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The Dragon Princesses by Maryann_Torres
The Dragon Princessesby -Blank-
Ever since Lissana came back, Lucy, Juvia and Wendy have been ignored. Thier guild mates started abusing them. The only ones that don't ignore nor hurt the three are Lev...
  • fairytail
  • levy
  • ocs
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Mating Season (Mostly Chendy, Erlu, Canajane) by WolfTamer13
Mating Season (Mostly Chendy, Erlu...by WolfTamer13
I know that everyone does it, but I'd like to think mine's a bit different. Updates once a day (used to before I finished it that is), has good grammar, and long chapter...
  • mirajane
  • natsudragneel
  • wendy
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oneshots || bts x rv by bbyogurt
oneshots || bts x rvby yogurt
requests are [CLOSED] btsvelvet oneshots • a book for every bangtanvelvet fan! reveluv and army are forever welcome. this book contains different ships from the members...
  • joohyun
  • yoongi
  • bts
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Pan and Wendy by ForeverA_FanGirl
Pan and Wendyby Fangirling since 02!
Based on the Once Upon A Time Peter Pan and Wendy Pan is one of the most EVIL souls. Wendy is one of his prisoners. He tells her what to do and how to do it. But somethi...
  • lost
  • pandy
  • darlingpan
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Belonging to Two  by aPieceOfGranite
Belonging to Two by JustNiamh
Wendy lived a comfortable life. She was nearly finished college and was still living at home with her mother, At her best friends' wedding, she locks eyes with two men...
  • xavier
  • powerful
  • bxgxb
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WORKPLACE + btsvelvet by taekee
WORKPLACE + btsvelvetby 태기
❝ Trouble doesn't find us, we look for it. ❞ A day in the life of a worker at NEX broadcasting network isn't as boring as one would think. Different jobs. Different...
  • romance
  • namjoon
  • jungkook
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HOME [JenLisa] by iJvne_
HOME [JenLisa]by lalisa 🤙
"The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To get married with someone who's practically a stranger to me was already an absurd concept. But having a child...
  • twice
  • wendy
  • chaelisa
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Vjoy-Our Little Secret  by Btsvelvet98
Vjoy-Our Little Secret by Btsvelvet 98
He thinks that she's got the brightest smile in this world. She feels he is the person she's happiest with. But in their world of fame and stardom will they always be...
  • vjoy
  • wendy
  • exovelvet
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Imagines•GG by Jichicken
Imagines•GGby 🕯
•PLEASE READ REQUEST CHAPTER BEFORE SUBMITTING A REQUEST• BlackPink/Red Velvet/Twice/(G)I-DLE/Itzy Fem!reader Au/irl/preferences/imagines - Warning(s): 🏳️‍🌈 and some...
  • itzy
  • g-idle
  • jeongyeon
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Stolen looks by secretspeedial
Stolen looksby secretspeedial
Wenrene red velvet fan fiction. *completed* Irene had always seemed odd to Wendy, but when they moved in together, stuff got worse. *im also not sure if im confident eno...
  • redvelvet
  • wendy
  • fanfiction
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The Secret Love (Natsu x Oc fanfiction) by EbbZilla
The Secret Love (Natsu x Oc fanfic...by EbbZilla
Natsu has been best friends with Ayumi Smith ever sense Igneel left him. The feelings soon transformed to something more and they've been keeping their relationship a se...
  • married
  • naluisstillthebest
  • natsu
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Returning To Neverland by straight_up_geek_
Returning To Neverlandby 👑Emma👑
So...I watched Peter Pan: Return To Neverland, and I ship Wendy's daughter, Jane, with Peter Pan. So, here it is... Due to a horrible accident, Jane has no choice to but...
  • love
  • london
  • adventure
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Cipher's Son {ON HOLD} by NjDc7809
Cipher's Son {ON HOLD}by Sarah Kat
Bill finds his long lost son. But what if he discovers that his son is his enemy? Ford protects him and keep him out of harm, but what if the son finds out he is a demon...
  • dipper
  • revgideonxmabel
  • mabel
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Always Be Mine by caBAEgee
Always Be Mineby Joohyunie
A student council president, a very workaholic student, fell in love with the charismatic bear of the campus. One thing she didn't know, all this time, that charismatic...
  • irene
  • seulgi
  • bxb
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South Park Oneshots by TamingStrange
South Park Oneshotsby I love South Park
Hey guys! This is my South Park book! I do x readers or of ships I like from the show! I do oneshots, maybe twoshots but not usually. You're welcome to leave ANY request...
  • superbestfriends
  • stanxkyle
  • kyman
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The Dragon Ninja by big_phat_uwu
The Dragon Ninjaby Mele✨
Sapphire Lovelock was the 5th dragon slayer at the famous Fairy Tail guild in Magnolia. Her team, Team Natsu, were going on a new mission, but something was strange abou...
  • fanfiction
  • crossover
  • lisanna
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|Trust No One| (Dipper Pines X Reader) by losersquadunite
|Trust No One| (Dipper Pines X Rea...by LoserSquadUnite
_________________________________________ "Maybe if you hadn't been such a little Jerk throughout the year I wouldn't feel the need to send you away during the Summ...
  • grunklestan
  • wendycordory
  • soos
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Kidnapped and Tickled by ticklingstories_
Kidnapped and Tickledby Akiara✨
Wendy decided to have a little walk around The park alone, little did she know that someone's following her.
  • wendy
  • tickle
  • kidnap
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Ephemera | Mark Lee by jaemyths
Ephemera | Mark Leeby 𝑥𝑜, 𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑒♡
- what if one day, you'll wake up, without me by your side? » NCT Mark Fanfiction. » Date started: 181217 » Date finished: 190201
  • nctzen
  • leeminhyung
  • nctu
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peek a boo, rv by stanirenes
peek a boo, rvby stan red velvet.
five deceitful and attractive girls make an attempt to kill the pizza delivery boy.
  • seulgi
  • joy
  • ff
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