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Through Love Alone by SophiaMontgomeryGrey
Through Love Aloneby SophiaMontgomeryGrey
Almost every element of Addison Montgomery's life revolves around children. She works as a doctor, saving the lives of mothers and infants. She has many close friends, a...
Band-aids And Papercuts by medusaswifey
Band-aids And Papercutsby 🦋meddison🦋
⚠️Currently undergoing improvement⚠️ (slight changes will be made to chapters as well as potentially more dramatic ones. If you have previously read this you might need...
i'm yours, and you're mine by fairykamal
i'm yours, and you're mineby fairykrys
what if the roles were reversed starting from season 1 episode 9 and season 2 episode 1, addison was married to meredith, they fell in love by accident when meredith got...
Call It What You Want by MeraddisonOTP
Call It What You Wantby Ry
After Derek calls Meredith a whore she has a breakdown in a supply closet and begins to lose the fight with her past demons. Addison walks in before she can go too far a...
The Late Nights With Her by hurricaneshepherdess
The Late Nights With Herby Lee
<<2023 Reimagination>> A story where Meredith accidentally gets drunk enough to pass out on the street and gets found by Addison Montgomery. After realising...
Share the Pain Through Bonds Beautiful Made by NiceMiniPotato
Share the Pain Through Bonds NiceMiniPotato
Once you meet your soulmate you can feel each other's physical pain above a certain threshold. Which means that while Meredith is oblivious, Addison is well aware who he...
I Saw Mommy Kissing Satan by Bobbiejelly
I Saw Mommy Kissing Satanby bobbiejelly
Underneath the mistletoe last night...
Confidential? by Bobbiejelly
Confidential?by bobbiejelly
These forms are confidential... Right?
Never just a friend by MerddisonWh0re
Never just a friendby MerddisonWh0re
When Ellis Grey gets given a few weeks to live a terrified Meredith distance herself from everyone. When all gets too much she finally calls the one person that makes ev...
Meredith Gets Her Mojo Back - And So Does Addison! by Bobbiejelly
Meredith Gets Her Mojo Back - bobbiejelly
Meredith really enjoys sex with Addison but there's something down there that she's craving / Addison has a secret strap-on stashed in her drawer.
Better Ideas by Bobbiejelly
Better Ideasby bobbiejelly
"What, do you have any better ideas?"
The New Professor  (Meradd/Meddison) by addiestanxX
The New Professor (Meradd/ Aadiestan
A story about a student with her hot possessive professor, she doesn't know anything about her, but she can feel all the access to her. Meredith x Addison
Elevator To Heaven by Bobbiejelly
Elevator To Heavenby bobbiejelly
Meredith Grey & Addison Montgomery. Trapped in an Elevator. Meredith wants Revenge. Instead, she gets Addie. Derek is with Rose. The Ex-Wife and the Ex-Mistress are Both...
Cinnamon by Bobbiejelly
Cinnamonby bobbiejelly
Addison Montgomery asks Meredith Grey to make this creepy man stop hitting on her; Meredith does. MerAdd. Meddison. Fake Dating. Rescue. Screw The Patriarchy. How Derek...
Is she, really? by NiceMiniPotato
Is she, really?by NiceMiniPotato
This story was part of the Meddison Fic Exchange Challenge on Ao3. Few of us Meddison writers got together and exchanged prompts. This was my prompt... Discovering that...
Body Pillow by NiceMiniPotato
Body Pillowby NiceMiniPotato
This was a prompt I came up with for our first exchange and I wanted to write it to sooo here it is. Enjoy!
Seen by Bobbiejelly
Seenby bobbiejelly
"So you didn't take him back," you hear her follow you down the hallway. No, I didn't. "Good girl," says Addison, as she walks in your shadow.
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Synchronicity by Bobbiejelly
Synchronicityby bobbiejelly
Addison and Meredith and the perils of menstruation.
Rescue by Bobbiejelly
Rescueby bobbiejelly
Meredith confides in Addison when Derek is doubting her.
Meredith Grey-Montgomery by meraddismytherapy
Meredith Grey-Montgomeryby meradd's adulterous love child
Story inspired from MEREDITH GREY-MONTGOMERY (ON HIATUS) by @spirals905 What if Ellis had another affair? What if one of her one night stands causes her to make a decisi...