Contemplation (Anime fanfiction: Sasusaku)

Contemplation (Anime fanfiction: Sasusaku)

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When the war had come to an end, rumors spread that Uchiha Sasuke was dead.

Three years had passed since the war was ceased, Tsunade received a letter from the Fourth Raikage. He asked permission from Tsunade to let his strongest and wealthiest subordinate marry Haruno Sakura for stronger ties of two powerful countries and for Sakura to belong in one of the most prestigious clan in Kumogakure. Also for her to have a better future.

Sakura accepted the offer for her village and since her loved one died, she had no one by her side. However, Tsunade gave her three months to decide.

What happens if a certain incident will occur? Will she change her final decision? Will she choose to fall in love or fall out of love? Take the risks or let go?

>>By @Kikaraaa<<

~NarutoWattys Early 2015: 2nd Place Winner at the Category 'Love Story'~

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Brunettes_Mess Brunettes_Mess Sep 08, 2017
JustAnotherDotty JustAnotherDotty Sep 22, 2017
I'll make sure to put some tomatoes at his graveya- oh wait.. HE DOESNT HAVE ONE
crossg_ftail1122 crossg_ftail1122 May 03, 2017
Heh😂 i bet he never expected he would be under Naruto😂
DatBoiBeRollin DatBoiBeRollin Oct 12, 2016
Who wouldn't choose the pineapple as there tactician? I know I would I mean, he's a genius
iliee_ iliee_ Dec 20, 2016
You know.. when I watch the anime I thought every single of naruto's friends surpassed the qualification to be hokage😂😂😂