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The boy that friended Number Cards (male amnesia reader x Yugioh Zexal) by Miragemc
The boy that friended Number Cards...by The slayers1
Your name...well you don't really remember.. but all you know is that you have two number cards. That's all you know about your past. What happens when you are brought i...
The Priestess and the Ice Dragon (Rio Kastle X OC)  by KaitouDan
The Priestess and the Ice Dragon (...by Phantom Thief [dot] net
Yukio Aozaki meets and befriends Rio Kastle, a 2nd year student who goes to the same school as him. They later formed a bond that would lead to secrets unknown...
Kite Tenjo X Reader by Demonic_Dragon123
Kite Tenjo X Readerby Kuroooo
Orbital has broken down and Kite needs a new partner. (Name) just happened the apply for the job. What happens when Mr. "I have no friend and no emotions" star...
Poison and wine by percephine
Poison and wineby percephine
The events at Sargasso with a major twist.
Yugioh Arc-V Rise of the barians  by Mememaster69420
Yugioh Arc-V Rise of the barians by Jack matthews
After the defeat of z-arc and banishing his evil presence once and for all yuya and the gang went back to thier normal lives performing duels for the crowd while shay we...
Book One: Someone New (Reginald Kastle) by x_king_e_x
Book One: Someone New (Reginald Ka...by messofunfinishedthoughts
{ALSO ON MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT} Rose Ashikaga has been the best friend of Rio Kastle for seven years. In those seven years, Rose has met Reginald (Shark) Kastle twice. After...
Victory, in the eyes of the beholder. by Lumaking7
Victory, in the eyes of the behold...by Lumaking7
A yugioh zexal what if one shot story. What if Yuma and Nash lose the duel against Don thousand? What difference does it make and what will happen to our so called heroe...
The supreme duelist ( Yugioh arc-v x male reader) by Mememaster69420
The supreme duelist ( Yugioh arc-v...by Jack matthews
Y/N was a duelist who dueled alongside aspiring dueltainer yuya sakaki through his adventure. From the duel against Jack atlas to the final fight against supreme king za...
Phantom Knights Male Reader Oc  x Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal [REMAKE] by DeadFizh08
Phantom Knights Male Reader Oc x...by DeadFizh08
Hi! My name is Yuto Tsukumo the adopted Little Brother of Yuma Tsukumo from the Tsukumo Family. Follow my journey with my adopted Older Brother Yuma Tsukumo and an unkno...
yugioh zexal the eighth barian emperor by smaugtheunstoppable
yugioh zexal the eighth barian emp...by smaugtheunstoppable
hi this will be a yugioh zexal fanfiction with my own original character now the reason why I don't do reader inserts are because everyone has a differnt personalities s...
Zexal Boyfriend Scenarios by Sharkstral
Zexal Boyfriend Scenariosby We Are Sharkstral
Every other Wednesday I(Atoranta) and Shinsei come together to write what some Zexal characters would do in certain situations! (Also known as boyfriend scenarios) Feel...
The Broken Doll by Millie_Astral
The Broken Dollby Millie_Astral
She came from a world where she was queen, but she never felt happy. She moved from her world to Heartland City, where she finds a boy she falls for. She does everything...
The Cybernetic Barian (OC x Yugioh Zexal Harem) by Elfson9
The Cybernetic Barian (OC x Yugioh...by Elfson9
I have done some stories with the Yugioh protagonist in different worlds. Now I am going to have myself in the world of Yugioh Zexal. P.S. I don't want any negative com...
Return of the King by AzuretheWriter
Return of the Kingby Azure
Male Reader X Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal (Don't care if it's technically labeled Zeal. I'm American so I'm using the dubbed stuff)
Galaxies Across|Yuma x Astral by xxlanii_shedararixx
Galaxies Across|Yuma x Astralby xxlanii_herexx
When Astral reunites with Yuma, he feels warming feeling growing in his heart. The more he hanged out with Yuma and his friends, the stronger the feeling grew. Ever sinc...
Yu-gi-oh Zexal: Barian emperors x oc by user14992466
Yu-gi-oh Zexal: Barian emperors x...by LilithReborn
A girl named Crystal moves to a place called Heartland in hopes for a better life. She meets friends and remembers why she loves to duel. Little does she knows that seve...
Cipher entity (male reader x yugioh zexal) by ChristianCalo22
Cipher entity (male reader x yugio...by ChristianCalo22
(Y/N) Tsukumo adopted brother of yuma, no memories of his past but when he and his adopted brother yuma meet Astral and promise to help him to recover the numbers and ma...
Shark's and Yuma's love story. part 3 by KaiyaTenjo
Shark's and Yuma's love story. par...by Kaiya Tenjo
yuma and shark almost had a tragic end last year and i hope to do at least 2 more parts to the story.
Behind this mask. (Yugioh X male paradox reader) by Mememaster69420
Behind this mask. (Yugioh X male p...by Jack matthews
After the events of zarc yuya and the gang continued to dueltain for the crowd making them smile and cheer in all the spirit of dueling and with the introduction of link...