri's Accident. 2. Akshara and Aarohi. 3. Akshara's Past. 4. Abhira's After Marriage 5. Changes in Harshvardhan after...
Tales of Abhi and Akshu 😍 by Niki98765
Tales of Abhi and Akshu 😍by Nikita Kandoi
These are short stories on Abhira These will contain some cliche romantic stories.
ABHIGYA FF ANGEL IN MY LIFE 💑 by subagokul118
Rewriting of kumkumbhagya story from the beginning... To know more peep in ...
This story starts from the today episode when Kairav hold Akshra's hand and said her to let's go
PAYBACK TIME(Slow Updates) by ChloeRowle
PAYBACK TIME(Slow Updates)by Chloe Rowle
I Love You Pragya'' He said. Tears clouded his vision. ''Love is something very special. It is shared between two souls. You have not tainted our love but you have comp...
Abhira - Short Stories by Happy_Soul__03
Abhira - Short Storiesby Happy_Soul__03
Started On May 3 ,2022 Status : Ongoing About . Abhira off tracks stories * Viraha (completed) * Akshu's Accident (completed) * Chotu Sherni (OS) (completed) * Post...
A happy phase by Yrkkh_writings
A happy phaseby Yrkkh_writings
The goenkas and Birlas get ready for Akshu's godhbharai. This chapter will be continued till where Akshu gives birth to a beautiful baby.
Our marriage ( Abhira) by Elena_satur
Our marriage ( Abhira)by Elena_satur
this is a story about abira' s married life This is my first Abhira story Some *Mature* parts are present
ABHIRA- ONE SHOT by kruti_01
ABHIRA- ONE SHOTby kruti.d
COMPLETE A closure story on the current track of yrkkh. I couldn't help myself. I am frustrated with the makers for degrading Abhira's love, their moments, their chara...
Abhira Family (One Shots) by sakshikhera4581
Abhira Family (One Shots)by SAKSHI KHERA
These are one shots of the Abhira family. Not related to the original story. They are just my imagination for entertainment purposes.
Abhira 3.0 - Healing by Grish0324
Abhira 3.0 - Healingby GPM
Hello, this will be short stories/scenes I wanted for Abhira post leap.
Tum Ho Pass Mere ( An Abhira FF )  by Moranlovefanfiction
Tum Ho Pass Mere ( An Abhira FF ) by Janvi Pamwani
This story starts when Akshu finally said her feelings for Abhi at temple then Aarohi comes .................. Aage story padhenge toh samjh aayega na ese hi puri story...
Abhira 3.0: Finding My Way Back To You by Blossoms_in_Spring
Abhira 3.0: Finding My Way Back To...by Blossoms_in_Spring
Abhimanyu and Akshara. Two broken souls.What happens when they meet again after 6 years.Both are totally different persons. Let's see what happens when they meet? Will t...