Mistakes (A Sophitz And Kam Story) by IsabellaThePotato
Mistakes (A Sophitz And Kam Story)by MissTomatoFace_1 / MTF_1
Fitz and Sophie find out after years of being royal enemies, that they have feelings for eachother. They get into a relationship, a rough one, where they break up and ma...
  • sofitz
  • sophitz
  • fitzphie
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Through Our Eyes|k.w.| by nicoleejoness
Through Our Eyes|k.w.|by nicoleejoness
I don't care what she says about love and chemicals. This will not fade away."
  • creating
  • love
  • amazing
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Blue {Ram x Kurt} by yourdaddio
Blue {Ram x Kurt}by meme dad
heathers ram x kurt fic, idk what else to say in here but yeaa. :) enjoy.
  • fanfic
  • rurt
  • ram
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Nine Brothas  by Wiz_Frikifah
Nine Brothas by Wiz_Frikifah
You gotta be outcho mind adoptin' these niggas.
  • hooligan
  • bruno
  • kam
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THE PLAYER [1]; M. PARRISH by fleekygrier
" you're not happy under that pretty little smile of yours now are you? " he smirked " what are you implying asshole? " " babygirl, you're a ho...
  • kam
  • kalinandmyles
  • mylesandkalin
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That Scene- Kam (Keefe+Tam) AU by IsabellaThePotato
That Scene- Kam (Keefe+Tam) AUby MissTomatoFace_1 / MTF_1
  • kotlchumanau
  • kotlc
  • sophiefoster
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Who Wants to be Batman? by Rain_Cat13
Who Wants to be Batman?by Captain Indigo
Tam and Keefe. They're enemies, right? Hmm. Maybe, but nah. *Flicks hand* Sorry to all you shippers of contridicting people. I will say this is a stretch to be in the bo...
  • gay
  • teefe
  • lgbt
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Boys/Boys/Girls | Solby + Kam by LetMeBeAFan
Boys/Boys/Girls | Solby + Kamby L. 🖤
Sam loved girls and boys. To be exact, Sam loved one girl and one boy. And they just happened to be his best friends. [This isn't a polyamory story in case any of y'all...
  • lgbt
  • kam
  • solby
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Abused Love M.P by omlparrish
Abused Love M.Pby omlparrish
I'm just a wall flower
  • ybm
  • yourboymyles
  • kalinandmyles
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Like the Colors of a Rainbow by AlliyahAzlan
Like the Colors of a Rainbowby Shalia
Sophie Foster. Dead. Keefe tries to cope with the pain and depression of losing his best friend / Crush. Of course Tam didn't like the guy but...... He knows what its l...
  • kam
  • keefe
  • lgbtq
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Never Let You Go Season 3 by FunnehMaksa
Never Let You Go Season 3by 🍥ᗩᒪᑭᗩᑫᑌITᗩ🍥
A story of a girl who have never been loved till that day she met Feucheuse.
  • falpaca
  • war
  • mykitty
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Yura Akria's Instagram by Breeanna2005
Yura Akria's Instagramby Yura Akira
Hi, I'm Yura Akira of class 3-e, and this is my instagram.
  • kai
  • yura
  • karma
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Coaches Daughter / Richard Sherman by RussssWilson
Coaches Daughter / Richard Shermanby Russ 💕
Richard Sherman is known for his loud mouth on the field, all the players knew that. But he was smart, so smart. Until he meets the Coaches Daughter. She catches his eye...
  • playoffs
  • russell
  • seattle
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Nba youngboy-It's over by shaniya789
Nba youngboy-It's overby SHANIYA COOK
its going to be about kentrell and jania hope u like it and more !!!!!!
  • baby
  • babyjoe
  • jania
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Kalin white imagines by kalinwhite10
Kalin white imaginesby Jessica
Imagines of kalin
  • kalinwhite
  • ksmoov
  • kam
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The Hard End of Love by xo_briana_xo
The Hard End of Loveby Briana
Briana has been bullied by Kalin and Myles almost all her middle school and high school life. She becomes depressed and suicidal. When depression gets the best of her wi...
  • fanfic
  • teen
  • myles
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The Alphas Hybrid Mate by savagegang_4life_
The Alphas Hybrid Mateby Archie Badass🖤💯
This is the story of an Alpha named Clay and his mate Kameron and how they found each other
  • clayton
  • drew
  • diane
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