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Adopted by Sam and Colby by c_firlt
Adopted by Sam and Colbyby Chloe🥀
You are 16 and an orphan. This is the things you have to over come to try adopted by 2 youtubers
  • kam
  • jakewebber
  • adopted
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thugs babymama part two  by KearraHarrison
thugs babymama part two by Braceface keke
if u didn't read part 1 go read it they story but me
  • jordan
  • babymama
  • maya
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Mistakes (A Sophitz And Kam Story) by IsabellaThePotato
Mistakes (A Sophitz And Kam Story)by MissTomatoFace_1 / MTF_1
Fitz and Sophie find out after years of being royal enemies, that they have feelings for eachother. They get into a relationship, a rough one, where they break up and ma...
  • sophiefoster
  • fanfiction
  • fitzvacker
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Blue {Ram x Kurt} by yourdaddio
Blue {Ram x Kurt}by meme dad
heathers ram x kurt fic, idk what else to say in here but yeaa. :) enjoy.
  • kam
  • fanfic
  • ram
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Who Wants to be Batman? by Rain_Cat13
Who Wants to be Batman?by Captain Indigo
Tam and Keefe. They're enemies, right. Probably not. This is a telling of their (inevitable) getting together.
  • keeprofthelostcities
  • gay
  • lgbt
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Tam by SilverBeams
Tamby SilverBeamsandSilverBlades
The title says it all. As my favorite character, I write SO MUCH Tam stuff, it's kinda sad. So, I decided to actually do something with it. Behold *spreads hands* the Ta...
  • tamsong
  • lgbt
  • biana
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Fairy tail and Servamp crossover story by Lucy_Dragneel7850
Fairy tail and Servamp crossover s...by Lucy Heartfilia❤
Lucy, Erza, Mira, Lisanna, Juvia, Levy and Wendy, Carla and Happy went on a mission to stop a dark wizard but her magic sends people to different dimension and that is w...
  • kam
DROPS OF JUPITER ▹ KOTLC by theunmappedstar
❛ NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE AFRAID TO WALK AROUND HOLDING THE HAND OF THE PERSON THEY LOVE ❜ gay kotlc™ ( ©2018 theunmappedstar on wattpad. all rights rese...
  • loveislove
  • bianavacker
  • linhsong
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Through Our Eyes|k.w.| by nicoleejoness
Through Our Eyes|k.w.|by nicoleejoness
I don't care what she says about love and chemicals. This will not fade away."
  • different
  • love
  • amazing
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👑 KOTLC royal selection 👑 by juliadimayuga
👑 KOTLC royal selection 👑by juliadimayuga
This is a keeper of the lost cities story :> so here is what the story is about - Sophie and Fitz both have to get married by the age of 22 ( in this story they are...
  • kam
  • adventure
  • sofitz
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Keeper Rarepair Oneshots by ShipperQueens12
Keeper Rarepair Oneshotsby The Purple Space Cat
Linhiana, Sophiana, Solinh, Solinhiana, Larella, Bianella, Sopharella, Kitz, Kam, Keefex, Detz, Tex, etc. in some oneshots
  • kam
  • kotlc
  • yeet
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Ocean Eyes (A KOTLC Fanfiction) by ShipperQueens12
Ocean Eyes (A KOTLC Fanfiction)by The Purple Space Cat
In the middle of a war, it isn't really a good idea to be falling fast and hard for someone. Unfortunately, that's exactly what's happening to Tam Song.
  • wylie
  • othertagslater
  • teefe
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Nightfall - Fanfiction (Discontinued) by dolphinlaughchenle
Nightfall - Fanfiction (Discontinu...by a fangirl
This is a fanfiction of the book series Keeper of the Lost Cities. This will follow the characters from Sophie's third person view. This will continue after the ending o...
  • biana
  • keefe
  • keeperofthelostcities
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e + g.d imagines by CollabDolan
e + g.d imaginesby CollabDolan
sunday's just got a whole lot better @CollabDolan: @litcarpender @controlladolan @sgg_555 @Swingingdolans @HelloMabel @KingWavyDolan
  • egd
  • elizabeth
  • jenna
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Chase Dreams by ciariamarie
Chase Dreamsby Ciara Haskell
kalin and myles
  • kamfam
  • mylesparrish
  • kalinwhite
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Nba youngboy-It's over by shaniya789
Nba youngboy-It's overby SHANIYA COOK
its going to be about kentrell and jania hope u like it and more !!!!!!
  • taytay
  • nba
  • baby
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💔Carlex💔 by Annettlove
💔Carlex💔by 🌈🦄 fluffy_bear🐻🥳
🌴♥️😂🎊Alex and Carlos and there others friends are not famous
  • more
  • alex
  • kam
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[HaLyn] Liệu còn kịp không? (Tổng hợp) by Moresaltforexid
[HaLyn] Liệu còn kịp không? (Tổng...by More salt for EXID
Một vài mẩu truyện ngắn #Kam sáng tác.Góp nhặt từ mọi nơi,Hani và Hyelin EXID.Truyện nhẹ nhàng và tình cảm.HE,SE,OE có hết.Cũng có vài chap viết hơi ngu một xíu :P
  • halyn
  • kam
  • liệucònkịp
Kalin white imagines by kalinwhite10
Kalin white imaginesby Jessica
Imagines of kalin
  • imagine
  • kalinwhite
  • kam
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