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Smiley and Sunshine by CollegeGirl2015
Smiley and Sunshineby CollegeGirl2015
"I'm going to fart on your pillow," Glen promised her, crossing his arms. "Do that and I'll tell Francis that you broke his lucky chain." Hayes mirro...
Enter the Rose Garden by angelichl
Enter the Rose Gardenby larry stylinson <3
Soft heats make omega Louis clingy. Alpha Harry comforts him. (a/b/o dynamics, friends to lovers, falling in love, cuddling)
Kitty love by 1o1wolf18
Kitty loveby Wolf
(Yandere Neko!Bnha x F!reader) Slow updates
Caught and Released by Samseahorse8
Caught and Releasedby Sam
Daniel gets abducted and then rescued. AKA I needed a fluffy abduction story so I wrote a fluffy abduction story! Feel free to comment! I would love to know what you guy...
Finding The 4077th by o0-LS-0o
Finding The 4077thby o0-LS-0o
This story is M*A*S*H fan fiction. I don't own any of these characters except Christopher my O.C It's about a small boy that gets found by Hawkeye one of the MCs. This s...
The Elf queen's apprentice  by fennyfawk
The Elf queen's apprentice by fennyfawk
Spank fic/ageplay Lady Scarlett, goddess of the forest found little Alex as a child and took him in as her apprentice. The most powerful being in her Kingdom soon finds...
Twisted Ties///BloodMoon Amnesia Au/// by perildeath
Twisted Ties///BloodMoon Amnesia I'm Outside Your House
The BloodMoon twins find everything change in the spam of one hour, how? Sun hitting them in the head with a frying pan damaging their memory chip to lose their memories...
Harry Potter Imagines by Foxca7878
Harry Potter Imaginesby f0xca*7878*
Ok, I decided that I want a more detailed and organized way of Harry Potter Imagines, so I guess this is what that is. There will be chapters on how you become a couple...
The Sick Sans Book (+AUs) by reapergodsans
The Sick Sans Book (+AUs)by 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐚𝐧𝐬
As the title says - Sans is sick : Papyrus is the main caretaker in these oneshots, but who knows? . . Many of these were written while I was very young - the book is s...
Thermodynamic Equilibrium || Drarry by DorthyAnnDrarry
Thermodynamic Equilibrium || Drarryby DorthyAnnDrarry
Hogwarts Eighth Year \\ Not Epilogue Compliant \\ hot/cold dynamics \\ Cuddling & Snuggling \\ One-shot \\ Harry's far too hot. Draco's always cold. And somehow against...
Love And Kisses In Secret by DekuNoiz
Love And Kisses In Secretby Deku Noiz
In front of everyone's perspective, Joe and Orel are their average buddies who sometimes get into troubling acts or harmless activities, but behind closed doors, they're...
Atsushi/Akutagawa Bsd Fanfictions by X1a0_Xiao
Atsushi/Akutagawa Bsd Fanfictionsby Bells
I'm still new at this writing and it will suck, but I will possibly do smut, and angst also possibly fluff?? Anyways I'm starting off with angst!!
A glimpse into the future by sparkle123tt
A glimpse into the futureby Sparkle123tt
The naruto characters along with my oc somehow find themselves in a strange room with a set of instructions. What do they tell them to do? Why watch their futures of cou...
Fallen crown by NaniTheQuiznak
Fallen crownby Ard
Hinata wakes up from a terrible nightmare and seeks comfort with Kageyama. Then his team reassures him and Hinata has never felt this loved before. ⚠️YOU DO N O T HAVE P...
Jaskier and his snuggly wuggly killing machines by EggCompany
Jaskier and his snuggly wuggly EggCompany
The story of Jaskier, rich and famous, and his not quite so small adventure into adopting three trauma riddled witchers. Fluff for days, cuddling, kissing, and lots of t...
Crimes of the Youth by wavingwillow25
Crimes of the Youthby wavingwillow25
With a household of eight, chaos is inevitable for parents Jacob and Willa Bard, and trouble abundant, especially from their stubborn-headed, fun-loving boys. This short...
Kiss the Confidence off Your Face || Tubbo x Ranboo by goofedaround
Kiss the Confidence off Your aro.
Tubbo hates Ranboo. He swears he does. Total rivals. He wants to be better, to know that he is superior in an easy way. Things get complicated. Maybe there is more then...
Wings ~ Miraculous AU  by MarvelousPeterParker
Wings ~ Miraculous AU by Peter
In a world of flight, not possessing the ability to fly makes you an outcast. And Marinette Dupan-Cheng is just that. She has the elegant wings of a dove, a creamy pink...
A healing process (lapidot fluff) by SmolPotatBaBee
A healing process (lapidot fluff)by Potat
Lapis was upset about past traumas, until Peridot comes to console her. It works during her conscious hours, but once she falls asleep, the pain returns to her in the fo...
Imagines by usernamesareweird
Imaginesby Marie
Imagines that will give you the feels :)