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24 Visits by jiaqisushi
24 Visitsby elio
24 Visits by GucciAspirin on Ao3 SUMMARY: A doctor and a super idol walk into an ER, they hate each other. (They're perfect for each other). -------------------- read th...
The Bet | Chaennie by ryjnshnsimp
The Bet | Chaennieby baechuu
Wherein Jennie and her friends made a bet to date the school's nerd,Chaeyoung for two months. But what will happened if Jennie fell inloved with Chaeyoung? Go check the...
JENSOO × Dare by Rhaerisan
JENSOO × Dareby winter
It all started on a dare Jensoo ff "Hmmm. You were staring at her for like a few minutes. Ah! I know. Give her a mark on her neck." She said and smirk. "O...
Jennie Kim is the boss whose age has exceeded 30 years old yet still single and never been married. Her lover slash her best friend is her work. She is very smart and a...
Don't Say Goodbye II Chaennie by xaviestoopid
Don't Say Goodbye II Chaennieby xav
Jennie loses her memories, and Chaeyoung loses her family, home, and entire way of life. Chaennie ex-wives [Completed]
Chaennie one shots  by polarkaiyeowuh
Chaennie one shots by bunny_munk
Y'all hungry for Chaennie shots? Then your own the right book.... Just kidding I'm actually just a beginner so please support this book.
Will You Marry Me ? [ Chaennie ] by LoveRosieSunshine
Will You Marry Me ? [ Chaennie ]by LoveRosieSunshine
When Rosie fake-married Jennie just to prank her mom. Yes, she did that! Notes: Happy Birthday Rosé! I love you so much. God Bless 🙏🏼
limitless. | chaennie by yejislady
limitless. | chaennieby astro
jennie kim is the new foreign exchange student from korea. roseanne park is the school's queen bee. rosé has it all, popularity, friends, a boyfriend, anything you can i...
Boss Baby by gonesolololo
Boss Babyby Toblerone
Roseanne kept her pregnancy hidden from her boss, Jennie Kim- the world renowned CEO, who is also the other mother of her child a Chaennie g!p social media story
Gone (Chaennie x Chaehyun) "EDITING" by hackerlocker
Gone (Chaennie x Chaehyun) " Hank of Rosie <3
What if the person you beg for love before but rejected you several times suddenly asked you to come back and love her again. Jennie Kim and Park Chaeyoung are exes and...
Memories; A Chaennie AU by RR0211
Memories; A Chaennie AUby TS XI
~From the Heart~ Posting from Aff.
Falling All In You by lipfeatjennie
Falling All In Youby lipfeatjennie
Wherein Roseanne Park had to transfer to the most prestigious university in South Korea, not expecting to bump into the trio of the richest and most powerful students ca...
I'm Not The Only One (Chaennie)-(Chaelisa) by CHAEYOUNGSI
I'm Not The Only One (Chaennie)-( Chaeninie
"i know ....... I'm not the only one" -Rosé- Chaennie or Chaelisa end game? Who knows? read to find out
Love to Hate by SoftChaennieKimPark
Love to Hateby SoftChaennie
Chaennie Lisoo And Many more #1 Chaennie 11/28/21
Chaennie One Shot by chaennie_sweet
Chaennie One Shotby chaennie_sweet
Only for chaennie shipper.
Business Proposal - English Version Complete!  by topjendaddy
Business Proposal - English thirdy
Just Jennie and Chaeyoung against a crazy mad woman and a family drama.
won't you stay the night | chaennie by kjnpcy
won't you stay the night | chaennieby kjnpcy
"The Seoul Lakehawks," Kai says. He flips the cover of the binder over. "Who is this?" "Park Chaeyoung," Jennie answers. It's the only play...
personal | lisoo by deloctrl
personal | lisooby delo
My Personal Secretary AU Kim jisoo, daughter of Korea's 3rd most successful businessman, comes back home from the states for a quick vacation. Her only request is for se...
FOOLS || CHAENNIE (ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇ) by iheartchaennie
FOOLS || CHAENNIE (ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇ)by iheartchaennie
A Vacation made Jennie and Rosé realize something that they should've realized sooner. A converted fanfic.
hinder ㅡ jenlisa by camrenhearteu
hinder ㅡ jenlisaby briana
hinder: an app that allows people experiencing a bad date to reach out to people in the neighbourhood to come and rescue them. originally a camren fic by @xtonguetied