Dreams of Utopia by mcvuong
Dreams of Utopiaby M. C. Vuong
Wisteria has never been the type to get caught up in fantastical tales from her dreams. No, that's the job of Dylan, one of her friends who has been stuck in the same or...
  • magic
  • undiscovered
  • elves
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Three Alienable Rights by AmberLynnWriter
Three Alienable Rightsby Amber Lynn
"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that no Man is created equal, that gifted by their government to those who earn them are certain alienable Rights, and the...
  • fiction
  • rights
  • utopia
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Pandora by CalicoTat
Pandoraby Tatiana
I'm really bad with... uh... summarizing things. Please just give it a chance. :/
  • workinprogress
  • crime
  • murder
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Unknown by blondiecat05
Unknownby Loner Shark
A short story, which may or may not be based off a story prompt. Losing your biggest secret is a big moment, and losing your mask may be a bit bigger.
  • utopia
  • villain
  • notedited
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The 10th Circle - Abyss by taivaan_sininen
The 10th Circle - Abyssby A. C. Evans
After an accident involving a prototype robotic suit, Keres cadet Sky has recurring dreams where she finds herself in a place called Tartaros - a prison, a hell, a night...
  • friendship
  • scifi-fantasy
  • sciencefiction-fantasy
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One by paraweirdo
Oneby Vel
The supernatural assassination of the Grand President. A mysterious cloaked killer. And Trix's mysterious tattoo that links her to both, and not in a good way. Trix and...
  • tattoo
  • fiction
  • sciencefiction
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U.S.S Starlight by RavensAndAshes
U.S.S Starlightby Matt
For five years Earth had been at war with an alien race known as the Iderians. Their only hope of winning is to escape Earth and find Utopia, a planet where they can liv...
  • ship
  • earth
  • crew
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Zarc-v by Deathwisher39
Zarc-vby Ethyn Gryder
Takes place during a dimensional war after arc-v occurred
  • yuri
  • celina
  • alexis
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A Trophy Of Silver by nichonova
A Trophy Of Silverby nicholas
Nero Verace is an everyday, ordinary boy content with his daily life - until he discovers that he qualifies for the Alcaster Academy, an institution responsible for teac...
  • magic
  • fantasyadventure
  • fantasy
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PLUS :[LGBTQ+] by 7meets8
Aryan is a utopian world where everyone's sexuality is secretly monitored and controlled by the government, and patriarchal ideologies are heavily imposed on it's people...
  • sci-fi
  • featured
  • espionage
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A New Era by CinnamonChipp
A New Eraby Cinnamon
It was a new age and humans were evolving faster than ever. The newer generations had been blessed with minute super-human abilities that would help them in their up-com...
  • disutopia
  • scifi
  • utopia
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The Visitors: Book 1 by jana_faye
The Visitors: Book 1by Jana Faye
A story about loss, love, and the challenges the world faces when they are overcome by The Visitors. This Young Adult read brings sci-fi to romance and everything in bet...
  • firstperson
  • youngadult
  • struggle
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Fragmentos de mi alma by Fallen4books
Fragmentos de mi almaby 5cincos
Se puede hacer poesía de la vida, no sólo del amor. ¡Hola! Si estás leyendo esto, te invito a que conozcas un poco la mente complicada de una nefelibata. Aquí encontrar...
  • prosa
  • book
  • libro
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Just Keep Swimming by minnie_dlucca
Just Keep Swimmingby Minnie 💜
"In a world where being different is a crime, no one is safe. Not even me." Ever since the unknown pandemic outbreak almost a century ago, the world's populati...
  • teenfiction
  • chicklit
  • future
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Valor by MoonPhases8
Valorby Sophia Lewis Recchia
At first glance the tall skyscrapers and bright flashy lights look perfect, the way everything seem so clean and slick is only a disguise. If you take a second look to w...
  • group
  • assasins
  • hackers
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Error by butterqueene
Errorby butterqueene
Onyx lives in a world where technology outvotes morality. Anastasia is a princess who's kingdom is in a deep sleep. Luna is a girl who holds the keys to immortality in h...
  • girl
  • futuristic
  • girlheroine
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Utopia by rainbowgoddess_H22
Utopiaby CoRnCaprI12
A never-never land that is categorized into 4 specific regions. Nirvanians-the sixth sensers Wignvernians- the elementalists Flyckstershans- the enchanters Panaceans...
  • imaginations
  • elixir
  • utopia
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I Am A11 by Dumbledore1023
I Am A11by Dumbledore1023
Food is rationed. Clothes are rationed. My name is A11. This is my story. After our governments Ancestors killed off 3/4 of the population, a cancer swept through and in...
  • utopia
  • utopiansociety
  • dystopian
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The Last Star by maariam17shakaib
The Last Starby MariamShakaib
Annabelle Virgo tried to let go of her troubled past but her nightmares didn't help. Now she is determined to seek the truth about her past and the her mother's constell...
  • astrological
  • aries
  • gemini
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Albatross  by Edward76Kenway
Albatross by Edward
I dreamt today, when I was in the bus from school. It was supposed to be a relaxing nap, but I dreamt. I was flying in my dream, where no laws of this world chained me...
  • utopia
  • city
  • detroitbecomehuman
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