begin again [reus] by marcinhoe
begin again [reus]by aria reus ☀
"you be the moon I'll be the earth, and when we burst, we start over, oh darling, we begin again." sequel to settle down
  • borussia
  • settledown
  • soccer
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Erik Durm Imagines by piamiaxx
Erik Durm Imaginesby Rabiot
I've never seen Erik Durn imagine book on Wattpad so I've decided to collect all of them which I found on the Internet and put them here. WARNING!! All credits go to th...
  • durm
  • german
  • erikdurm
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I will never let you go - Marco Reus by mmcaracol
I will never let you go - Marco M.
Marta leads a quite successful career in marketing. She has great friends and a loving family. She is a happy girl living her life to the fullest. Well, there may be a g...
  • dortmund
  • bvb
  • love
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So it Goes : Erik Durm 🗸 by lexlexhex
So it Goes : Erik Durm 🗸by lex-eye ツ
She should have stayed in good ol' Toronto, but no, Stefanie Bauer thought that it would be best for her and her future career to move to Dortmund. What did she want to...
  • borussia
  • epl
  • football
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/sequel to naked
  • polandnt
  • romance
  • robertlewandowski
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Photograph » Footballers by -kroos
Photograph » Footballersby -
I don't take the photograph, I make it. Thank you @-nickrobinsons for the amazing cover :)
  • epl
  • ronaldo
  • kroos
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capsize || durm by wukasz
capsize || durmby nadezhda
erik, you dumb boy
  • germany
  • soccer
  • borussiadortmund
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football one shots by -kroos
football one shotsby -
football one shots Thank you @-nickrobinsons for the amazing cover :)
  • oneshots
  • imagines
  • shortstory
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Football Preferences by lewandowska97
Football Preferencesby lewandowska
I love reading preferences about my favourite footballers so I decided to 'write' (most of it will be pictures) preference story as well. Hope you like it! :) Updates ev...
  • barcelona
  • dortmund
  • realmadrid
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tumblr || reus by wukasz
tumblr || reusby nadezhda
two unlikely people meet each other through an unlikely website (this is the most cliché thing ever and i wrote it long ago pls don't read unless u want to)
  • germany
  • marcoreusfanfiction
  • icehockey
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Impact | Reus by neybemyneuer
Impact | Reusby Linnea
"Perhaps I miss your body against mine the most; the hugs, the kisses, the sex." [completed]
  • soccer
  • marcoreus
  • borussiadortmund
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type | reus by celestials-
type | reusby jay
in which marco reus falls head over heels in love with a woman whose skin is much darker than his. (completed)
  • football
  • hummels
  • reus
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Borussen Whatsapp Chat (2) *beendet* by DiaReus1909
Borussen Whatsapp Chat (2) * Alpha-Gürkchen
Die Fortsetzung des "Borussen Whatsapp Chat (1)" Ich hoffe ihr habt viel Spaß beim Lesen des Zweiten Teils, wie bei dem Ersten. -1. Teil: Borussen Whatsapp Cha...
  • weidenfeller
  • aubameyang
  • moleitner
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the flirt | m. reus by deutschIand
the flirt | m. reusby hi i'm diana
"I think he's into you.." "He's into getting into my pants, that's what it is"
  • deutschland
  • diemannschaft
  • dortmund
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ocean eyes || pulisic by wukasz
ocean eyes || pulisicby nadezhda
three miles or three hundred miles away, christian will always fall for her ocean eyes
  • bvb09
  • borussiadortmund
  • dfb
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together || marco reus by dortsmund
together || marco reusby dandelion
the fucked up love story of Emery Deiterman and Marco Reus //prequel and squeal of whisper//
  • dortmund
  • borussiadortmund
  • marcoreus
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sorted | durm ✓ by bentalebs
sorted | durm ✓by afiah
erik durm -- the dortmund boys got this. [social media book two]
  • romanbuerki
  • mariogoetze
  • socialmedia
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football preferences by puIisics
football preferencesby barça hoe
preferences of our favs ➹ r. lewandowski ➹ g. xhaka ➹ r. alcántara ➹ l. messi ➹ c. ronaldo ➹ m. reus ➹ s. ramos ➹ g. pique ➹ a. griezmann ➹ m. ö...
  • preferences
  • arsenal
  • barcelona
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amorphous - Roman Bürki by pierreuss
amorphous - Roman Bürkiby Pierreus
I pewnie myślisz, że świat to tylko materia, którą widzisz. Nie dostrzegasz tego, co ukrywa się gdzieś za Twoimi plecami. Ograniczasz się, myśląc, że niczego innego nie...
  • bvb
  • borussia
  • romanbuerki
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identity | reus + lewandowski by celestials-
identity | reus + lewandowskiby jay
dortmund, nazi germany; ww2. how did two nazi soldiers find themselves in love with a jew? (completed)
  • love
  • robertlewandowski
  • historicfiction
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