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Daddy's Little Girl by Cendrillon1996
Daddy's Little Girlby Cinderella
Neko's can be costume made for you, using science and some magic, but of course it will cost you. Mila is made for a royalty, she's a little girl at heart that need her...
God's Beautiful Mistake  by shalha03
God's Beautiful Mistake by shalha03
"Tell me something Azron." Lucifer said as he walked closer to the dangerous Demon. Azron turned so now he was facing his creator, the same one that's scared...
D.A.D.D.Y. Fucks Amanda by Tanya7497
D.A.D.D.Y. Fucks Amandaby Tanya
Compilation of short stories. DoM Daddy. DDLG. 18+. <<TRIGGER WARNING. R+ CONTENT>>
When I Say So by iamafrie
When I Say Soby iamafrie
I start to finger myself. I cover my mouth up with my hand to prevent me from moaning. I'm two minutes in and I can feel myself starting to cum. Then I let out a high pi...
Beautiful Harmony[[1]] by pleasefanceeme
Beautiful Harmony[[1]]by ON HIATUS
His love for music lay within the melody of it. How beats could blend, strings could bend, surfaces could move, and create something that will stick with you for a lifet...
'I still love you' Bughead fanfic  by Bughead3321
'I still love you' Bughead fanfic by Bughead
Betty and Jughead used to be high school sweethearts until Jughead left Betty high and dry. Betty has a big secret that she couldn't keep from Jughead so she left Riverd...
Hot Summer Sex  |18+| Pt2  by LaBeachBabe02
Hot Summer Sex |18+| Pt2 by LaBeachBabe
Some sex stories to enjoy 💧 Kinky, sex stories of all kinds 😍 One shots 🥵 Regular updates! Pick whatever chapter you wish, stand alone stories 🍆 Sex sex and more s...
Pretty princess (ddlg) by b_johns_
Pretty princess (ddlg)by Brianna_johns
"Do you want daddy to be jealous all day while watching boys gawk over your gorgeous body? Getting hard in there pants when I'm the only one that is allowed be hard...
Masters Little One by lolliopo564
Masters Little Oneby Alex ❤️
"Little one?" "Yes Master?" she says biting her lip. "Come here." He pats his lap. She crawls over and sits in his lap. He bounces her ligh...
Gang Leader's Babygirl by thelittlebabykitten
Gang Leader's Babygirlby Lexi Spirit
Amelia was his lucky charm, the one person that resuscitates him, the one that makes him think about his actions. He is tainted and broken. He is cold hearted, painfully...
DADDY ONE SHOTS by stargrace26
Alot of mature content!! Short exotica's to fulfill your late night desires.
Kidnapped by girly_pineapple
Kidnappedby girly_pineapple
S-sorry sir," I say "Watch where you're going next time princess," he says winking before leaving Jenna was at a club and dancing. On her way out she bump...
My Little Girl 💕 by mel_berries
My Little Girl 💕by mel_berries
Faith, A four year old girl who had a terrible past and was sent to an orphange for the past 5 months. Zander, A billonaire who owns hotels around the world. A very joy...
Ours by Cendrillon1996
Oursby Cinderella
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. The pack We all share the same loss, we all know what we want. Fate has been cruel. But now we got a second chance. She'll be...
Daddy's Home (KNJ au) by BadBusanBxtchesOnly
Daddy's Home (KNJ au)by Momma⁷𖧵
"Let me be the dilf you were talking about in your sleep." ©BadBusanBxtchesOnly 2019 Cover by @tothasky HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in #rapmon 💚🐨🔥 #1 in #dilf 💚🐨 ...
Daddy's girl by gorgeouz_spice
Daddy's girlby gorgeouz_spice
He came back into my life why does he want anything to do with my mother and me, why was my mother desperate to rid of me and give me to him, he may be my father but he...
Saved By Daddy by kennedyandrol
Saved By Daddyby kennedyandrol
Josephine's life was always filled with ups and downs.Her parents left her in the foster care system the day she turned 9.She's currently 18 and can't wait to be release...
Kidnapped By Him by ncchick89
Kidnapped By Himby Problematic
Brooklyn was not your typical girl. She had her whole life pretty much planned out for her that was until she met Deane or as she calls him Daddy. See Brooklyn is a li...
Daddy's girl by kimthorne101
Daddy's girlby kimthorne101
Isabell is a little who loves having her own way, while Luke is a man who doesn't take no for an answer... When issy's dad has to travel away for work issy has to have s...