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Strangers [KimChay AU] by ohmysatur
Strangers [KimChay AU]by ohmysatur
Porchay left Kim at their hotel room after a drunken one night stand. No name & phone number written on a sticky note at the bedside table. Not until a kid who looks exa...
Pretty Boy •Kim x Macau• by MilkyReading
Pretty Boy •Kim x Macau•by MilkyWattpad
#MacauKim #KimMacau "We meet again pretty boy" "Stop calling me that" "Why? Its cute for someone with a pretty face , pretty boy" "Wel...
Besties in trouble by little_bl_addict
Besties in troubleby little_bl_addict
Sky and Rain, two best friends, are dating the youngest members of the Theerapanyakul family not knowing what is in store for them. Sky and Rain meet their family in law...
The Black Petals ( Kinnporsche Fan fiction)  by busyreading_00
The Black Petals ( Kinnporsche Laura Clover
Takes Place after Ep 14 Everything is settled now Kinn and Porsche are in established relationship Then why is he still throwing petals at midnight 3 am?
His Unwanted Omega (Completed ) by paruarshi
His Unwanted Omega (Completed )by paruarshi
This is the #Kinnporsche version of my #MewgulfAu His unwanted omega. This story is specially dedicated to my cousin who is a diehard fan of #kinnporsche @chithira-siv...
Scar behind his smile - (Vegaspete) by limerush
Scar behind his smile - (Vegaspete)by limerush
What if instead of Porsche , Vegas was attracted to Pete from the start . But things won't go easy for Vegas because someone else is also interested in Pete. Someone who...
Love So Life by KillerRain
Love So Lifeby I hate mornings
What if Kinn and Vegas actually got a long and Kim never left the main house and actually grew up with his brothers and cousins? What if Porsche and Porchay won the lott...
Porsche's love  by Sky7285
Porsche's love by Sky
They hated Porsche, he was left alone. Now they want him back but he gave up on them. He doesn't wanna look at them. They accused him cheating. May contain mature conte...
Happiness - MileApo ✔️ by rahaaai
Happiness - MileApo ✔️by rahaaai
To achieve Happiness, there is a lot of pain to face. Will that Happiness come your way? or Will that Happiness go away?
Haunting Silence/Kinnporsche Series by busyreading_00
Haunting Silence/Kinnporsche Seriesby Laura Clover
And suddenly his silence made us realise, how much we need him A Kinnporsche Series Fan fiction
Mistakes  by AisshhhNo
Mistakes by AisshhhNo
Kinn cheated on Porsche and this story is the aftermath.
Yin & Yang (KinnxVegas) [Completed] by laydeeshannon
Yin & Yang (KinnxVegas) [Completed]by laydeeshannon
The yin yang, an ancient symbol of harmony and balance, challenges the conventional association of light with good and darkness with evil. Just like that, we have 2 of t...
Rain and rainbow  by domieon
Rain and rainbow by weilanyuan
what if p'phayu hurt rain? what if sky ignore him? how will rain move on? who will be rain's saviour?the one that comes with the promise of forever ,will that person giv...
PLAYING WITH FIRE  by taynew_bounprem_4321
Read the prologue and decide whether to continue or not I really think you will like the story. Payu and parapai love rain and sky so much.. a mistake changed their l...
nong turned into a baby overnight!!???? by BND__ZB1_
nong turned into a baby BND__ZB1_
macau and chay magically turned into a baby overnight and now vegas has to take care of them the catch?? this happened when pete was on a trip with tankhun, Porsche an...
Loved And Safe by aqua_lan
Loved And Safeby ᵛᵃⁿᵉˢˢᵃ
A fanfiction on Kinn & Porsche adopting a child...
KinnPorsche at Hogwarts by Bitacrytic
KinnPorsche at Hogwartsby Bita
Join the lovely cast of KinnPorsche as they navigate friendships, magical mishaps and the world of love and disappointment, at Hogwarts School of Wizardry ____ All the c...
MY ONLY ONE ♡ by tkbbb02512
MY ONLY ONE ♡by tkbbb
Lost Gift by RithuThara
Lost Giftby
What if Kinn couldn't treasure the Gift he received from heaven... This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events and incidents are the products of the...
Wave - TimeTay fanfiction by iameeo
Wave - TimeTay fanfictionby Nam__13
Time hurt Tay and this time Tay doesn't want to stay around, but after he left Time couldn't stop missing him and what will he do when he sees Tay a few months later and...