Best Friends ||Kalin White|| by KAMTBH
Best Friends ||Kalin White||by KAMTBH
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THE PLAYER [1]; M. PARRISH by fleekygrier
" you're not happy under that pretty little smile of yours now are you? " he smirked " what are you implying asshole? " " babygirl, you're a ho...
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Someone Like Ar'mon by Chandeline-Janelle
Someone Like Ar'monby chandy janelle 💅🏾
A Lot Like Love Series. Book 1 of 2 Tori McNeil is a beautiful and optimistic student from East Wood Senior High School. Her life isn't going as planned until she meets...
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Fairy tail and Servamp crossover story by Lucy_Dragneel7850
Fairy tail and Servamp crossover s...by Lucy Heartfilia❤
Lucy, Erza, Mira, Lisanna, Juvia, Levy and Wendy, Carla and Happy went on a mission to stop a dark wizard but her magic sends people to different dimension and that is w...
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His Inspiration (k. w.) by thosetears
His Inspiration (k. w.)by ily
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Like the Colors of a Rainbow by AlliyahAzlan
Like the Colors of a Rainbowby Shalia
Sophie Foster. Dead. Keefe tries to cope with the pain and depression of losing his best friend / Crush. Of course Tam didn't like the guy but...... He knows what its l...
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thugs babymama part two  by KearraHarrison
thugs babymama part two by Braceface keke
if u didn't read part 1 go read it they story but me
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Kam imagines by Ari20012
Kam imaginesby Ari
Imagines of Kam and the whole squad. Some G-eazy imagines as well because why not? Yass... Anyway slow updates because I'm a turtle. But yeah read and vote if you want...
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Stuck with Mr.Popular (Kalin White Fanfiction) by WoahItzSpiffy
Stuck with Mr.Popular (Kalin White...by •Chase Dreams•
Alexis Kelly wasn't popular. She was the opposite of that, She was a nerd. The Popular and player boy was Kalin White. Alexis and Kalin hated each other ever since the 1...
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Till Forever by ybmsvans
Till Foreverby ybmsvans
Book 2 of the Till the End Series- The question has finally been popped and Abby and Kalin are ready to start living their lives together forever, but is everything movi...
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Through Our Eyes|k.w.| by nicoleejoness
Through Our Eyes|k.w.|by nicoleejoness
I don't care what she says about love and chemicals. This will not fade away."
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My Sister's Girlfriend (ON HOLD) by somekiid
My Sister's Girlfriend (ON HOLD)by e
Kalin finds himself falling in love with his sisters girlfriend. Elizabeth is everything he wants and more. Well, almost everything he wants. The only problem is that El...
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Coaches Daughter / Richard Sherman by RussssWilson
Coaches Daughter / Richard Shermanby Russ 💕
Richard Sherman is known for his loud mouth on the field, all the players knew that. But he was smart, so smart. Until he meets the Coaches Daughter. She catches his eye...
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Bromance ~ Solby(Discontinued) by AleuBrock
Bromance ~ Solby(Discontinued)by SamAndColby
(New Desc) Werewolves and Vampires live on each side of the massive forest. One Werewolf travels into the forest to explore. Its against the rules to Enter the forest fo...
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My One Shots by LunaPhoenixScarlett
My One Shotsby Thomas Jefferson, Lafayette A...
Ships- Lams Jeffmads Theoliza Mullette Leebury Philgeorges Sawyenara Dundler Kam Boyf riends Musical tweets Pinkberry RichJake Tree bros Zalana Cynthidi
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WVA Oneshots by themfangirlfeels_
WVA Oneshotsby a.i.n.i'
Just a bunch of fanfics all in one hehe. WVA ones OFC. Aini, xx
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Who Wants to be Batman? by Rain_Cat13
Who Wants to be Batman?by Rain Cat
Tam and Keefe. They're enemies, right? Hmm. Maybe, but nah. *Flicks hand* Sorry to all you shippers of contridicting people. I will say this is a stretch to be in the bo...
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not over you [m.p.] by ksmovve
not over you [m.p.]by ksmovve
Sequel to Falling for my Bestfriend
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Never Let You Go Season 3 by FunnehMaksa
Never Let You Go Season 3by 🍥ᗩᒪᑭᗩᑫᑌITᗩ🍥
A story of a girl who have never been loved till that day she met Feucheuse.
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