The Water Girl's Secrets

The Water Girl's Secrets

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TRenee Rodriguez By TRenee_Rodriguez Updated Jun 08

Once upon a time, a beautiful sentiment for a beautiful princess, too bad she's busy blowing coke and partying. 

After breaking all the rules one too many times, Mina, finds herself ripped away from her fairy tail life and into a beat up public high school that's hundreds of miles away from the kingdom she is set to rule once she becomes of age. In a last chance effort she will be put to work as the football team's new team manager under the guidance of her father's childhood best friend. When the preacher's son joins the picture and complicates everything Mina must keep her cool demeanor while also hiding her secret from the hunky hometown hero. 

What will be harder: keeping her secrets under wraps or raining in the football star's wondering heart? 


From the corner of my eye I see Kolby roll his eyes. He leans in, "Thats one of the reasons I chose to sit next to you." his whisper sends a chill up my spine, "That and you're always the prettiest girl in the church." Kolby always makes my Sunday best even better. 

I keep the ends of my mouth from giving away too much as a whisper back, "Better watch yourself, hick." I point upwards, "Marry had her eyes on you." 

"Her and half this town." he says. 

"Doesn't that worry you?" I ask causing his face to soften. 

"You know what?" he says, "When I see you, none of them matters. Nothing matters." his breath feels like a soft tickle on my neck while his words hit me like a nine-ton sack of bricks.

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