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Bite {Niall Centric}

Bite {Niall Centric}

70.7K Reads 5K Votes 28 Part Story
Where's the food? By Foodislife2001 Updated Jan 12

The zombie apocalypse, everyone's worst nightmare, had become a reality. However, Niall had bigger things on his plate: his braces should have been taken off four months ago!

Okay, there were actually other more life threatening things to worry about - like zombies, cannibals, mutants, and most importantly, four boys - but focusing on braces sounded much better to Niall.

  • apocalypse
  • blood
  • boyxboy
  • gore
  • narry
  • niallcentric
  • niam
  • nouis
  • violence
  • ziall
  • zombie