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Selected by JennKayy16
Selectedby JennKay
Perfection. That's what we strive for. It's what everybody strives for. We must be perfect. Selection will help us become perfect. In a world where the government select...
The True Utopia by TreeLouky
The True Utopiaby TreeLouky
A group of people found a novel that looks seemingly normal but in that book lies a disturbing secret and now they have to run from the organization that wants to kill t...
No Adults Allowed by SimonKJones
No Adults Allowedby Simon K Jones
The grown-ups are all gone and children rule the new world. Harry lives in a strange utopia: resources are plentiful, the climate has stabilised, there is peace. His vil...
The Time Traveler's Guide to Zootopia by The_Cheribim
The Time Traveler's Guide to Zooto...by Cheribim
A human soldier from a doomed futuristic civilization traverses through the fabrics of space and time to flee mankind's imminent extinction, only to stumble upon Zootopi...
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: The Numeron Emperor by JohnKohles
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: The Numeron Emperorby SkyHeart
What if someone from our world somehow teleported to Arc V? And what if their decks​ was a key to help save the Dimensions? Not the best description, but I tried. Self...
Zootopia: The Visitor by TheNerdyKid2552
Zootopia: The Visitorby The Nerdy Kid
Three months ago, the savage case was solved by the first accomplished rabbit police officer, Judy L. Hopps, and the former con-artist fox, Nicholas P. Wilde. Since then...
havoc. ― 𝘼𝙏𝙀𝙀𝙕 by rkddutkd
havoc. ― 𝘼𝙏𝙀𝙀𝙕by 𝐣𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐞.
[ completed. ] ❝ to break their system, you need to start from the inside. ❞ they're ready to wreak havoc. ©︎rkddutkd
Empire Ender [#SciFi] #7 - completed by AbbyBabble
Empire Ender [#SciFi] #7 - complet...by Abby Goldsmith
Ariock used to be an enslaved gladiator who ripped apart aliens for silent voyeurs. Thomas used to be a meek, underprivileged orphan in a group home for disabled childr...
HAVEN ✓ by kacyreadsbooks
HAVEN ✓by ⇸ k a c y ⇷
Sophie's future is planned out for her. Having just outgrown her studies and Job Placement in a few months, her path is straight and clear. But when her best friend is...
Break me down by 1discountidiot
Break me downby ✨— BOY BOSS — ✨
The world was split apart 50 years ago. In panic, some people decided to create a city on one of these peices of the planet. To control their people and keep them from f...
The Aspiration || Yungi ✔ by StayingMae
The Aspiration || Yungi ✔by ɱαε
In a world where everyone tries to survive you've got to be careful when it comes to selecting your company || Their only goal is to find the aspiration. "When they...
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The Twenty-Five Percent: Rayanna by smcochran5
The Twenty-Five Percent: Rayannaby smcochran5
I guess the most important question is, Who am I? Everyone deals with darkness in a different way, this is her story. After surviving alien experiments, Rayanna finds he...
My Marriage to the Lord of the Dead (M.M.L.D)[EDITING] by booksindalibrary
My Marriage to the Lord of the Dea...by HRH
Hades got me out of Algebra, which is a big deal. It does my head in. But, he kidnapped me and took me to the Underworld all because Persephone has faded away. And he's...
Tethered Twins by Blagman
Tethered Twinsby Mike Essex
A world filled with twins, tethered together in life and in death. When Emmie Keyes lives through every agonising moment of her brother's death she knows with certainty...
Terms & Conditions || Park Jung-gil [Tomorrow] by SopeOnIce
Terms & Conditions || Park Jung-gi...by Dilho
Sang Deiji, a kpop Idol is constantly bullied by her members for falling behind in learning their choreography, is destined in taking her own life; However, it backfires...
Montero by crumking
Monteroby Rashad Crum
Some call them rules, principles or truths that are unchanging, fixed and permanent. These rules cannot be altered or broken, but who says so? Montero
Zootopia: Into Madness (Slow updates) by TheRandomBoiz
Zootopia: Into Madness (Slow updat...by TheRansomBois
I've had a story idea for this for a while and I wanted to give it a try. This is my first story, so the writing may not be very good! A Madness Combat x Zootopia Fanfic...
2246: Polaris by addisonbwrites
2246: Polarisby addisonbwrites
When the Eclipse of Hyperion sends a shockwave through the galaxy, a rocket on course to its home world was knocked off course. 27 year-old Zayn entered hyper-sleep, a s...
INVU by liaselectriccucumber
INVUby liaselectriccucumber
In a world where class is specified by eye color. The most desirable eye color is known as dark brown and black. And grey is least desirable, in fact if you have it, yo...
What A Time To Be Alive by The_Comrade_Author
What A Time To Be Aliveby Владимир Калашников Стравинск...
💜 ON GOING 💜 In the bustling streets of Tondo, Manila, an ordinary day takes an extraordinary turn for one of our main characters when he becomes the victim of a muggi...