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Plunder (The Pirate King Series, Book 1) by rskovach
Plunder (The Pirate King Series, RS Kovach
He just wants her booty, but she'll end up stealing his heart. ***** After pirates kidnap seventeen...
Storm over the Caribbean by RobThier
Storm over the Caribbeanby Robert Thier
Summer, sunshine, and a lovely beach...Lilly couldn't have asked for a better way to relax during her pregnancy together with her hot billionaire husband. Except maybe f...
A wild man's primal instinct. *Completed* by obsession_tc
A wild man's primal instinct. * obsession_tc
Inspired by Tarzan** Shipwrecked at three years old, Angus has known nothing but the jungle he now calls home. Faced with survival day in day out and all alone, he never...
'My Little Cherry' - Jack Dawson x reader by leighdenbrough
'My Little Cherry' - Jack Dawson lei :))
'Look y/n, you're no picnic... you're a spoiled little brat even, but under that, you're a strong, pure heart, and you're the most amazingly astounding girl- sorry, woma...
Captain Amelia x Male reader by Jet_The_Knight
Captain Amelia x Male readerby The_Inquisitor
You all remember that old movie Treasure Planet? too. She's the reason I'm so picky about women...
Haikyuu!! {Other Ships Now Too} [✓] by TaekookieandCam
Haikyuu!! {Other Ships Now Too} [✓]by Hannie~♥
*SHIP REQUESTS CLOSED* COMPLETED -Kagehina -Iwaoi -Daisuga -Asanoya -Tsukkiyama -Kuroken -Bokuaka Etc....
Broken Promises- OUTER BANKS by nottristinlol
Broken Promises- OUTER BANKSby your future stepmom
Isla Scott: The girl who everyone pity's. kooks vs. pogues She gets the best of both worlds. Every guy head over heels for her. She just wants to live a normal life but...
Journey〜〜nathan drake by rainingdayssss
Journey〜〜nathan drakeby raining
A girl who meets a guy in a bar and they hit it off due to their off similarity. What they didn't know was that both of them were adventurers at heart and saw an interes...
Once Upon A Crown by B_Zahin27
Once Upon A Crownby Bushra Zahin
BOOK 1 OF THE NOBLE SERIES Once upon a time, there was a girl, a prince and a crown. But you see, this is no ordinary fairy-tale for this girl was dead to the world, and...
TITANIC ( NCT Jaehyun X Blackpink Rose )  by EvelynL12
TITANIC ( NCT Jaehyun X EvelynL12
Park Rose ( or Chaeyong ) is from a rich family who was forced to go on the titanic along with her strict mother and father and Jung Jaehyun, a poor guy who got tickets...
The shipbuilder's daughter by thirdclasstitanic
The shipbuilder's daughterby Pauline
Lily and her father Thomas Andrews, the Titanic's builder, board the ship of dreams on April 10th, 1912.
A Mermaid's Dream: An Unknown Underworld Mermaid Story ✅ by legendaryfever
A Mermaid's Dream: An Unknown LegendxFrancesa
I waited four years to meet him again and I tell him to keep it. I waited several months for him to finally realize who I am and he thinks I am another. I waited months...
siren ➳ yoonminkook by mykpjm
siren ➳ yoonminkookby || MYKPJM ||
Lie to me. Just love me please. [ymk wp ff] on hold ✖️
In the Sea of Light and Darkness (Titanic) by Imcrazyyouknow
In the Sea of Light and Darkness ( Jacob
(A Titanic Inspired Novel) Clara Abbot embarks on a new journey of her life as she will experience to be on the ship known as the unsinkable ship--the Titanic. She board...
Mystic Waters: Out of the blue by lodidrik
Mystic Waters: Out of the blueby lodidrik
Fifty some years ago, toxic barrels were dumped into Lake Superior. They are now leaking, and causing changes below the surface. Meranda Michaels, a young biologist...
Castaway by smiffinch
Castawayby LoveForLydia
Torn asunder by a cruel twist of fate, Charlotte and Sidney go their separate ways. Sidney, in particular, suffers a great deal and by the time he reappears, he is so al...
Lost&Found | Outer Banks/JJ/ by unecafeconletras
Lost&Found | Outer Banks/JJ/by luna♡
She was lost until he found her "I wouldn't say it was love at first sight...I saw him and my soul kind of noticed a familiarity in him. It's like I knew..." ...
Titanic x reader~ Cold Water by zombiesruhroh
Titanic x reader~ Cold Waterby 1-800-LOVEPOTION
Before I start I would like to give credit to James Cameron who directed and wrote the movie Titanic. I will be using the script of Titanic but with Y/N. Hope you enjoy...
Stranded by ElementOfLife
Strandedby ElementOfLife
Izuku Midoriya is on a cruise with class 1A, simply because the teachers thought they needed a break. When the ship wrecks unexpectedly, who survives?
|🌴| Shipwrecked Princess |🌺| A Novel |🌺| Complete |🌴| by Decembra1998
|🌴| Shipwrecked Princess |🌺| A ❤ TALLULAH ❤
Lightning. Thunder. Huge waves. Cold dark waters. A part of a lullaby. That was all that Essa could remember of her past. Each day earning to know more about it, but una...