h y b r i d - by lovingyoubangtan
h y b r i d - p.jmby 🌧 bts trash 🌧
"you're my hybrid." in which a dominant girl falls in love with an innocent hybrid boy.
  • korea
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Mentiras y Verdades by Mirnachanz2
Mentiras y Verdadesby Mirnachanz2
Los personajes no son mio son de la magnifica Ayano Sensei. Es una historia que se desarrolla después del secuestro de Akihito por Sou. Si te digo una verdad después te...
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You're not alone  by andreaAndrea1526W82
You're not alone by andrea Andrea1526W82
Hey guys I wrote this for people that feel alone or feel like there's nobody out there to help them
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Yeet, Swaggersouls Fanfiction  by abiicon
Yeet, Swaggersouls Fanfiction by Connor
A simple story about you, an uprising British YouTuber, and Swagger, a 1mill+ American one. This is inspired by @TheCryingClouds story, check it out! 1000+ words per cha...
  • offensivejokes
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Stay with Me (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) | Book 2 by mercedeswisner
Stay with Me (A Cameron Dallas Mercedes Wisner
(Sequel to "You're Beautiful (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)") After six months of Madison and Cameron's love, more obstacles are to come, while there's a new he...
  • youre
  • revenge
  • fanfiction
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You'r My Weakness by Lattile
You'r My Weaknessby latifah morris
"C'mon, lets get you home." He stood up and helped me up. We walked to my car, but before we reached I stopped. "Well at least tell me what makes you wea...
  • humans
  • savers
  • vampires
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When You're Ready // SM by lifeeofknj
When You're Ready // SMby K
"What're you waiting for?" "Her to tell me she's ready."
  • story
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You're My New Step Brother?||H.S.(Italian Translation) by Valentinadxsoffic
You're My New Step Brother?||H.S.( Valentina (:
Mia rimase a bocca aperta quando vide quel viso così familiare entrare dalla porta dell'ingresso. Era Harry, il ragazzo per cui aveva una cotta da anni. Le piaceva il mo...
  • harrystyles
  • teen
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Amazing by NewtsLegacy
Amazingby NewtsLegacy
This where I'll put my inspirational pages, so they ain't in my books no more! XD YOU'RE AMAZING!
  • perfect
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Cancer Zodiac Signs by Jadesup
Cancer Zodiac Signsby Jeido Kawaii
If you are interested in the Cancer zodiac, then this is a good book for you. There is a lot of information about the horoscope, but that credit goes to someone else. En...
  • jeido
  • horoscope
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You're crying [ Akira Fudo x Reader ] [Devilman crybaby] Oneshot by hqhqhq333
You're crying [ Akira Fudo x TheBoredGirl
You and Akira Fudo have been friends for a while, but he has been keeping a dark secret from you. He became a devilman: a demon with a human heart. What happens to the t...
  • readerxcharacter
  • akirafudo
  • devilman
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Mi nuevo amanecer sin ti... by octubre9999
Mi nuevo amanecer sin octubre9999
Takaba Akihito ya no está más, o al menos eso cree Asami, el rebelde fotógrafo fallece en un lamentable accidente...Tres años después aparece en su vida Sarah Nakamura p...
  • amor
  • loveprize
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U R by buttercookies09
U Rby buttercookies09
Gadis itu termenung di halte bus yang sepi sembari menggenggam ponselnya, malam semakin sunyi dan dingin, namun ia terus terdiam menatap kosong ke jalan raya di depannya...
  • comedy
  • sadstory
  • lovestory
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The Thank You Book  by GraceIMagic
The Thank You Book by Grace Magic
This is a book where I thank the people who support me.
  • great
  • followers
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Natsuki X Reader (lewd possibly) by AL3SS3R3VIL
Natsuki X Reader (lewd possibly)by AL3SS3R3VIL
My first story :). Will try to update as much as possible. Please please please give me any feedback whatsoever. It will truely be an incredibly big help. Thanks and I h...
  • dokidokiliteratureclub
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  • tbh
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You're a work of art (Deidara x Reader)(Au!) by NiceAssTho_
You're a work of art (Deidara x I'm gay,Nice try
"Why are you trying to kill yourself." A silver like voice questioned as he watched a young (H/l) (H/c) haired girl standing on the ledge of the Kohona bridge...
  • highschool
  • youre
  • art
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Dead By Daylight : The huntress & y/n by LiLManiac203
Dead By Daylight : The LiLManiac203
So yeah. Been awhile and I'm sorry for that. To make it up to most of you who seen a bit of my stories (only 2 pages). I cannot promise I will make this story good or fi...
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Art book by Red-Candy
Art bookby P a I n
Mostly doodles and shit,
  • smile
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Tag You're It (Yandere!Human!Bill Cipher x Reader) AU by Bunnygirl413
Tag You're It (Yandere!Human! Bunnygirl413
An x Reader One shot based off of Melanie Martinez's song, Tag You're It (Not a songfic)
  • billcipher
  • yanderebill
  • oneshot
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