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New Life at South Park High: Craig Tucker x Reader by sarcastic_penguin_77
New Life at South Park High: sarcastic_penguin_77
Hello my little penguins, this is my very first fanfiction, and it's a Craig Tucker x Reader. Basically, the reader is new to South Park High, and she has a rude awakeni...
Bite Me [Creek Love Story] by Cyanide_Suicide
Bite Me [Creek Love Story]by Zinc
"You mean Tweek? He's annoying," it was a lie, I could never think of Tweek as annoying, but at the time I just wanted to be accepted as a decent human being...
Wrong Number || Creek  by UnironicallyDabs
Wrong Number || Creek by The Impostor
An unknown number and a few messages later = true love... There seems to be a few steps missing but we will get there, read the story to find out TOP RANKINGS: 1# Creek...
Anonymous (Smii7y x reader) by Rora_hope
Anonymous (Smii7y x reader)by Rora
Y/N is a gaming YouTuber. She's a drifter, meaning she goes between the misfits and the Vanoss crew. Although most of her videos are her and her two best friends, Smii7y...
Whatever Happens |Kyman • Stenny • Creek| by ashleyplier
Whatever Happens |Kyman • Stenny • Ashleyplier
Abused!Depressed!Kyle x Cartman • Kenny x Stan • Craig x Tweek **TRIGGER WARNING: CURSING AND EXPLICIT CONTENT** Kyle came out as gay during the eighth grade. Since his...
Creek by sava16
Creekby sava16
This will be mainly a collection of creek photos and maybe some comics. For those who enjoy the cuteness that is Craig and Tweek, but don't feel like reading a full stor...
Vanoss and friends x reader. (A book of one shots and imagines)  by Queen_trashy_fandom
Vanoss and friends x reader. (A Jerky urky
Just a stupid little book full of imagines and one shots, cause let's be honest we all wondered what it would be like to know the gang! So I thought why not make this...
They're Definitely Dating (COMPLETED) (South Park) {CraigxTweek} by Blazedarkness
They're Definitely Dating ( Blaze
Craig and Tweek hate each other. Following the first fight, came more. They fought so much, an intervention was held at some point. While they may hate each other, they...
South Park (x Reader) by KaybearD17
South Park (x Reader)by FanFiction Central
South Park x Reader inserts Requests can be made through the a/n page "hello!" or a simple inbox message! Requests are currently: on hold bc I lost all of the...
Between Kenny x Craig - A threeway (South Park FanFiction) by girlwhoknowsstuff
Between Kenny x Craig - A Andreea C-137
WARNING: Sexual content. She moves in with two hot, gay guys. Is it going to be awkward or sexy? Both. Yes, it's going to have Kenny x Craig yaoi. Don't be a homophobe.
La última canción [Crenny] by JamiSometimes
La última canción [Crenny]by MrsHunter
Él era tan resplandeciente. Quizá hasta los mismos girasoles sentían envidia. Sin embargo, solo tú eres feliz, ¿Verdad? No puedo permitirlo. Quiero romperte. Violentam...
Gคץ S๏ยtђ Pคгк S๓ยt St๏гเєร. 👄🍭 by laneyy-
Gคץ S๏ยtђ Pคгк S๓ยt St๏гเєร. 👄🍭by ♡ - Laney - ♡
Sσυтн Pαяк Sмυт Sтσяιєѕ. 👅 I'м αи αвѕσℓυтє ѕυ¢кєя ωнєи ιт ¢σмєѕ ∂σωи тσ ƒαитαѕу. 😍 I αℓѕσ α∂∂є∂ ℓєѕвιαи ѕмυт , ѕσ єиנσу ! 😁 Sσяяу ιƒ уσυ тнιик тнєу ѕυ¢к. 😩💔
Dream Daddy Father Scenarios by greenvains
Dream Daddy Father Scenariosby Slushie
What if the characters from Dream Daddy was your parents???? Find out now!!!
Kenny x reader; Broken Boys  by Bum_xx
Kenny x reader; Broken Boys by Jintao Jun
You've moved towns along with schools and a certain blonde boy caught your eye. You're a wild child and meeting someone to keep up with your adrenaline is something your...
South park x Reader by Blacky_Heaven
South park x Readerby Blacky
Story closed MoThErFuCeRs. :o)
The Bet by sideney
The Betby Distinguishedrunawaymiracle
So maybe Craig wasn't thinking when he said he could get anyone he wanted. That doesn't mean he's not going to follow through though. His mission is simple, get Tweek Tw...
What's your problem? (Kyle x reader) by notelesswriter
What's your problem? (Kyle x Noteless
You just moved into a new town called South Park to start a new life with new friends and to try to forget about you- Wait. Who's that boy with gorgeous green eyes? 2:nd...
South Park do r/cursedcomments  by hollywoodundeadfan3
South Park do r/cursedcomments by hollywoodundeadfan3
The South Park group do r/cursedcomments
Tweek X Craig by sideney
Tweek X Craigby Distinguishedrunawaymiracle
Tweek is scared of many things. However above all he is scared of his best friend not returning his feeling and rejecting him. Thank God he doesn't know... until certain...