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The Return of Merlin by Harriet_Lang
The Return of Merlinby Harriet_Lang
. "This story is perhaps the best Merlin-fanfic I've ever read." - TheForeverChosenOne: ...
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Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel) by curly1718
Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel)by Shelby
It's been almost five months since Kora was forced out of London and had to move back to New York. She hates her life there almost as much as she hates her mom for forci...
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Index du magazine by WPAcademy
Index du magazineby L'Académie des écrivains
Le Wattpad mag a déjà plusieurs saisons et des dizaines d'articles. Pour vous aider à mieux vous y retrouver, nous avons compilé ici toutes les références de nos article...
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I'm Not Very Big, But I'll Protect You - Skephalo by WholesomeBoyHalo
I'm Not Very Big, But I'll Mercury! ・ᴗ・
A 15-year-old boy found a way to mutate beings and turn them into zombie-like creatures. They spread around the world and now the whole earth is in a state of emergency...
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Table 9 || styles ✔ by fifipho
Table 9 || styles ✔by Fifi
❝Table 9. A young man, no more than 23 years old. Curly brown hair. Cheeky grin accompanied by dimples. He's new here. And he seems to be looking right at me.❞ Harper Mi...
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Tooru Oikawa x Reader by mmmyesfather
Tooru Oikawa x Readerby hentai overlord feeb
Comment for either another part to this, or another anime guy fanfic!
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Chasing after Love <3 by ayitstiff
Chasing after Love <3by Tiffany Madison Li
Senior year of high school. All about partying and having fun right? Wrong. When Tori and her best friends, Taylor and Elle start liking the new boy, they are desperate...
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Rescuing Avalon by catalan_andrea
Rescuing Avalonby Andrea Montes
Book one: Avalon is in danger, King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table come together to defeat Morgana, the evil sorceress who happens to be Arthur's hal...
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The Flower of King and Knights by senseiseth
The Flower of King and Knightsby Seth
The Age of Arthur is over, for fifteen years the lands of Britannia have been subjected to wars, raids, and those who have survived are forced to endure a land of chaos...
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reader x bnha by flatgamergirl
reader x bnhaby hi
you're a chair don't take this seriously
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Ziall One Shots -Closed- by RosyPetals
Ziall One Shots -Closed-by Rosy Petals (But not really)
Just a collection of Ziall one shots.
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Everyday Life of a Pervert Sofa by frog_master_race
Everyday Life of a Pervert Sofaby Hot Pantsu
Sopa Divano is by no means a normal couch. He uses his status as a couch to his advantage and peeps on women(and sometimes even men)! Conveniently, he's the main sofa in...
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Camping With My Cousin And His Idiot Friends. by Beachy
Camping With My Cousin And His rae
Amber and Jake are cousins, but you wouldn't tell by the way they feel about each other - pure loathing. But when Amber gets told she has to help Jake over a break-up, s...
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Multiplying Time~ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  /// Reader x Baldi x Lemons by Floofin_Weird4
Multiplying Time~ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 🔪Cammy Foxxi🔪
Nsfw 18+++ warning!!!! ( credit to creator and art... But cover made by me! )
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Table~chan x reader by Star_494
Table~chan x readerby Star_494
I said I would make this as a joke not excepting to actually make this... if you're reading this you must be really board.
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Alex Jones x Table by zaxlucas
Alex Jones x Tableby zaxlucas
The amazing love story of Alex Jones and his table on Info Wars. 🔞NSFW🔞
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The Cup Reader by MoonMiracle
The Cup Readerby Y. H. Ryan
They both loved Reading but they read different things. A story of two people who had simply fallen in love with their dreams and each other.
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Rise of Camelot by Savage_Opress
Rise of Camelotby Savage Opress
The rise of Camelot is a crossover between Merlin and Relic Hunter. The story begins when Sydney and Nigel give to Hubbard, the ancient cross of Arthur Pendragon. Hubbar...
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Guy x Girl male dominant ddlg by KinkyFanFictionReq
Guy x Girl male dominant ddlgby KinkyFanFictionReq
Guy x girl male dominant
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SaTaN's BeLLS-The Plague Queen Part I (Book Nine) by RobertHelliger
SaTaN's BeLLS-The Plague Queen RobertHelliger
In 1869, 18 year old Emily Forsythe, (pictured on the book cover), heads to the London Woods that is haunted by the mysterious "Plague Queen", where she encoun...
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