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Torn By Symmetry {Death the Kid x Reader} by Kiwalla_Dragons
Torn By Symmetry {Death the Kid Kiwalla_Dragons
Your new to the DWMA and have to choose between two boys, your best friend/brother or the OCD having hottie. It's a tough choice.
Pick me (kian lawley fanfic) by CarlyShea
Pick me (kian lawley fanfic)by CarlyShea
Staring Kian LAWLEY Ricky Dillon Sam portoff Andrea russet Jc caylen Trevor Moran Connor franta Jennxpenn Carly shea Ashtyn babbitt Madison beer Nash Cameron Shelb...
Diclonius Sisters (Elfenlied) by KikiKaede
Diclonius Sisters (Elfenlied)by Kiki
Kiki is a young diclonius who doesn't know what she really is or what she can do. She was always with her sister Kaede until they were both taken by the Diclonius Resear...
The life of a girl named: Kiki (On hold) by StoryWriter1139
The life of a girl named: Kiki ( Lisa
From the day she was born she was cursed with a beast she doesn't need so she seeks revenge on the person who done this to her but along the way she discovers a boy with...
The Last Witch (sequel of Rose the Witch 3) (Mew Mew Power fan fiction) by MollyCronin
The Last Witch (sequel of Rose Molly
*IT'S FINALLY HERE! This is fan fiction of mew mew power, the book after the 1st one* When I thought it was all over, he returned with his fellow Cyniclons and hell st...
Drip Drip Drip by KikiHyuga
Drip Drip Dripby KikiHyuga
A mini creepypasta I wrote for fun, nothing too graphic in this one so, enjoy! :'D
[Discontinued] I'm in the World of Naruto?!...ADVENTURE TIME! (Gaara Love Story) by AliceZaraki
[Discontinued] I'm in the World Nico
[DISCONTINUED] Kiki was a kinda normal girl before the accident that landed her in the Naruto world. But spending however long in a hospital does not make her a happy gi...
Werwolf by kikierriki
Werwolfby kikierriki
Hi ich bin kiki und eigendlich wie jede 16 jährige aber ich kann mich in einen werwolf verwandlen meine eltern sind bei einem autounfall ums leben gekommen seit da kümme...
life poems by candy_girl_to_sweet
life poemsby candy_girl_to_sweet
its a whole bunch of really good and sweet poems and some sad poems that I wrote about life so if u like poems try this book
KiKi by Sky_Smosh
KiKiby Sky Allen
Sky has lived in California for a year now and what happens when she runs into Ricky Dillion at the mall with Kian Lawley.
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Stuck in the middle of things by arieanabell
Stuck in the middle of thingsby arieanabell
My name is Keisha iam17 I have a great education I'm sweet I'm nice I am sexy i have a attitude so don't get on my bad side if you get on my bad side I will whip your a...
Dont Play with my Feelings. (Emo Love Story) by washedouteyes
Dont Play with my Feelings. (Emo washedouteyes
Kiara, a teenage girl that just turned 18 went to a smoothie place for her birthday. Which may turn out to be her best or worst birthday gift ever. She meets a boy named...
A 6 Week Summer Vacation (Kian Lawley) by topshopzoella
A 6 Week Summer Vacation (Kian Vikki louise
6 weeks. 6 weeks of sun. 6 weeks of bliss. 6 weeks of freedom. 6 weeks of friends and family. 6 weeks of fun. _____________________________ Savannah Johnson is a 20 year...
Lost by JehanEvani
Lostby JehanEvani
Cerbung pertama di akun yg baru setelah semuanya di un install kemarin. Semoga readers lebih banyak dari One And Only You ya hehehehe. So? Enjoy.
Baby Naming Challenge by Cheeky_Kiki
Baby Naming Challengeby Kiki
Book Two of the Convo Chronicles series... Baby names are a hard topic... Especially when trying to come up with names your friend agrees with! A Collaboration with @...
best friends die too by strawbriana
best friends die tooby saff
when lizzie and kylie are best friends, its hard to find out that your bestie is gonna die soon. to know its sometime soon, its even scarier. so kylie makes sure that li...
Hunger Games Clan by 1GirlOnFire1
Hunger Games Clanby Kiki :3
Here's our Hunger Games clan chat! You can check us out in clash of clans!
Who Am I? by kaaaaylaa
Who Am I?by kaaaaylaa
After she fell down a flight of stairs at school, she has lost her memory. She can't remember who she is, or who she's supposed to be but one day everything changes. She...