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Snowfall - A Fairytail Fanfic by PokePrism14
Snowfall - A Fairytail Fanficby PokePrism14
Gajeel is assigned to spy on Raventail for Master Makarov when he finds Ivan's little secret. Ivan's daughter, Maylene Dreyar, and poor Maylene is afraid of everything...
Hero (Laxus x Reader) by fairyxtails
Hero (Laxus x Reader)by ♡
{Completed} Laxus has always been your first love, he is the one that saved you after all. You've been dating for 8 years but your relationship has been on the rocks and...
The Brightest Spark( Fairy Tail/Laxus Love Story)  by Busy_Sleeper
The Brightest Spark( Fairy Tail/ Busy_Sleeper
After his banishment from his guild, Laxus meets a strange little girl in the forest. When he finds that she is a dragon slayer as well he takes her under his wing. But...
Mate of the Lightning Dragon Slayer by Iliketowatchanime
Mate of the Lightning Dragon Slayerby BrownEyedBambie
Estelle Heartfilia, forgotten by her blood relatives after being sent to the Bureau of Magical Development in order to help her due to the overwhelming magic that was in...
Fairy Tail : One Shots by qveen_catherine
Fairy Tail : One Shotsby qveen_catherine
✧˖*°࿐ тнιѕ вooĸ ιѕ a ѕaғe place ғor yoυ тo read or reqυeѕт anyтнιng ғor yoυr ғavorιтe cнaracтerѕ oғ ғaιry тaιl. ✧˖*°࿐ ι donт own anyтнιng ιn тнιѕ вooĸ oтнer тнan мy ιnѕp...
Chained Together (Laxus x Natsu) by GeekyWolf101
Chained Together (Laxus x Natsu)by F A N D O M S
What happens if a little mishap of magic infused neko ears and tail get onto Natsu, as result of Happy's pay back. Natsu could have removed them at anytime, however, the...
Fairytail: A Fallen Angel by xoxGoose07xox
Fairytail: A Fallen Angelby Goose
Flora Evergreen is the definition of Innocence. She is a girl who joined Fairytail in the 7 year gap. Over that time she became important to the guild. But the Tendru te...
Freed's Little Sister by Iliketowatchanime
Freed's Little Sisterby BrownEyedBambie
Freed doesn't talk about where he came from, or about his family, not even the fact that he has a little sister, well, an adopted little sister. He wasn't very fond of h...
My Sunshine by AmethystStar19
My Sunshineby Violeta
Juneaux Dreyar, the youngest of the Dreyar siblings, has finally woken up from her 7 year slumber. While she slept the world she knew had changed, but there was one thin...
Fairy Tail | Imagines and Smut | by ScarletWrites-Too
Fairy Tail | Imagines and Smut |by ScarletWrites-Too
Including all you're favorite member of Fairy Tail, and the Unforgettable Saber Tooth. Viewer Discretion Advised Some (most) Chapters May Contain Sexual Themes
𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗢𝘂𝗿 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗔𝗹𝗶𝗴𝗻? ☆ 𝗔 𝗟.𝗛. 𝗛𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗺 by -fictophilic
𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗢𝘂𝗿 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗔𝗹𝗶� 𝗳 𝗶 𝗰 𝘁 𝗼 𝗽 𝗵 𝗶 𝗹 𝗶...
Sparks•Natsu Dragneel x Reader by slipquiziq
Sparks•Natsu Dragneel x Readerby slipquiz
Natsu Dragneel was the best friend of (Y/N) Dreyar. The two of them have been together through thick and thin. Even together when Erza had to become Natsu's teacher when...
The Heaven God Slayer by itswilsie
The Heaven God Slayerby wilsie
Meet Stella Eucliffe, ex-member of the guild Sabertooth and now an independent S-Class mage. What could possibly go wrong when she walks into the guild hall of Fairy Ta...
Sparks Fly - Laxus Dreyar  by ifrit_7
Sparks Fly - Laxus Dreyar by boku or kuroo?
Aria Crowne showed up at Fairy Tail close to two years before Lucy Heartfilia, but always seemed to conveniently be out on jobs when Laxus Dreyar was around the guild. W...
Purple runes in my memories by Veikari
Purple runes in my memoriesby Veikari
Frufus here (Freed Justine x Rufus Lore) While Freed is on a solo mission he is attacked by a mage hunter. Luckily there is a certain memory mage near to help him. But w...
Water's Light Book 2 (Sting x Reader) by fairyxtails
Water's Light Book 2 (Sting x ♡
{Completed} Now that you and Sting are Fiore's Hottest Couple you feel on top of the world! But danger still lurks, the battle of Tartaros begins and your true self has...
The Dragoness (fairy tail various x oc) by SlytherinQueen080605
The Dragoness (fairy tail Millie and William
4 years after the tenrou team disappeared, a girl showed up on Fairy Tails door step with her companion an exceed. She was powerful and gorgeous. 3 years after joining t...
Fairytail Fanfic: She's Back (Laxus x OC ) by smolxfina
Fairytail Fanfic: She's Back ( Rue
What happens when his crush is back to the guild? Will he confess to her or let someone steal her away from him? Is it too late for him? A/n: My first anime story so pl...
fairytails sakura by emmavines
fairytails sakuraby emmavines
(laxus x oc) julianna sakura grew up in fairtail her magic like no others. She was a one of a kind magic user she used the power of the sakura cherry blossoms. What hap...