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Pretty Girl Problems - The Book by David-O
Pretty Girl Problems - The Bookby David-O
A pretty and attractive woman who looks like a fashion model works as a physics researcher at a national laboratory to advance the science of teleportation. What she lea...
  • teleportation
  • utopia
  • newadult
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Ignorance (ONC Entry) by Yelverton_TheGeek_
Ignorance (ONC Entry)by Bearded Man at Sea
The year is 2113, and almost all the world's problems have been single-handedly solved with a shocking breakthrough - of how to store and transfer souls. At a certain pr...
  • disease
  • utopia
  • lies
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U.S.S Starlight by RavensAndAshes
U.S.S Starlightby Matt
For five years Earth had been at war with an alien race known as the Iderians. Their only hope of winning is to escape Earth and find Utopia, a planet where they can liv...
  • earth
  • 2019winterchallenge500
  • alone
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Aurthor of Nomanz by MEJoJo
Aurthor of Nomanzby M.E. Jojo
In a world that will never exist there were only girls. See the world was split in half. Half goes to women, half goes to men and children boy or girl were not to be tol...
  • forbiddenlove
  • futuristic
  • forbidden
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The Defective by TheDarkestOwO
The Defectiveby TheDarkestOwO
Believed to be a true utopian town an intrigued reporter wished to find some sort of secret about this society, but what the reporter never expected to find will be her...
  • diary
  • mutant
  • utopia
Project Rainbow by Acidcat_Writer
Project Rainbowby Acidcat_Writer
In a utopian world where everyone is perfect, 7 individuals participate in an experiment that changes their lives forever. SHOOOOO aaaah filipino story po to. Haha hoop...
  • rainbow
  • scifi
  • experiment
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Kingdom of Unix: Nebula's Library by StrawBerry_Topia
Kingdom of Unix: Nebula's Libraryby StrawBerry_Topia
[BOOK ONE] Renée Docile has never been the most outgoing or sociable person on Earth, but after becoming Queen of Unix she feels the need to become the person her parent...
  • story
  • dark
  • fiction
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Bomb Four --- For The Powerful series by jerkwadSQ
Bomb Four --- For The Powerful ser...by jerkwadSQ
Maverick (Mavi) is encountering a new world with the rest of the former citizens of the USA, now known to be the United City-States of America. With government in total...
  • magic
  • disutopia
  • sciencefiction
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Impulse by Taylor-J-Rose
Impulseby Taylor Rose
Sixteen-year-old Daisy Maverick's life was perfect. She had a father with a good job with a good salary, a mother who stayed home and looked after her, and a wonderful h...
  • friendship
  • romance
  • scifi
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Frostern Monarch by Danc1ngDreams
Frostern Monarchby Ɖαиcιиɢ Ɖяɛαмƨ
ORIGINAL STORY! In the year of 2025, it broke out. Gates appeared out of the blue and millions of people had died in the 'Lost Christmas' due to unidentifiable creatur...
  • elemental
  • danger
  • humanity
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Hunger by MandiRomano
Hungerby Mandi Romano
Jordan Sphinx is struggling to find her place in the world. She finds herself being placed into a family feud, hiding from her past, and finding love . Tristen Zeus is b...
  • fantasy
  • utopia
  • wonders
The Blindfold Games by Cocoa11121
The Blindfold Gamesby Cocoa
Danica Rio Montez - Danni - is this year's representative from Seventy-Six to participate in the Blindfold Games. Facing against 99 other Players, she must rack up the m...
  • blindfold
  • dystopia
  • danni
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U T O P I A by PotterheadAnimefreak
U T O P I Aby PotterheadAnimefreak
u·to·pi·a /yo͞oˈtōpēə/ noun an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More. sy...
  • poetry
  • reality
  • utopia
Kinetic by LarkspurDayton
Kineticby LarkspurDayton
Do you ever wake up to this feeling of falling over a cliff? Feeling the contents of your insides floating up against your chest, trying to force themselves out of the s...
  • mystery-thriller
  • secretorganization
  • scifi-fantasy
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The Timekeepers by theawkwardchristian
The Timekeepersby Aalayah Kizer
Timekeepers-a secret organization of watch wearing members who have a responsibility to uphold time and all time-related topics. Lately it's been all but that. Hatred. C...
  • possessive
  • fallinlove
  • projectsaveyourself
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The GrandMaster by The_Gooseatron
The GrandMasterby The_Goose
"A middle-aged man approached in a ringmasters type suit, it was worn down to the point where the colors were faded and the fabric seemed to be holding its breath...
  • paranormal
  • sadromance
  • loss
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Crowns and Thorns [BTS X READER] by taehyungallery
Crowns and Thorns [BTS X READER]by Amsies
The time has come to select the new rulers of Acacia. Any strong willed young person has the chance to claim the throne. But, there's a catch-- you have to fight for it...
  • bts
  • jungkook
  • utopia
The Kingdom by whisperedloves
The Kingdomby A. S. G.
A post-apocalyptic/sci-fi saga... Isolated from the world, obligated to follow the rules imposed on her, Aurora waits for the day she'll be able to make her own. After h...
  • science-fantasy
  • future
  • badboy
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Just Keep Swimming by minnie_dlucca
Just Keep Swimmingby Minnie 💜
"In a world where being different is a crime, no one is safe. Not even me." Ever since the unknown pandemic outbreak almost a century ago, the world's populati...
  • awareness
  • virus
  • sciencefiction
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Days Gone Cold by pinklockett
Days Gone Coldby Lin
In a world where there are only two sides to choose... Are you good or evil? Do you like havoc or peace? Love or hatred? Hero or villain? You can choose to be any but...
  • doubleagent
  • humor
  • fantasy
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