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Forever Chuck and Blair by theblairwaldorff
Forever Chuck and Blairby theblairwaldorff
This isn't exactly like Chuck and Blair from CW's gossip girl but it's my twist. Please don't hate. Chuck Bass the dark prince the hottest man on the upper east side has...
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The Chair Fic by treeclimbingwombats
The Chair Ficby treeclimbingwombats
a sexy story on lads and their chairs
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Bound (Larry Stylinson) by Anchor_Red
Bound (Larry Stylinson)by Anchor_Red
Louis and Harry had a perfect life. They performed in the boy band, One Direction, they laughed, cooked, and cuddled together. They couldn't be happier. Their marriage w...
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3 words 8 letters say it and I'm yours by iHaroldStyles
3 words 8 letters say it and I'm iHaroldStyles
Mikayla Ross moved to Upper East Side from England with her brother Matt. Because she's wanted to go to Yale so she decided to go to the Constance. Blair and her friends...
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Attention → N. Archibald [Gossip Girl] (undergoing editing)  by heyitspeterkav
Attention → N. Archibald [Gossip ash
PREVIOUSLY KNOW AS 'Lying and Cheating' "You just want attention, you don't want my heart." This is the glamorous life of the iconic Leah Bass, daughter of t...
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Hotel California [Multiship] by imaginary-numbers
Hotel California [Multiship]by Chair
Don't give your phone number to a random guy in the airport. [Multiship]
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Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. (Sequel To A Nerds Romance) by shelbsters15
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. ( Shelby :)
Sophie Green, used to be a nerd. Until Zack Daniel changed her life with one little bet. Zack Daniel didn't mean to make a bet, but thanks to his friends, Ian, Mike, and...
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Chandler Riggs One shots by ShakeChanFan
Chandler Riggs One shotsby Shake❤️
"Chandler" You turned your head to the left where Chandler was laying on the sofa. "Yes love?" He replied. "I always wondered why out of all t...
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Mine (Drarry) by DrarryIsADrug
Mine (Drarry)by Female Draco Malfoy
Once Draco gets his inheritance, he finds out that he's a neko. He must find his soulmate, and they must accept him. He searches everywhere, and still cannot find the pe...
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Schplit by Tegmil
Schplitby Tegmil
2908. A cult is established in New London, Asia. Children of the slums are recruited, promised shelter, food and education until they are fourteen. What they don't know...
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sasuke x naruto (sasunaru) LEMON🍋🍋🍋 by STAY-CALM-IM-HERE
sasuke x naruto (sasunaru) LEMON🍋 STAY-CALM-IM-HERE
title says it alllllll~~~
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When the tower crumbles(book three of avengers series) by Pendragon2407
When the tower crumbles(book Pendragon2407
"Please I promise you I am peter! P-please don't hurt me.."life has been great for peter and the avengers,Loki's disappeared and Deadpool's who knows where. Th...
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The Butterfly effect by somethinglikeroses
The Butterfly effectby somethinglikeroses
Blair and Chuck were only little kids when they met. Ever since then,they can't remember much of their lives without each other. They wouldn't even want that. But of cou...
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After gossip girl-a Chuck and Blair fanfic by melissssssssssaaaaaa
After gossip girl-a Chuck and melissssssssssaaaaaa
This story takes place right after the wedding and the cops show up ** before the 5years ahead into Derena's wedding** And what has become of Chuck and Blair durning the...
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A Cinderella Christmas by FlamePhoenix9
A Cinderella Christmasby FlamePhoenix9
Gossip Girl Christmas AU. Working in her run down Brooklyn dinner, the very last thing Blair Waldorf expected to run into was Chuck Bass... COMPLETED.
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Gossip Girl Quotes by dramioneternity
Gossip Girl Quotesby Ima Pybus
These are just some quotes from the TV show called Gossip Girl. So...Enjoy!!!
Chuck and Blair  by somecreator
Chuck and Blair by julianna
Chuck and Blair, also known as 'Chair', one of my favourite ships. Idk if these are one shots or not so 🤷‍♀️
Heartbreak- Gossip Girl Fanfiction by a_baber_xx
Heartbreak- Gossip Girl Fanfictionby a_baber_xx
A story that carries on from the season 6 finale, Chuck, Blair and Henry Bass all together as one happy family. But on the upper east side nothing can stay perfect for l...
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Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck by shyandshyyyy
Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuckby shyandshyyyy
A book because i'm honestly obsessed with Chair. I promise I'm updating!
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MEMORYTALE (Undertale AU) by DarkWo1f8
MEMORYTALE (Undertale AU)by Ninja
Chara Can't remember a thing Ever since, That kid Fell, his Memory is coming up with a blank, every. Time. But when he realizes what he must do to get it back, is it wor...
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