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Coffee Shop Letters by ashleerenee17
Coffee Shop Lettersby ajbgd2016
When 20 year old Ava Parker finds a note address to her in the place she works, she's not sure what to think. Is it a joke? Is it an old man, or even a creep? What happe...
Bottom Dollar by rachksnaps
Bottom Dollarby Rachksnaps
A broke, straight-edged high schooler must fight her feelings for her new cocky admirer or risk being stuck in a dead-end town forever. ...
Divine Will  by Lila-K
Divine Will by Lila-K
'There's nothing worse than meeting the right person at the wrong time.' Rosie Williams, a married woman with two kids, meets a handsome doctor, Julian King, during a vi...
Royal Maid Of Honor by MiizDee
Royal Maid Of Honorby MiizDee
Highest ranking: #1- Engagement #1- Waiters #1- Maid of honour #1- Sad #2- Baby #2- Boss #2- Hitlist #2- Heartbreak #3- Marriage #3- Power #4- Happy #133- Romance J...
Awks. ✓ by awalkingwaffle
Awks. ✓by 리노
*** "*Sobs* I'm so happy to have a character that's exactly like me." - @TakenUsernameSoz. "This story is so normal that it's unique; a breath of fresh ai...
The Rented Husband (Southern Nights Series) by MercyRose
The Rented Husband (Southern Night...by Tara
Olivia Murray, a 29 year old successful attorney has had enough with her families intrusion on her personal love life. Mother, father and siblings included have all gon...
The Pact ✅  by JessicaMorel0
The Pact ✅ by Jess M.
Francesca and Leo made a pact in their senior year of high school. If neither was married by the age of thirty they would get married. The two had always been best frien...
perfect strangers- sam winchester x reader by sherlockianwrites
perfect strangers- sam winchester...by jenna lavender
you live a simply in a small town where you've spent your entire life. in a small town where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. that is, until the winchesters com...
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Stripper to the Billionaire by quiwn_kayla
Stripper to the Billionaireby Ice-cream-is-life
"Strip" he said looking me dead in the eyes. "What?" I asked bewildered "I hate repeating myself,do what you do best...strip" he repeated w...
Mafia Boss by zee776
Mafia Bossby zee776
"I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you weren't perfect and I loved you even more" _______________________________________________...
Love In Flight No. NY207 by PritieSen
Love In Flight No. NY207by Pritie Sen
Alexander Knights,24, sexy, charming,billionare but mean and cold hearted. He doesn't have emotions, he is as cold as ice. Emily Angelica Grace, 22, funny,sweet,loving...
Paper Parachute | Celebrity Romance  by SavSOS_
Paper Parachute | Celebrity Romanc...by Sav
Blake Everett, the frontman of the Platinum selling pop-rock band Paper Parachute, is headed straight for destruction. His life is falling apart around him and no one se...
Lie - K.th&J.jk by SakuraFlowah
Lie - K.th&J.jkby 静
Sometimes we just have to lie to protect ourselves... In this case, Jungkook has to lie about him not being an omega to protect himself from the Alphas and Betas. But w...
BAUtifully Broken ☑️ by Dragon_T9
BAUtifully Broken ☑️by Lia
"Look, Mr. Hotchner, Agent Hotchner, Hotch, my brother is dead, we've dealt with it already, I have a life, people I need to take care of, the last thing I need to...
My Arrogant Billionaire Boyfriend ✔ by nerdyniyah
My Arrogant Billionaire Boyfriend ✔by niyah
"I don't think you, because if you did, we'd be in my bedroom right now," I rolled my eyes but he kept going and I felt his lips against my ear. "In the h...
Happily Ever After by knitme2
Happily Ever Afterby elliejelly78
Layla Miller is a struggling mom/aunt, trying to manage taking care of her niece. Just as things start looking up for her, her niece, and two girls she adopted as her ow...
Broadway Characters One Shots by writingsbygrace
Broadway Characters One Shotsby grace
a whole bunch of one shots of your favorite broadway/musical theater characters! SEND REQUESTS!!**
Six Skeletons and The Waitress by ItsSwapPapyrus
Six Skeletons and The Waitressby Teutonic
A picture perfect family hides the fact that your life is filled with manipulation and abuse. When you move away after high school, you encounter more than one skeleton...
what's inside ▹ steve rogers by emmasnolan
what's inside ▹ steve rogersby erinie
❝you wanna know what's inside? i could tell you if i wasn't hiding my whole life is in here in this kitchen, baking what a mess i'm making❞ - sara bareilles in which a n...
Diner Gal | JatP Reggie Peters by is_it_a_meme_tho
Diner Gal | JatP Reggie Petersby Perry
"Okay, enjoy your time here." --- Julie and the Phantoms go to a musical diner for inspiration and hopefully a future gig but they end up meeting a very specia...