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The Awaken of The Demon Celestial Wizard by dhefaran
The Awaken of The Demon Celestial...by dhefaran
After a long journey of 100 years quest, Team Natsu went back to Magnolia to their guild Fairy Tail. But there was something wrong with Lucy, there's a great power that...
Lucy's Awakening by ScarletRose2844
Lucy's Awakeningby Ezera Hunter
After the GMGs and Tartarus things change a little Lucy has developed her powers and gotten a new key but Natsu sees her as weak.To make things more interesting Lucy bre...
The celestial princess  by Mayanater
The celestial princess by Mymy
Your the princess of the celestial world you can come and go as you like since you are the next ruler of the celestial world you have to decide to go to the human world...
Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being(Book-2) by Yi_Zan
Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial B...by Jewel
Myanmar Translation Genre: Adventure, Cultivation, Xianxia, BL ပါရမီရှင်အဖြစ်မွေးဖွားလာသူ လင်ရွှမ်းဇီ သည်သူ၏အတိတ်ဘ ၀ တွင်ကမ္ဘာကြီးကိုမလွှမ်းမိုးခဲ့သော်လည်း ယန်ထျန်းဟန်...
✔| Celestial training ~ (Nalu) by Ashy_Doki
✔| Celestial training ~ (Nalu)by Ash ♥
Natsu, Erza, Gray decides to go on a +6 years mission without Lucy. Lucy, wanting to make them proud when they'll come back decides to go training with her celestial spi...
tempted | meanie by angelkyeom
tempted | meanieby anna
a demon named wonwoo needs to tempt mingyu into sinning. started: 11182020 published: 11182020 ended: 11232020 completed: 11242020 -- angelkyeom © NOV 2020 do not plagia...
The Celestial Being (MReader X Rosario+Vampire) by ironmonster19
The Celestial Being (MReader X Ros...by ironmonster19
A child that was born from the powers of the Celestials was sent to earth from the beings that want his power for evil. The child arrive in a clearing in Japan and was f...
Siren by HathorRao
Sirenby ElachiRavora
Tawaret (Tawi) Dawes is a spy with a particularly talented skill set;behind the scenes and in the shadows. When billionaire playboy, Logan Vernier takes interest in her...
Not Your Average Girl (Sting X Reader X Gray) by yuki078
Not Your Average Girl (Sting X Rea...by ⌦ドーン
(Y/N) Dragneel is the little angel of Fairy Tail, and Natsu's sister. What happens when she's back 5 days before the tenrou group comes back? Who will be the one that is...
Mine by Lovelypanda03
Mineby Gracie :)
Lucy caught Sting's eye from the second she stepped into the battle field. Sting had also caught Lucy's eye. Will the slayer and the celestial wizard become one?
Celestial | Ninjago x reader | HIATUS  by WisteriaStarlight
Celestial | Ninjago x reader | HIA...by ✧Wisteria✧
⚠️ON HIATUS⚠️ (Y/n) (L/n)'s life was pretty normal, well she was from another realm that was destroyed by an evil magical being and the only way she survived was because...
Broken {Completed} by TwztdTaco
Broken {Completed}by TwztdTaco
Lucy has been acting distant the past few months. Her beautiful looks are beginning to fade and she becomes more sickly looking. To make matters worse she goes missing...
jump force & The mystical Guardians by NayleaReid
jump force & The mystical Guardiansby Naylea Reid
Many eons ago the creater made two stars and the stars were dimension & multiverse's that holds two power on both stars one is will & strong, second fantasy & create. It...
Constellation Academy I [Z-bloodlines] by Iris_virus
Constellation Academy I [Z-bloodli...by CESSie Horan
The Pink Dragon and His Princess   (NaLu) by BooksAreAnotherLife
The Pink Dragon and His Princess...by ~Dreamcatcher~
The Kingdoms of Celestial, Tartaros, and the Hidden Kingdom are at war. * * * * Lucy Heartfilia, the Crowned Princess of the Celestial Kingdom, is in the middle of it...
Hall of Shadows [The Celestial Chronicles #2] by seventhstar
Hall of Shadows [The Celestial Chr...by Stef
*Sequel to the Watty Award Winner--Hall of Games* *#7 in Fantasy (12/5/16)* The relic of Yana, the Fifth Founder is stolen. It is a relic so powerful, it can raise an ar...
Celestially Captivated  by lesoleilaine
Celestially Captivated by Aeífe
What would happen if a dreamer finally had a chance to reach her dreams? A dream to become one of the celestial bodies? A dream to reach them? Or just see them closer? ...
Astraea - The Lost Crown - Book 1 by the_author22
Astraea - The Lost Crown - Book 1by Leigh J Hansen
"How about I tell you a story? One that has been passed down through the ages... One told to me by your father..." In an Earth reborn, ruled over by a tyrannic...
Chasing Ashes by ScoobyDo6105
Chasing Ashesby J. Scarlet
""Where am I?" I look around curiously, my eyes locking on every boy in the room. Everett steps forward, a slight smile on his face. "You're in hell...
SkyWatch! by myme651
SkyWatch!by My The Mes
This segment features a series on actual occurrences of celestial events that have been recorded by other people, myself included. If you are a witness to a celestial oc...