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PROFESSOR BROTHER by Ilovetoliveinhell
What do you think about life of sister of professor? Is this life same as simple life ? What if your brother is your Professor? So let's imagine the life of being sister...
The dearest ones by ann_1388
The dearest onesby Ann
Rohan Mehra is a successful famous and a rich businessman. He is a responsible and a very strict big brother. He handles both his siblings and business and his siblings...
Forever partners by bgfvhgy77
Forever partnersby bgfvhgy77
This story is related to brother sister bond. Where brothers are strict yet loving and caring and sister is fully troublemaker and apple of her brothers eye I hope you'l...
Kim Yoongi, Kim Taehyung and Kim Jungkook.... all three are brothers. Yoongi loves both his brothers. Yoongi is strict about manners and rules. Tae is too much scared o...
Fate by silent_nejiri
Fateby v xxxiri v
A story of a young boy Vishnu who lives along with his cold brothers in India, wishing to be taken care and loved by them
my doctor stepbrothers (BTS FF)  by fanfictionucanenjoy
my doctor stepbrothers (BTS FF) by fanfiction
• Y/N is a cold and a savage girl...she is cold to strangers but warm for her loved ones (her family and friends).... • Y/N IS MAFIA QUEEN but no one knows except her f...
Jimin and his strict hyungs  by MK212425
Jimin and his strict hyungs by MK212425
In this story Jimin is the youngest. To see life of jimin with his caring but strict brothers read the story. It's my first time writing a story. Please support me .
Miss Precious  by zoned_out_world_UwU
Miss Precious by zoned out hooman
Life of a little girl named ahana who lives with her dad adarsh and brother Avinash.. Adarsh is a single dad whose wife died while giving birth to their daughter. He has...
Raah_e_Muhabbat (path of love) by niabhatti
Raah_e_Muhabbat (path of love)by niabhatti
A young Feudal Lord who is trying to raise his siblings!! Will he ever be able to find true love? Peep in follow the journey of Salaar Ibrahim Khaanzada and Dr Nehal Pa...
The Diary of Evergreen Evelyn  by InkedElla
The Diary of Evergreen Evelyn by InkedElla
In the vibrant tapestry of Kensington, London, the Smith family, epitomized by the siblings, grapples with the lingering echoes of parental loss. A 27-year-old Edward, w...
pariwaar by fanficreaderno
pariwaarby fanficreaderno
Story of a family - strict father, loving mother and naughty kids.
 Together by Juwayriya03052002
Togetherby Juwayriya sayyed
A Muslim family A story of a couple who are parents three kids.
Ishq-e-Khass (special love) by niabhatti
Ishq-e-Khass (special love)by niabhatti
Three brother who have a close knit relationship a bond stronger than everything suddenly gets broken. An intruder in happy family also known as new sister. How will Awa...
yrkkh abhira ff by 12kashish34
yrkkh abhira ffby shabby 044
Hello guys, As from the seeing cover , you already know who is going to be our leads, right ? so, let's move further while not wasting time on discussing leads. Iam go...
Love and Rebellion (Jonas sister spanking) by rowergirl1999
Love and Rebellion (Jonas sister rowergirl1999
Lilia Grace Winters goes through major changes in her life when her dad is unexpectedly deployed overseas. While her father is away, Lilia is forced to live with her bro...
Daughter of a Professor  by kookietae111
Daughter of a Professor by Yeonjun
The famous and handsome professor's only close ones are his wife and daughter and best friend. Growing up with great difficulty, he has turned out to be strict and cold...
Hyung's fluff ball by 7fluffyloveheart
Hyung's fluff ballby Kim Yura
In the heart of the bustling city, follow the endearing tale of three brothers - Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung. Despite their parents being abroad, their connection is u...
My Strict Professor Husband (Yoonmin)  by Daydreamers1319
My Strict Professor Husband ( Daydreamers
This is the story of a innocent college boy and his super strict professor husband. Both of them are completely opposite to each other. Min Yoongi, a heartless professor...
Their Little butterfly  by mrsjungkookie7
Their Little butterfly by mrs.jeon...
A vminkook fiction with lots of fluffs and punishments Vminkook × yn baby
Dastaan-e-Ahmedaani by niabhatti
Dastaan-e-Ahmedaaniby niabhatti
A beautiful tale of Ahmedani family! A siblings saga with lots of family drama and love served as a side dish! Peep in to enjoy!