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Her Mafia Brothers by DarlaLayne
Her Mafia Brothersby Darla Layne
Carrie Bogiatto was just six years old when her mother took her away. Away from her father, away from her brothers, away from her life. And she took her into hell. Carri...
Adopted by Tom Holland by Car_Thomas_2005
Adopted by Tom Hollandby Car_Thomas_2005
Orphanage life is all 13 year old Amelia knows. Her parents abandoned her on the side of the road when she was just 6 months old. Nobody knows who her parents were or wh...
A Depressing Story by rinnywaters
A Depressing Storyby Seb
Peter and Harvey Parker. Blood brothers who lived on the streets since they were 10 and 5. Peter being older. Now, they were 15 and 10. What happens when Tony and Steve...
Lil' Sis And Me by avaMINE411
Lil' Sis And Meby avaMINE411
Year: 2018 Setting: Swan City [fictitious peninsular region in the Pacific Ocean, under governance of the USA] Main Characters: 1. Isabella Edshrine (little sister) Age:...
The Brat Diaries | Oneshots by LettiLustcraft
The Brat Diaries | Oneshotsby Letti Lustcraft
True tales of a brat and her Dominant. This is an ongoing collection of stories and reflections from my consensual D/s dynamic. ✍️ = Essay/reflection. I started shari...
Big Brothers, Little Sister by TheCandyWriter
Big Brothers, Little Sisterby Candy
(Does contain non-sexual discipline) Tara is a sweet, cute, fleeting 12 year old girl, who just can't help but get in trouble. Thankfully, she has many loving older brot...
Blessings in Disguise by lexiboisseau
Blessings in Disguiseby Lexi Boisseau :)
Chris has two children, fifteen and five. Katie has a boy, twelve years old. When the parents fall in love, it's surely a huge adjustment for all of the children. It's h...
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A Life As A Single Father Pt.2 by vkooklover_bunnybear
A Life As A Single Father Pt.2by vkooklover_bunnybear
This book will be a disciplining book. Punishments,scolding and more like that, don't read this if you're uncomfortable.
They Wanted Her  by Samanthah150
They Wanted Her by Samanthah150
Follow along on what happens when two powerful men adult a little girl with a rough back story. Will Gia be able to put her past behind and learn how to love and trust a...
Brody by Riggins71
Brodyby Riggins71
A story about Brody Mercer an eighteen year old homeless kid who meets a mysterious strict stranger and finds himself under his discipline.
Martyr (Spiderman Spanking Story) by strawberry_forest
Martyr (Spiderman Spanking Story)by Victoria
15 year old Penelope Parker thinks she knows what is best for herself and makes a series of bad decisions behind her mentor's back. Tony Stark is not pleased. [AU: Gende...
Strength And Stability by herroizmeye
Strength And Stabilityby herroizmeye
Kendall is the niece that's always been around. Desiree is the adoptee that just needed some guidance. Axel is the father that they might not always want, but need. And...
STRICT but SWEET by ziyaafreena717
STRICT but SWEETby I am THAT -bitch-
I am just so lucky to have these 3 brothers with my sides always. but the only problem was there were some rules that I hate, why? because if there is a rule then, of c...
A Yuri Story (Disciplining Love Story) by fangyiyang
A Yuri Story (Disciplining Love St...by fangyiyang
This is my first story so...im sorry if its not good 17 year old Ayumi is wild , reckless and never stop to think about the consequences before she does something. 22...
Tales of Red Tails (Spanking OneShots) by TanyaJimmy
Tales of Red Tails (Spanking OneSh...by Tanya Jimmy
Indian spanking stories of different hues.
Kay - Slave to Vhaer by Beauxtrix
Kay - Slave to Vhaerby Beauxtrix
James Vhaer lost his parents when he was 19 years old. Left with his family fortune, he could finally claim it on his 20th birthday. But his father's gift for him would...
The Step Brother by Mazochistis
The Step Brotherby Mazochistís
"Perhaps you need a reminder?" he suggested as he rose to his feet. Andie sat back on her heels, her neck craning as her eyes remained on her stepbrother's. &q...
Daddy says so by hummusbae
Daddy says soby Lottiepops
Luke has seen Lottie around school, his Daddy instincts tell him she's a little. A chance encounter at a senior party reveals this freshman might want what he wants. Str...
The little devil of the house (Spanking Fic) by worldofweirdosaur
The little devil of the house (Spa...by Cereal Killer
Amara. An orphan,troublesome girl who loves to cause riot in the orphanage. Everyone told her that it would get her no where, but what happens when Mr. Vultagio, 29 year...
My Strict Brother and Father (Not Updating) by komalmindsofmine
My Strict Brother and Father (Not...by Komal (Minds of mine)
Vihan D'souza is 13 years boy living with his brother Ryan D'Souza, Ryan is a Math teacher in St Anne School He is vey strict about studies and when it comes to Vihan i...