This book will contain imagines and preferences for. Kalin Myles Jake Cam
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Through Our Eyes|k.w.| by nicoleejoness
Through Our Eyes|k.w.|by nicoleejoness
I don't care what she says about love and chemicals. This will not fade away."
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thugs babymama part two  by KearraHarrison
thugs babymama part two by Braceface keke
if u didn't read part 1 go read it they story but me
  • jr
  • jordan
  • babymama
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Nine Brothas  by Wiz_Frikifah
Nine Brothas by Wiz_Frikifah
You gotta be outcho mind adoptin' these niggas.
  • henessycarolina
  • cardib
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Ocean Eyes (A KOTLC Fanfiction) by ShipperQueens12
Ocean Eyes (A KOTLC Fanfiction)by The Purple Space Cat
In the middle of a war, it isn't really a good idea to be falling fast and hard for someone. Unfortunately, that's exactly what's happening to Tam Song.
  • kam
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Someone Like Ar'mon by Chandeline-Janelle
Someone Like Ar'monby chandy janelle 💅🏾
A Lot Like Love Series 1. Book 1 of 2 Tori McNeil is a beautiful and optimistic student from East Wood Senior High School. Her life isn't going as planned until she meet...
  • tori
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Falling for my bestfriend... by ksmovve
Falling for my bestfriend...by ksmovve
Nikki and Myles have been bestfriends since kindergarten. Now going into their senior year Nikki starts to get these feelings she's never felt before while she's around...
  • kam
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  • mylesparrish
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Blue {Ram x Kurt} by yourdaddio
Blue {Ram x Kurt}by meme dad
heathers ram x kurt fic, idk what else to say in here but yeaa. :) enjoy.
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Who Wants to be Batman? by Rain_Cat13
Who Wants to be Batman?by Captain Indigo
Tam and Keefe. They're enemies, right? Hmm. Maybe, but nah. *Flicks hand* Sorry to all you shippers of contridicting people. I will say this is a stretch to be in the bo...
  • teefe
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Coaches Daughter / Richard Sherman by RussssWilson
Coaches Daughter / Richard Shermanby Russ 💕
Richard Sherman is known for his loud mouth on the field, all the players knew that. But he was smart, so smart. Until he meets the Coaches Daughter. She catches his eye...
  • russellwilson
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  • earlthomas
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My Sister's Girlfriend (ON HOLD) by somekiid
My Sister's Girlfriend (ON HOLD)by <3
Kalin finds himself falling in love with his sisters girlfriend. Elizabeth is everything he wants and more. Well, almost everything he wants. The only problem is that El...
  • camfairfax
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Bromance ~ Solby(Discontinued) by AleuBrock
Bromance ~ Solby(Discontinued)by SamAndColby
(New Desc) Werewolves and Vampires live on each side of the massive forest. One Werewolf travels into the forest to explore. Its against the rules to Enter the forest fo...
  • solby
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[HaLyn] Liệu còn kịp không? (Tổng hợp) by Moresaltforexid
[HaLyn] Liệu còn kịp không? (Tổng...by More salt for EXID
Một vài mẩu truyện ngắn #Kam sáng tác.Góp nhặt từ mọi nơi,Hani và Hyelin EXID.Truyện nhẹ nhàng và tình cảm.HE,SE,OE có hết.Cũng có vài chap viết hơi ngu một xíu :P
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A Werewolf's Bite Kate(Supernatural: Paper Moon)/Sam Winchester Fanfic by Forever_Lovelyyy
A Werewolf's Bite Kate(Supernatura...by Naomi ;
I haven't been a werewolf long. The feelings and sensations are still new to me...I didn't mean to hurt him. It seems this happens everywhere I go, someone ends up hurt...
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Nba youngboy-It's over by shaniya789
Nba youngboy-It's overby SHANIYA COOK
its going to be about kentrell and jania hope u like it and more !!!!!!
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Kol kas tiktai šiukšlytė by Kitoks
Kol kas tiktai šiukšlytėby Kitoks
Viskas pasakyta pavadinime. Kol kas nieko nepridėsiu :)
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Between Us | Myles Parrish by LIVIDJOHNSON
Between Us | Myles Parrishby FADED J
"Just keep this secret Between Us"
  • mylesparrish
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  • jakeeyp
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mystery boy ; kalin white by basedtsunami
mystery boy ; kalin whiteby اليزابيث
  • kalinandmyles
  • kalinjurewhite
  • kalinwhite
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Mistakes (A Sophitz And Kam Story) by IsabellaThePotato
Mistakes (A Sophitz And Kam Story)by MissTomatoFace_1 / MTF_1
Fitz and Sophie find out after years of being royal enemies, that they have feelings for eachother. They get into a relationship, a rough one, where they break up and ma...
  • sofitz
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