Commitment [Grimmjow X OC Story: Sequel to Wanted]

Commitment [Grimmjow X OC Story: Sequel to Wanted]

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Everything is done and over with. Aizen was in prison and the war was over. And they all lived happily ever after...

Is usually the end. But it's not the end here...

Prisoned in the human world, Grimmjow is back to his own selfish ways. The word "sex" isn't in the word "sexta" for nothing. He is a selfish, brute, rude, and greedy espada. But the man of destruction only wants one thing back... his woman.

Read Grimmjow's story as he has to learn to learn what it means to be with one person, and have a commitment.

Sequel to: Wanted

[A/N: "Commitment" is an old story, originally posted on Quizilla. I am slowly  moving all content from that website onto Wattpad. If you do recognize this story from Quizilla, then thank you for finding me again on Wattpad. If you do see this story posted anywhere else that is not Quizilla or Wattpad, or under the username of "Tepiiangel", you can gurantee someone copied the story from me.]

-- Bleach and all of Bleach's original characters including plot belong to Tite Kubo. Kagami's character and any additional characters not from the original manga or anime belongs to me.

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