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Moving in with my crush by taesthighs
Moving in with my crushby applesauce
For a school project Marinette has to move in by Adrien for one whole month! What can happen? (A lot lol) Adrienette ✅ Marichat ✅ Fluff ✅ No sin, smut or lemon... ? Cre...
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The new king (Blixer x Cyan) by Michelle6157
The new king (Blixer x Cyan)by Michelle6157
Cyan lost. Blixer was crowned as the new king and spreads pure chaos and suffering in the world. The young hero was a personal prisoner, but as time passed, he realized...
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Blue Violets (JSAB One-Shots from the creator of Pink Roses) by DJG3N6
Blue Violets (JSAB One-Shots from...by Jun_Cant_Draw_For_Sh1t
Ye, I still want to write things, so I decided to create a little One-shot book. The characters I'll work with are still more-or-less the same as the ones in Pink Roses...
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Where My Heart Goes (Minho x Reader x Newt x Thomas) |ON HOLD| by -devilishlove
Where My Heart Goes (Minho x Reade...by d e v
This is a love square. No better than a love triangle. 1 girl, and 3 boys. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. Everything can go wrong. The glade was a peaceful pa...
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I'm in love( a ladybug and chat noir fanfic ) by fan_army1234
I'm in love( a ladybug and chat no...by Fangirl
High school is over it's time for college ... let the drama begin ( I do not own these characters ) ( CREDIT TO ARTIST FOR THE FANART )
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The Love Square [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
The Love Square [boyxboy]by Jen
Outgoing Anthony Andrews has been verbally and physically abused by the homophobic Colin Archer for five years. Ant endures the torment, deeply infatuated with Colin and...
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Just shapes & beats x reader (oneshots) by Princessmarie48
Just shapes & beats x reader (ones...by Princessmarie48
⚠ I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING FROM THE GAME⚠(Also there could be spoilers, so get the full game) Just shapes & beats is a rhythm bullet hell where your a character dodging obs...
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He's My Dork [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
He's My Dork [boyxboy]by Jen
[Love Square Spin-Off] Openly gay Collie Archer has it rough. With few friends, homophobic parents, and a twin brother dating the guy he’s infatuated with, he’s going th...
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square by Iovemcze
squareby ♡
in which jungkook's pick-up lines blossomed to a gentle rollercoaster ride of emotions.
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Corrupted - A JSAB Fanfiction by FlurryWhip
Corrupted - A JSAB Fanfictionby Corrupted
An Original Just Shapes and Beats Fanfiction "Peace never lasts forever, Square. And it would've been pathetic of you if you believed otherwise." This tale fo...
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Finally Found by aiimeeMUA
Finally Foundby Aimee
A Miraculous Fanfic 🐞 When a new student arrives at Françoise Dupont High School, almost everyone thinks they've finally found out the identity of their masked hero, L...
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A Miraculous Tale: Storybook by goldenbooks2020
A Miraculous Tale: Storybookby A.G. White
(Fanfic #4) When Marinette goes on her first date with Luka, things go terribly wrong. A massive akuma attack goes underway. Marinette finds herself trapped inside the s...
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Kingdom Hearts Nuevas Aventuras by AnimeTeoriasFanfics
Kingdom Hearts Nuevas Aventurasby Lobo del Anime
Despues de Kingdom Hearts 3 huvo una epoca de paz pero eso duraria poco ya que una nueva amenaza quiere hacerse con kingdom hearts no es xehanort ni luxu es algo mucho p...
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Just beats and shapes (JSAB Swap AU) by Princessmarie48
Just beats and shapes (JSAB Swap A...by Princessmarie48
⚠️Even though it's a AU it's has spoilers for just shapes and beats, and it is recommended to get that game and play though story mode (and/or) watching it.⚠️ have you e...
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The Albion Prophecy (A Sonic Fanfic) by ShadowsGirl101
The Albion Prophecy (A Sonic Fanfi...by ShadowsGirl101
*BOOK 2 OF 3 IN THE "EVERYTHING" TRILOGY* With Eggman hot on her trail and her powerful destiny ahead of her, Kay is forced to relocate to the United Federatio...
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darcey | will lenney  by -avzrys
darcey | will lenney by ✧
in which the bernese mountain dog, darcey, tackles the larger than life, Callie Andrews. started; 18.7.18 finished; - 1K reads - 31st december 2018 ~ SLOWISH UPDATES ~
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Final Fantasy VII (7): On The Way To A Smile by Epic_Mochi
Final Fantasy VII (7): On The Way...by Epic_Mochi
On The Way to a Smile is a collection of seven short stories written by Kazushige Nojima the scenario writer for the J-RPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) Final Fantasy VII...
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Sora X Reader (Kingdom Hearts// One Shots) by JustAnotherFuck-Up
Sora X Reader (Kingdom Hearts// On...by JustAnotherFuck-Up
-Cover rights go to it's artist- These are just some little fluffy one shots between you and Sora. If anybody wants any LGBTQ+ stuff ya gotta ask because otherwise it's...
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The boy who stole my knife: teenage assassin love story by sntdiana
The boy who stole my knife: teenag...by Lauran
Alissa is not you average 16 year old. She has been killing as long a she can remember. Her parents were killers like her too, but the died on a mission. She has been li...
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Crazy Confession [A Miraculous Ladybug Ladrien Fanfic] by PAWsitivelyPURRfect_
Crazy Confession [A Miraculous Lad...by PAWsitivelyPURRfect_
Marinette and Alya are playing truth or dare... So? Nothing different, nothing unsusal. Well this time, Alya steps up her game. "Marinette, I dare you too..."...
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