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Submissive Nanny by Dinkyballs
Submissive Nannyby Dinkyballs
Innocent Bianca gets a job as a nanny but slowly turns into a submissive plaything
  • nanny
  • innocentgirl
  • domestic
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The Fighting Boyfriend  by sugarspice1513
The Fighting Boyfriend by sugarspice1513
Ryan Smith is a great soccer pleaser with great friends. His life is pretty good, however it was not always as good. Growing up with a hard past, makes it hard to commit...
  • love
  • spankings
  • relationship
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Daughters of Legends by ellekia
Daughters of Legendsby ellekia
We've grown up in this business. We've seen it all. Yet, we're trying to find our own way while others wait for our downfall. Our parents are legends, and the expectatio...
  • wwe
  • cmpunk
  • shawnmichaels
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Honor and Obey (Christian Domestic Discipline)  by justwritin17
Honor and Obey (Christian Domestic...by justwritin17
Levi and Daisy are young newly weds. Levi is an electrician and Daisy is a homemaker. They live in the rural south where traditional ideas about faith and family are sti...
  • discipline
  • romance
  • domesticdiscipline
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Him and I by BlakeMicheal
Him and Iby Blake Micheal
Tyrene Johnson is a black girl brought up in Atlanta, GA. Raised by a single parent, her mom, most of her life. She always wandered what it would be like to have a dad...
  • punishments
  • struggles
  • trouble
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Adopted by My Two Dads by ACBell
Adopted by My Two Dadsby A.C. Bell
Can a family open its heart to a little girl that has lost everything? Can she accept going from just having a mom, to having two dads, a sister and two brothers? How do...
  • mom
  • family
  • adopted
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Castle dominant - a spanking story by CharlyBuendia
Castle dominant - a spanking storyby CharlyBuendia
This story takes place in the beginning of the 19th hundred. Jennifer has been send to Dee's castle to learn how to behave. Her father wants her to be ready for marriag...
  • punishment
  • discipline
  • romance
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Crazy Family (Spanking Story) by Idkwidn
Crazy Family (Spanking Story)by Idkwidn
A collection of one-shots about a family of four boys that get in trouble a lot. **contains spankings and other punishments** Don't like please don't read/hate
  • spanking
  • discipline
  • boys
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Firm Hand, Soft Heart by FuschiaFox
Firm Hand, Soft Heartby FuschiaFox
Highest Rankings: [ #1 in Spankings, #1 in Punishment, #1 in Spankfic ] Nala Grace is abandoned by her family and left to starve on the streets, when Tri- Zillionaire C...
  • rich
  • spank
  • spanking
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Strength And Stability by herroizmeye
Strength And Stabilityby herroizmeye
Kendall is the niece that's always been around. Desiree is the adoptee that just needed some guidance. Axel is the father that they might not always want, but need. And...
  • fiction
  • discipline
  • family
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One Direction Spanking Story. by InTheEndItsAlright
One Direction Spanking Story.by Harry Please.
Louis and Zayn figure out a new lifestyle to keep their boys in line. Contains spanking and cussing. Prompts are open. Don't like, don't read. x
  • harry
  • zayn
  • discipline
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The Loving Boyfriend  by sugarspice1513
The Loving Boyfriend by sugarspice1513
Daniella Simpson is an average high school student. Does soccer and gymnastics. Has a boyfriend, Dayton Ridges,since the summer before freshman year. Her parents are nev...
  • boyfriend
  • girlfriend
  • love
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Mr.Benefactor to Father by Chrysa-Hiyama
Mr.Benefactor to Fatherby Kiyana
Imagine being the wild child with no rules. Nobody to stand to her. Until Christian Grey the now non-kinky man and Anastasia Grey are at her face to stand against her. C...
  • loved
  • rebel
  • discipline
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Sara by ACBell
Saraby A.C. Bell
Sequel to Adopted by My Two Dads- This books continues the journey of Sara Green and her adoptive family. Sara is now a teenager and an 8th grader at the middle school...
  • hate
  • drinking
  • adoption
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Submissive Nanny 2 by Dinkyballs
Submissive Nanny 2by Dinkyballs
Bianca's secret life as a submissive plaything is about to be exposed to the public
  • innocent
  • submissives
  • maid
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home troubles 》shawn mendes by 372372jj
home troubles 》shawn mendesby peter
Shawn comes back home after a long and exhausting tour, right on time to celebrate the holidays with his fam. What has changed in those long six months at home? spankin...
  • brother
  • luca
  • shawnmendes
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THIN ICE by WritingViking
THIN ICEby Greg Erickson
Two boys meet while skating on dangerously thin ice. When one boy plunges through the ice, the other boy rescues him. Foiled in their attempt to escape punishment, both...
  • messing
  • diapermess
  • discipline
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Good Behavior by domesticgen
Good Behaviorby Just Gen
//a collection of OC one-shots with a discipline theme// Adoptive parents Robert and Maya Novak are firm but fair with fourteen-year-old Anne. Due to a past of abusive g...
  • adoptive
  • spanking
  • punishment
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Hell at Boot Camp by okeeffedk
Hell at Boot Campby Alexander Temple
There is a growing trend in the United States to send a troubled child or teen to a discipline camp. This story follows the experience of a young girl at one of these c...
  • physical
  • wattys2019
  • torture
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Little Mix (spanking story) by Kardashianlover22
Little Mix (spanking story)by Kardashianlover22
I started writing this story when I was very young so please ignore all of the bad writing and mess ups , I will be rewriting the whole book soon ! WARNING: this story...
  • perrieedwards
  • discipline
  • jesynelson
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