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she's mine. by mslelaina
she's mslelaina
"You think I care about Kameron?" he growled. I looked down- away from his hard eyes. "I just don't know," I said quietly. "Listen to me,"...
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My Dance Instructor's Assistant by bettyboo125bo
My Dance Instructor's Assistantby Elli McElveen
Desiree Quinn is a student attending Trailmont High School. She's been trying since junior year to become a part of her school's dance team. And now that she is 18 years...
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My Brother's Best Friend | completed by kinktress
My Brother's Best Friend | tiana
Kylie Sawyer moves in with her older brother, Jake, and his roommate/best friend, Damian King. With Damian being a player, he tries his charm on with Kylie. Can she resi...
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Bitten By An Angel(under heavy editing) by Ali_B1996
Bitten By An Angel(under heavy Ali
Whoever said that your teen years are the best of your life lied. They were full of it. Don't believe me? Meet Penny. She's your average teen heading for college. She's...
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Mutations by EmbracingYou
Mutationsby EmbracingYou
| C O M P L E T E D | Subject Six is a genetically advanced human. Created in the new world of science, there are only four of her kind. Humans designed to be weapons i...
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The Girl with the Nerd Façade by akyraxxx
The Girl with the Nerd Façadeby Akyra Reynolds
Alexia is a quiet girl and is in her last year at school. People think she is the quiet nerd but she has a dark secret. When she was only four years old her parents die...
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His Promise |✔️| by brightlights101
His Promise |✔️|by Rochelle
"As long as you agree to my proposal, I promise to keep you and your son safe" he said with a cold calculated stare across from his desk. "But what you're...
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arshi SS secret wife  by lovearshipuppy
arshi SS secret wife by
hidden very big things like wife and life....
The Way A Demon Loves |BWWM| by misslullaby_
The Way A Demon Loves |BWWM|by aalexiss
Demons love too. They don't tell you this, but they do. All they tell you is that they hide underneath our beds, in the closets, in the dark ally you pass on your way ho...
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Solstice Howl by teenagexxxrunaway
Solstice Howlby jade
10 decades ago, the werewolves dominated the human race in a bloody war. The remaining humans were put into small villages, falling command to the werewolf authority. S...
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The Coop Scent by bubbletheory
The Coop Scentby bubble theory
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Our Child by orphan__account
Our Childby orphan_account
What happens when Rogue becomes pregnant with Sting's child? More importantly, how will he tell Sting who's crushing on Minerva? Easy. He doesn't.
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Right Where She Belongs by JoJo_Classic
Right Where She Belongsby Jordyn
"Oh god," I made little gasping sounds, unable to stop my eyes from rereading the note again and again."This can't be happening." Love conquers all...
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Reputation: Jolinsky by starryshawn
Reputation: Jolinskyby laura
Jack Gilinsky is the most popular boy in school and would never be caught with a boy. What happens when petite Jack Johnson, gets in his way?
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Psychiatrists  by Deisea01
Psychiatrists by Dei Seamans
*This is set during the plot of Christopher Nolan's film "Batman Begins." After finally leaving the nightmares from her childhood behind, Sasha Quinzel has...
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Diaper one-shots by Balloonsarestupid
Diaper one-shotsby 🍑Cakes&Peaches🍑
One-shot stories containing girls/guys messing and wetting their diapers. *Irregular updates.*
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Sparkling | YOONMIN by jhoesass
Sparkling | YOONMINby Morgan
Min Yoongi was never a guy who liked swimming, just enjoys kind of sitting at the ledge and soaking his legs. He felt in control. Unlike the turn in the tides where he'l...
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Sarah's Roses, Book I: Roses of Blue by cradle_life
Sarah's Roses, Book I: Roses of Vladislava Mari
They say some stories are better left untouched, unknown, untold. With scandal and mystery the only inheritance her mother left her, Sarah struggles to keep her illigite...
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INTENSIFIED (Charles Melton) by Kabeliiiii
INTENSIFIED (Charles Melton)by Kabeli Museshyo
Maluba Gray's just beginning college.She thinks everything will be basic and easy enough but she's proven wrong when a strange set of events start taking place and they'...
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Bad Things Happen by bettyboo125bo
Bad Things Happenby Elli McElveen
Due to her father getting a higher paying promotion, Naomi Scott is the new girl at a new school. Everything seemed to be going great: she meets new people, a hot guy li...
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